“Vote or Die”

“Head to the Polls”


“Shut Up & Vote”

Whatever slogan meets your fancy, keep it in mind as you head to the polls on this momentous year to vote for the President of the United States of America! I did my part, make sure you do too!!

I’m not gonna tell you who to vote for, but since this is my blog & I’m a Liberal Democrat I have no problem telling you who I voted for: President Barack Obama!!! No I did not just vote for hiim because he’s black. I work a a news station & we’ve been running election crap non stop since waaaaay before the Republican Primary so there’s no way I couldn’t make an informed decision. Say what you want about him but at the end of the day that’s my president, he cares about women & the middle class, being a product of a single parent home he can relate to the plight of minorities, he gave the order to take down the most wanted man in America & let’s face it, most of the innovative, pro-America policies he’s attempted to put in place were voted down because checks & balances were against him (*cough cough* & most of those white Republicans don’t want to see a black man in charge)

Okay, I’m off my soap box. I jus had to get that off my chest. lol! Anywho, on November 7 we’ll know who the new leader of the free world will be so if you are able tomake sure your voice is heard & GET OUT & VOTE!!!  (If you’re over 18 & not registered to vote shame on you!!)

Here’s some motivation

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Whomever you choose to vote for please PLEASE do your own research & make your own decision based off your own experiences. It’s your voice & your right, why not use it?

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