Lip Service: The Love Lounge

Ladies, if you’re looking for love and want to network with other professional women doing the same then you don’t want to miss:

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The Love Lounge

Sunday, March 29, 4- 7pm

Paschal’s Restaurant, 180 Northside Dr SW, Atlanta, GA 30313

“Need some inspiration to believe in LOVE? Join us at the Love Lounge to hear the untold stories of love from our panel of  WERKing women: Patrice C. Washington, Lakia Brandenburg, Nina Brown and Ardre Orie! This will be a life changing event that will prepare you to create a life of LOVE!”

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Lip Service: “What Sets You Apart?” LNO

What Sets You Apart flyer

Fashion’s Distinction presents The 2nd Annual

“What Sets You Apart?” Ladies Night Out Event

May 2 from 4- 8pm

Banquet Room, 200 Village Green Circle, Smyrna, GA 30080

Ladies, if you’re looking for a fun night out filled fashion, networking, demonstrations, good food and more than look no further than the 2nd Annual “What Sets You Apart” Ladies Night Out event! This fun filled experience will be returning for a second time and it is one event you don’t want to miss!

If you really want to treat yourself become a VIP. With this upgrade you’ll receive access to the VIP section, priority shopping from 3pm-4pm, complimentary cocktail tickets, meet and greet with performance artist, blogger fashion and beauty segments, a Fashion’s Distinction Glam Bag and much, much more!

What Sets You Apart VIP flyer

Purchase your tickets now before they’re all gone and find out everything else that they have planned for the day (such as the one listed below) at

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Y’all know I love to support entrepreneurs & when my play brother Kwab decided to launch a brand with a purpose I had to back him!!

SWAMP stands for “Someone Who’s Always Making Progress”. If you’re on your grind whether it be in you career, at school, following your dreams, etc., you can identify!

Top: Swamp Brand Clothing

Skinny’s: American Eagle Outfitters

Pumps: Lola Shoetique

Jacket: Thrifted

Necklace: Go Jane

Sunglasses: Gap

The tops come in classic colors but if you want to customize your colors (like I did) contact them via Instagram DM and they can make it happen!

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And visit


How Do You Get Out of Poverty?

Georgia’s Juice

Those who have never experienced life in a lower economic status won’t be able to relate nor will they be able to tell you what it truly takes to make it out of poverty. Initially I thought money was the cure for poverty, but I quickly realized through my own experiences that poverty wasn’t just about finances. People who remain in poverty are typically there because of their mentality, the choices they make and the lifestyle they choose to live.

Granted some may have an illness or disability which prevents them from obtaining financial stability, but in cases where people are fully capable of being financially independent, I think it’s safe to say, their financial mentality is keeping them in poverty.

Again, my first thought was that you need to make a lot of money to get out of poverty. Win the lottery. Go to college to be a lawyer or a doctor. The reality is that, that doesn’t guarantee you to be free from poverty. Maybe temporarily, but the true financial advancement will only come once your mentality and lifestyle changes.

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Blondie’s Spotlight: Lamont Rudolph

Designer, Entrepreneur


Lamont Rudolph

Or  The Mvdd Hvtter as he’s known on instagram, a title he truthfully boasts. I’ve followed the Atlanta native and have been in awe of his designs for the past two years so you can only imagine how excited I was when he agreed to chat with your favorite lipstick loving blonde! I caught up with him at The Green Room, a creative space in downtown Atlanta that houses everything from screen printing, video editing, painting, tattooing and more!

His tag line is “Follow the Buck”, here’s why you should too


He even hooked me up with the custom denim Roofless cap!! I couldn’t stop gushing over it!!

Find more of Lamont’s work & follow him on IG @TheMvddHvtter

Contact him at

Should I Waist Cinch/Trim/Train? Pt.2

If you missed part 1 last Friday check it out here

There’s a lot of mixed information out there about waist training. So much so that you can find articles to support whatever side you take on this topic. I know, I did my “research” before purchasing 2 waist clinchers and a waist trimmer. But which side is right?

What I’ve found is that it’s ALL true! I don’t have X-ray’s to claim that my organs were affected but after consistently wearing my smaller waist cincher my ribs were always sore. However it helped my posture tremendously and I did lose inches around my waist. So which do you listen too?

Well first understand that no matter how many cinchers, trimmers, lifters, miracle wraps you use, nothing will change unless you make a lifestyle change. That means eating healthier & being active for at least 30mins a day.


I’m so happy  a healthy life style was discussed on BET’s Being Mary Jane earlier this week!


Ladies I wish we could all just cut the bullshit! Stop with the excuses, the denial & the short cuts! No one is trying to make you a size 2, skinny women aren’t the devil and having “more to love” won’t be so cute when your joints start failing in your 40’s!

