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Grab your most fabulous heels & get ready for a celebration!! Shoe Lounge will be celebrating their 3 Year Anniversary!!


Join them in celebrating this amazing accomplishment! There’ll be an open bar, treats, beauty tips, giveaways, networking & much more!

Saturday, October 25 from 5-9pm
Shoe Lounge
238 Walker St. Suite 2
Atlanta, GA 30313

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A few weeks ago on IG I said that I’d be posting a review of a new fitness product I’m using called Sweet Sweat. It’s a product designed to help you sweat more during a workout, improve circulation & essentially shed body fat quicker.

As some of you may know I’m an avid wearer of waist cinchers but earlier in the summer I transitioned to a smaller size & being that it makes me short of breath (not asthmatic, but I can’t be falling out at the gym!). It’s also not suggested to wear them all the time & sleeping in it 6-8hrs a couple times a week is enough for me.


I noticed a waist trimmer getting buzz on the internet, did a little research & found out they’re safer to wear & most come “one size fits all” -which is great cause who wants to buy a new $50+ waist cincher every few months?! Not I! In my search I came across Sweet SweatIMG_3958.JPG

My only focus was the trimmer belt & at first that’s all I used. With the belt alone I noticed an instant difference. Unlike my latex waist cincher, I couldn’t get it squeeze-the-breath-out-of-you tight which took some getting used to but welcomed. Also it was like a tiny sauna around my waist, trapping the heat & melting the fat.

I also got my hands on a sample of Sweet Sweat‘s workout enhancing cream. I had had it for about 2 weeks before I even opened it because I’d be in a rush trying to make it to the gym or it was out of sight/out of mind. I finally tried it & DAMN!! LOL! I use it on my tummy but you can put it on any of your problem areas. I’m gonna spare y’all the pics of my sweaty torso but the sweat was REAL!! lol! I am not a fan of cardio, I’m all weights these days but from the looks of my waist you would’ve thought I had just finished a P90X session!


Unfortunately for me my results fluctuate because I’m not as consistent with my eating habits as I used to be and & haven’t worked abs in over a month. (I think I was depressed summer was ending & I didn’t get to go swimming in the ocean. Like, I was swimsuit ready this summer, bought new swimsuits… and they all still have their tags on them -__-)

But either way I LOVE this product!! Even with me not working abs as much stomach still looks tighter after than before. Now just imagine if I actually focused on core & ate right?!! Man you wouldn’t be able to tell me nothing!! Too bad I’m more like…


Smh #thestruggle lol! Cheat meal or not, I’m a fan or this product & definitely recommend it for anyone looking to get more out of their workout!! After all, sweat means you did something right! Lol! Not to mention their prices are very reasonable & they have quick, professional, friendly service!

If you’re interested in trying Sweet Sweat click the link & shop around!

You can also follow them on:

Twitter @SweetSweatUSA

Instagram @sweetsweatusa

“Post it so I know it’s real”

I can’t blame Drake lyrics for this but I kinda wish I could…

Is nothing private these days? We all follow (& some of y’all are) those people who have every emotion, every promotion, every pitfall, every ignorant or profound thought & every waking moment of their day plastered all over their social media accounts.


What makes it worse is the denial!! “I didn’t think it would cause all that! People just need to mind they business & quit lurking/stalking my page/being thirsty!” Really. -__- Unless you were unaware of how this social media thing works: whatever you post will show up on our timelines, whether we want to see it or not. Whatchu want us to do, close our eyes to the tea you’re spilling all over the world wide web? Girl please, you wanted the attention which is why you posted it instead of calling & venting to the bestie or grabbing a diary (or diary app, I’m sure they’ve made one) & scribbling your thoughts there.

While my job deals with digging into peoples lives to get information & sharing that with others, I  personally am not about that life. It’s not because I fear others judgement or I have something to hide, it’s because my personal life is shared on a need to know basis -if I didn’t share it, you obviously don’t need to know!


I wasn’t always this way though. I distinctly remember in college discussing relationships with my friends & we all agreed, “If your man ain’t claiming you on social media there’s a problem!!” & “Ooh girl, they put they’re ‘In a Relationship’ on Facebook! You know it’s real!” I’ve always preferred dating more low-key guys but always felt some type of way that they isn’t plaster me all over their Facebook pages -that they barely even used. My senior year in college a guy I was dating explained to me his reasoning, “There’s a difference between private & a secret. Our relationship is private because this relationship is between two people, you & me”. Nowadays it’s hard to tell if a guy is just telling you what you want to hear or truly being genuine, either way I feel that’s a major key to a successful relationship & still follow it to this day.

Speaking of, I recently saw this article on Georgia’s Juice & she made some similar & very valid points I had to share with y’all.

