The Misuse of The Inbox

by Georgia’s Juice


Women are beginning to feel like we are on eharmony without ever signing up for it! Is it just me or does it seem like facebook is morphing into a free version of After all, why pay for a dating site when you can inbox girls for free on facebook and instagram? Yet, the misuse goes beyond solicited messages from men trying to hit on women, its become the landing place for everything that’s “hard to say”. Instead of having the guts or courage to say something in person, we’ve become a generation that would rather just send you a “DM”. Have you experienced “The Misuse of The Inbox”?

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Because it’s Thursday



Lipstick: Sephora Rouge in “Crush”

Earrings: Vintage

Necklace & Bangles: Forever 21

Denim shirt: H&M

Denim Jeggings: American Eagle

Heels: Lola Shoetique





Beyonce’s “7/11″ was playing when I took this. lol! “Clap, clap, clap like you don’t care -I know you care!”




Signs You’re The Side Chick

From Georgia’s Juice

How does the old saying go? Love is blind. Yes, love is blind and as women, we often find ourselves in situations where men will look us right in the eyes and lie to us. And the worst part? Most of the time, we’re so blinded by infatuation that we fall for it. That is when we unknowingly become a side chick.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s differentiate here. There are two types of side chicks. The ones who knowingly sign up to be the side chick and are fully aware that the guy they are seeing has a main girl or wife and are willing to play their position. Then you have the woman who is lied too. She would never consent to being a side chick and is unknowingly thrown into that life.


There are signs, however, that may help you come to the truth about your situation. The first sign is your intuition. If you feel in your gut that something is not right, you need to trust that feeling.

It’s one thing when a man is upfront about his situation and gives you the option to play your position but it’s stooping to a whole new level of coward to lie about your status. Sad to say, some of us women are side chicks out here and don’t even know it! Its nothing new though… R Kelly use to sing about it back in the 90′s in songs like “Double Life” but I’ll save all that for #TBT

Not sure if you’re the side chick? Here are 7 signs to help clarify things:

1.) He doesn’t post photos with you on social media – I know that this seems trivial and it just might be if nothing else on this list applies to you. But don’t ignore the signs! The reality is that now a days, social media plays a huge part in everyones lives. If you’re not present on his timeline, than you’re probably not a real factor in his life! It’s the sad truth.  Also, be skeptical of the men who don’t have social media!



2.) He doesn’t invite you to his house – This is a huge sign! A huge red flag! A complete stop sign to turn around and run in the other direction. My advice to all women… make sure that you’ve been to his house on several occasions before sleeping with him.

3.) He doesn’t introduce you to friends or family – If you don’t know his people, you don’t exist.

4.) He doesn’t answer his phone after a certain time – This is a sign that you are on a “do not disturb” schedule. iPhones even have a feature that will automatically send calls to voicemail making it a lot easier for him to be sneaky.


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Nothing against Scandal, I just thought this was funny! lol!

That Guy| The Movie!!

I’ve been enjoying the week off, spending time with my family & begrudgingly had to return to work today -but low & behold the perfect pick me up was waiting patiently in my gmail!!: BLACK & SEXY TV IS RELEASING THEIR FIRST FULL LENGTH MOVIE!!!

That Guy Movie

“It’s a little less than a month until Christmas, which means the time is coming for the official release of the THAT GUY Movie on December 25th! Yes, in case you haven’t heard, there’s a MOVIE!

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Happy Holidays!


Thank goodness I saw this today! & of course I couldn’t be selfish & not share the good news with y’all!

Now, I fell into another depression when I saw I had to wait til Christmas but I believe my coworkers will appreciate that I’m less salty… for the moment. lol!


When the flyer says all that then “pull up”, you Pull Up!! Lol!

The Super Album Release Event

Friday, November 14 at 8pm

Trill raps by Gilles with the Band of Brothers

The Messrs, R/R x Super Pop Up Shop

Hosted by Angela Yee

Follow Gilles @supergilles

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Lip Service: Kold Kurriculum

Kold Kurriculum poster

College life at an HBCU has yet to accurately depicted on the big screen but that’s all about to change! Said to “cover several issues such as bullying, rape, peer pressure, and hazing”, Leonard McCrary (a fellow ASU alum!) recently released the trailer to his much anticipated indie film Kold Kurriculum!! Check it out:

Having known Leonard for years & following his thespian career I knew a movie was in the works, it was only a matter of time. I know this was no easy feat for him- being a full time educator & father, being a newly wed AND welcoming his new baby girl all in 2014!! Congrats sir!!

There has not been a release date set for Kold Kurriculum, but it is expected out in 2015. Be sure to check back here for exclusive details on the film & upcoming projects!

Rebelutionize Your Lips!!

Y’all know nothing brightens my day like new lippies!!

I tried to film the review for this company twice but it jus wasn’t happening so this ones gonna hafta be typed. But no worries, I have plenty of pics!!

Back to the review: I found out about this lipstick from IG/Vine celeb 4ever_kelz doing a video with singer Sonyae Elise.


She’s the blue haired diva in the middle that’s the creator & face of Lip Rebel, a bold & very pigmented lipstick line. The products claim to be organic, have 10hr color stay, pigment x10 & are oxygen infused products. I can only attest to 2 of those -because I have no way of finding out if it’s really organic & oxygen infused. Lol! I can say that they are very pigmented & bold, the color in the jar is what’s on your lips & it really lasts all day, through eating & everything!


Top pics- 12:30pm 10/31, Bottom pics- 1:10am 11/1

**No I didn’t get a perm!! Follow me on IG to keep up with the changes these blonde locks go through!**

I’ve worn “Lady”, the gorgeous red shade & I’m in love!! Work, a bachelorette party, Halloween (at work again) each time my pout was perfectly painted with little to no reapplying- which was perfect because to me it’s more of a hassle putting on lipstick out of a jar than just swiping with a tube. Regardless of that, this is definitely my new FavRed lippie!




In the process of filming one of the reviews for this I snapped a few pics in the other shades I purchased. They’re just as richly pigmented as the red & I can’t wait to wear them out!!




-long lasting lip color

-bold, richly pigmented shades

-small amount goes a long way


-strong odor in the jar, not on your lips

-doesn’t come with lip brushes (which were not easy to find)

The smell when you open the jar reminds me of paint- not a horrible smell but not a great smell either. This odd odor disperses when it’s on your lips & you’d notice it cause your lips are right under your nose!! perhaps it’s cause it’s “organic”? Also there’s not taste. Wasn’t sure if that was a pro or con. As far as the lip brushes, it’s possible that they were forgotten in my shipment but I do know that my CVS, Walmart & Target do not carry them so I had to opt for a small angled brush & before that an eyeshadow brush. I could have used my fingers but I didn’t want to stain them (highly pigmented remember).

2 cons with 4 pros? Not bad!! Overall I’m a fan of these lippies & hope they expand the brand! Until then I have my eye on Boomerang & Sober for my next purchases. Which one is your fave?


Shop here

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Lip Service: Sip, Shop & Show Off

Grab your most fabulous heels & get ready for a celebration!! Shoe Lounge will be celebrating their 3 Year Anniversary!!


Join them in celebrating this amazing accomplishment! There’ll be an open bar, treats, beauty tips, giveaways, networking & much more!

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