There’s no magic pill/ shake/ apparatus! These things exist to make money off of people focused on instant gratification! Remember nothing will work unless YOU do! Both cinchers and trimmers can be effective if used responsibly. They are an enhancer to achieve results for a problem area (you can buy trimmers for your arms & thighs as well). However if all you’re doing is putting it on a few hours a day then you’ll see some changes BUT you’re just temporarily shifting the body fat. Prime example is a muffin top -it’s created because the waist band of the pants are too tight. The person doesn’t gain a smaller waist, the fat just moved to another place. So yeah, you’ll have an hourglass figure with it on but the time spent not wearing the waist trainer your body is readjusting to its previous form. You’re basically be taking 2 steps forward and one step back when you could skip all that and just make healthier lifestyle choices!

Now don’t think I’m bashing either the waist cincher or waist trimmer. I’ve used them both and have been active & inactive in both. I no longer wear the cincher but you won’t catch me at the gym without my trimmer! I’ve seen real results because I put in real work!


At the end of the day you’re going to wear what you want, call yourself whatever you want… just don’t end up like her. I think we all can agree she looks a hot ass mess! I can only hope she did this on purpose to prove a point… but I doubt it.


Speaking of, butt lifters & pads are dumb so please don’t waist your money on them. To me it’s like the equivalent of a water bra -cute with clothes on but you can’t fool them forever!

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Should I Waist Cinch/Trim/Train? Pt.1

My friend April posted this on Facebook. Had to share it because it inspired this post:IMG_6694.PNG

I laughed so hard when I saw this but she’s right. Shortcuts are never the move but many women are using them to get the ideal body type. These days it’s a literal hour glass: big breasts, teeny tiny waist and big hips and butt.


I have no clue if the above pic was photoshopped, I just found it on Instagram. I say that because some women are actually built like this -but more often than not they had some help. For example there’s camera filters, specific posing angles and photoshop apps for the internet and IG, but what about when you want that look in person? Do you know there’s such a thing a selfie surgery? Smh. Regardless, no one batts an eye if you’ve had breast implants or liposuction, but the new new is butt fillers or injections, and waist cinching… or is it waist trimming? …waist training? Confused? It’s okay, I’ll explain, because there is a difference.

Waist Training is the process of reducing or shaping a woman’s waist through gradual body modification using a corset, cincher or trimmer belt (my personal definition)

A Waist Cincher is a type of short corset that cinches, or pulls in, at the waistline. Functional waist cinchers make a woman’s waist appear smaller than it actually is. (via

Waist Trimmer belts are used to help remove excess water weight from your abdomen region. The belt is placed around your waist and worn when you work out and do your typical daily choirs. As the belt contains the heat from your abdomen, you will sweat off excessive water. (via

Every time you turn around a celeb with a banging body is endorsing their own or somebody else’s cincher or trimmer

It’s hard not to buy in when you see what you believe are their results. & it doesn’t make you weak in the least bit to want to change something about yourself or to admire someone who has the body you wouldn’t mind strutting around in. I personally feel I have a healthy body image but I love how gorgeous Amber Rose’s body is! I mean, how could you not?!

But back to the subject at hand, waist training. I spoke earlier of celebs and other curvy women on IG showcasing their results, but does it really work? Is what April said on Facebook true? What are the pros and cons? I’ve tried both methods and will share my experience next week in part 2!

Reasons To Be Happy You’re Single on Valentine’s Day

February 14th is around the corner and you may be like me & be without a “traditional” Valentine -I say traditional because when I’m single on this love holiday I’m my own & my friends Valentine. But if you choose to be the little Morton’s salt girl, Georgia’s Juice has several reasons to be happy you’re single! Enjoy!


Single on Valentine’s Day? Well, you might want to count your blessings. Many couples can’t wait until February 14 to see what gifts they get and others dread having to buy gifts. If you don’t have a Valentine this year that’s okay, there are plenty of reasons why you should be happy that you don’t.

  1. No pressure

Girls, you don’t have to worry about if have to buy your boyfriend a gift and guys you don’t have to stress yourself on what to buy. Not having a Valentine eliminates the pressure and stress of what to buy or what to do for the evening. Simply with no significant other, you don’t have this stress anymore.

  1. You can hang out with your single friends

Being single on Valentine’s Day gives you the time to hang out with your other single friends. For girls this might mean movies and ice cream at the house and for the guys, this gives you a chance to catch up with the fellas.

  1. You won’t have to worry about a heart break

We all know that Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a day filled with love, candy, and roses but let’s face it, it can quickly go downhill. If you don’t have a Valentine then you don’t have to worry about arguing if something doesn’t go right, and you know you can’t get dumped because you’re already single.


  1. You can avoid disappointment

If you don’t get you that 6ft. teddy bear you wanted on Valentine’s Day then you have nothing to worry about because you’re single. Guys? This means you don’t have to be disappointed if your girl didn’t get you a gift at all. Since you’re single, you can buy yourself exactly what you want, no disappointments.


Like gorgeous new shoes!!


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