7 Reasons I Don’t Post My Relationship On Social Media

People always ask me who am I dating and why am I not married yet. Usually these questions are accompanied with the connotation that something must be wrong with me since I am still single. The reality is my real reality isn’t posted all over social media.

I’ve dated, been in a relationship, had my heartbroken and went through an ugly custody battle all without sharing any of it on social media.

The most challenging part about it is being with someone who you truly love and care about that doesn’t understand why you don’t profess your love for them on social media. It seems like in 2014, people value what you do on social media more so than what you do in real life!

In my experience posting about your relationship only causes a lot of issues, here are the first seven I could think of. Feel free to leave any I forgot to mention below.

1. It Gives Haters and Frenemies an opportunity to “prey” on your significant other – Once you upload an “usie” and you’ve tagged your “bae” your followers go follow and friend request your new boo. Now they are looking through photos of him/her making an assessment of who they are, trying to find something bad to say about them and finally some may go to the extent of flirting with them online to try and get them to engage!

2. It Makes Public What Is Meant To Be Private – In my opinion romance is one of those things that is meant to be private! Of course, to each their own, but it just seems that once you change your relationship status the force of Facebook is against you.

3. It promotes drama! Yes the drama, it gets deep and messy! – Even if you only have a few Facebook friends, You never know who is friends with your Facebook friends or who might take a screenshot of something you post and share it. I knew Facebook was a hot mess when I seen an old friend from my childhood posting photos with my friend from high school’s baby daddy. I didn’t pick up the phone to talk about it but later on in my timeline the two girls were going back and forth! Needless to say, if she would have kept her relationship off of Facebook they may have made it! #DoinTooMuch

To read the rest of the article & sip some more of Georgia’s Juice click here

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging anyone for what they do with their personal social media pages. You have every right to post whatever you want, whenever you want & how often you want. Just don’t be surprised when people break out the popcorn to watch your Young & The Restless.


National Lipstick Day!!!!

Okay, so technically it was yesterday but I was unaware until one of the many makeup brands I follow on IG posted a pic with #NationalLipstickDay. HOW COULD I HAVE MISSED THIS?!!! Smh. I’m so disappointed in myself.

Well I still wanna celebrate so here are some of my favorite lipstick related memes from IG:






Feel free to repost these pics & @ me in some of your fun makeup posts!

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I haven’t done an outfit post in FOR-EV-ER but no time like the present to start back!!
Sometimes I get in a funk & need a fierce look to snap me back into my normal, fabulous, focused & unbothered by bs mindset *snaps* Speaking of snapback, my Flat Fitty hat was just what the doctor ordered!


Follow me on IG @BlondiesLipstk

Hat: Flat Fitty

Lipstick: ELF Matte Lip Color in “Rich Red”

Racerback tank: Ross

Skinny jeans: American Eagle Outfitters

Wedges: Lola Shoetique

Watch: Betsy Johnson

20140725-205929-75569735.jpg 20140725-205930-75570146.jpg 20140725-205929-75569961.jpg


What are your thoughts on my outfit today? Comment below! Check back regularly for more style & entertainment posts!

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#TopTrendsetters: Shoe Game & Bikinis Fashion Show

Yesterday I posted a few pics of the runway fashions at the Shoe Game & Bikinis Fashion Show, but what about the style in the crowd? Don’t worry, you know I caught that too!

Check out my favorite looks of the night

Check out all the pics from the Shoe Game & Bikinis Fashion Show here

On The Scene: Shoe Game & Bikinis Fashion Show

This past weekend was so amazing! (It was my bday weekend/ slight vacay which is why y’all are just now getting these pics. Forgive me!)

Summer didn’t just start but the swimwear a the Shoe Game & Bikinis Fashion Show has me amped for the next time I head to the beach -which I hope is soon!

I wasn’t able to capture the entire show but here are some snapshots from the hottest fashion show in ATL!

Here’s a part of Kelsey Nykole’s performance

I had such a great time & got to network with some very stylish people! I will definitely be on the look out for the next  Urban Vs. Couture event!

Special thanks to Diamond Kesawn for putting me on this event & doing the interview!

For more pictures from the event head to my Facebook page & check back Friday for the #TopTrendsetters!

Shoe Game & Bikinis Fashion Show

Do you love shoes? What about bikinis? Are you a fan of summer & the fabulous colorful fashions it brings? If you answered yes to any of these questions then I have the deets on an event that you don’t wanna miss!!

I caught up with my Mr. Everything, Diamond Kesawn, to get the inside scoop on the hottest fashion show to hit the city this summer! Check it out!:

As stated in the interview, I’ll be on the scene getting the fashion rundown & on the prowl for #TopTrendsetters!!Order your tickets HERE before they’re all gone, come dressed to impress & you could see your pic right here on the site! I’ll also be celebrating my birthday that weekend!! Talk about a way to celebrate!
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