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All my cartoon lovers might remember that goody!

It’s a silly song but they’re telling the truth. All the exercise in the world wont get you 100% results if your eating habits are bad. I know I’m guilty of grabbing a snack or fixing a plate full of food then stuffing (more like OVER-stuffing) my face.until I’m no longer hungry.

Prime example- you grab a bottle of soda, juice or even one of those yummy Naked smoothies and down the whole thing. However if you had’ve “spot the block” before that, you’d see that only 8oz (about half the bottle) is the proper serving size.

The issue is a lot of use are on the “see food” diet -we see food, we eat it. We’re full but why waste time putting up those last few bites so we stuff it down. We snack on not so good things because we’re bored or just because it’s there. And lastly -one I’m very guilty of!- we’re too lazy to cook so opt for quick meals like frozen dinners.

Now this is not an easy battle AT ALL!! lol! I’m a southern gal so it was so hard yesterday going from a plate overflowing with Sunday dinner to only getting a cup, or less, of  everything. & I’m a huge “big-bowl-of-cereal-on Saturday-while-in-my jammies” so that wasn’t a cakewalk either!

ice cube cereal

HOWEVER as hard as it may be to give of the fried, fatty, sugary deliciousness that I love, but that’s when willpower has to kick in!!! Hot bods aren’t made of greasy cheeseburgers, fried chicken, chocolate chip cookies & ice cream! I just made myself hungry listing those things & you don’t have to give them up! Find healthy alternatives, and treat yourself with a naughty snack every now and then!

It’s not easy by any means. Hey, if it were there’d be a lot more healthy & fit people running around! But you’re not the statistic & you can do it!! Hell we can do it cause I’m right here with you! lol!


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