I’ve recently fallen in love with a new youtube channel & this time it’s not all about jokes, parodies and pranks! I’ve been following Madame Noire for some years now, probably almost as long as I’ve been on twitter! (which believe it or not has only been about 3 years) I love their content & a few weeks ago I discovered their youtube -yes, I’m super late. lol!

Their latest series, Gentlemen Uncensored, is a look inside a mans mind on various topics and relationships with opinions from different types of men like ‘The Divorcee’ ‘The Married Man’ ‘The Non-Committer’, etc.

Gentlemen Uncensored has me glued to the screen and anxious for the the next episode & you will be too! Check out Episode 2: Sex and More Sex

Part 1

Part 2

Juicy right!! Subscribe to Madame Noire for Episode 1 and to find out more about each gentleman. Also follow @MadameNoire  on twitter.

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