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Blondie's Lipstick

Blondie’s Custom Wigs
February 27, 2017
What started out as a last minute addition to a Halloween costume has blossomed into a new passion! Wig making! This summer I fell in love with crochet. It was...
Curls Coils & Kinks: Protective Style Repair
January 17, 2017
Baby it's cold outside! Winter's bitter wind & chilly temps have been attacking your tresses! Or perhaps you've had that protective style in so long you'...
The Infamous Charcoal Mask
January 8, 2017
If you've cried real tears or lost an eyebrow doing a DIY Charcoal mask, this video is for you! I had a really bad breakout (I've always had acne prone skin)...
Blondie On The Mic: Modern Vintage Experience
October 11, 2016
Where's Blondie been? In these skreetz werkin hunty!! Lol! To keep up with my latest moves follow me on Instagram & snapchat My most recent event was h...