“Hey let’s get away…”

*le sigh*

I know I haven’t updated the site in a min but y’all I haven’t had time. I’ve been working 7 days a week, outside of that I’ve jus been tryna live!
Needless to say I need a vacay like you wouldn’t believe!! Or at least


But knowing my single struggle 2 of those aren’t currently an option. Lol! Also I’m one of the millions of adults that don’t work in education so no spring/summer break on the horizon for me. :-(
But all is not lost!! Here’s some activities you can do while you’re solo dolo to relax, unwind & won’t break the bank!

Meditate an hour before bed

My sleep pattern is all over the place: one night I’m going to bed at 2am (normal cause I work nights) then another night I’m crawling in the sheets at with the sun peaking in my window. I realized if I shut off all distractions (tv, laptop, silence phone) & sit in a quiet place about an hour before bed it gives my body a chance to truly unwind from the day. By the time I do get in bed I’m out in less than 10mins & I’m able to get my full 7-8hrs

Exercise several times a week


Life in general is stressful. Add on work with annoying coworkers, inadequate superiors, idiotic boyfriends, drama filled friends, kids, pets, traffic- I could go on & on but you get it. Well as Elle said in Legally Blonde “Exercising releases endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t kill their boyfriends.” lol!

20140408-170702.jpg 20140408-170853.jpg

I told y’all a while ago how happy I was with my booty. lol! Squat it out chile, squat it out! lol!

Take a walk outside

You can go around your neighborhood, in a park or the school track, jus be in some fresh air & walk. You’re getting exercise & me time to clear your head all at the same time! And if you want to add music to the mix, why not?! Personally, I walk with my pandora 90′s R&B the first lap then the second without the music

Treat yourself to a spa pedicure

Sure you can paint your own tootsies but with summertime & sandal season on the horizon why not take yourself down to the nail shop, sit in a massage chair & let somebody else pamper you? Go head girl, you deserve it!

Take a candlelit bubble bath

Perhaps you don’t like people touching your feet (I’m right there with ya!) or a pedi just isn’t in your budget. Well instead treat yourself to a spa experience at home! Have some soothing music playing, grab the loofah to exfoliate, even try out that facial mask that you bought but haven’t had time to use. Calgon, take me away!


Have a girls night in

If you’ve never had an adult sleepover with your girls you are depriving yourself of some good times! lol! Have everyone that comes bring some unhealthy but so delicious goodies (brownies & wine are a must!), & come ready to have a good time talking about guy problems, that bitch of a boss or whatever! It’ll be therapeutic to get it off your chest & have a good laugh with your friends!


Lip Service: ADA Rock The Runway

ADA Rock The Runway

Savannah Station 601 COHEN STREET at Selma St Savannah, Georgia

A portion of every ticket purchase is tax deductible:

Regular Admission: $45 ($30 of which is a tax deductible contribution)
Student $25 ($10 of which is a tax deductible contribution)

Admission includes ADA Rock the Runway Red Carpet , Open Bar, Hors d’oeuvres and handmade swag bags.

5:30pm – Red Carpet Pre-Party
6:30pm – Cocktails and Hors d’oeuvres
7:30pm – Runway Show

The Presenting Sponsor, New River Auto Mall Luxury Group, will have cars on display during the Red Carpet Pre-Party.  Major support for the show is provided by the Anne Whitton Bolyea Legacy Fund and Cartee Image Consultants.

Creative Director – Kevin Cartee.

Fashions will be provided by Savannah Arts Academy, Junk2Funk, Bluebelle, JPaige, Kathi Rich, Palm Avenue, Veronica’s Closet and Tanger.  Hair & make-up will be done by the talented team at B-Street Salon.  Models will be from Savannah Arts Academy and St. Vincent’s Academy.

You Betta Say That!!!

I was feeling some type of way last week & one of my Facebook friends posted this. I would be remiss if I didn’t share it with you lovelies here. Enjoy!


If you can’t see the video click here

Curls, Coils & Kinks

Marley Bun

A couple of ways I wore my Marley bun20140310-231103.jpg



Here’s how you can get the look!

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The music in the video is by my friends Class of 1987, click here to check out their album Race Records



Black & Sexy Baby!

This post is looooong overdue, partly because for some reason I haven’t typed a review in ever. lol! But trust me, it’s worth the read!

I’m constantly hear my friends (in real life & on social media) complain about the state of black television today. “I can’t stand the drama & foolishness on Love & Hip Hop!” -but you watch Basketball Wives. “Well I’m not featuring any of em! Not Love & Hip Hop, Basketball Wives, Real Housewives of Atlanta…” -chile hush, but you probably watch Single Ladies, Scandal or Being Mary Jane which gets just as much backlash!

What’s a solution to this problem? Put down your remote & pick up your mouse! There’s tons of original series’ online for us & by us *shout out to FUBU! 9 times out of 10 when my sisters calls I’m on youtube watching said shows & she usually says “there’s that many videos on youtube?”. She’s not a social media junkie like me but yes dear, there are millions & these are included in that number! lol!

One of my favorite channels is Black & Sexy TV (whom I found out about from watching Issa Rae’s channel [creator of Awkward Black Girl])

Black & Sexy TV logo

& before you say it, no, it’s not your homies from around the way playing with a flip cam! These shows feature fresh faces in talent, quality cinematography and original content with a unique but familiar perspective. They are their own network so they have complete control over what they put out. Black & Sexy TV is also independently funded & put that money to good use -including winning Best Web Series 2013 ABFF for the series RoomieLoverFriends!!

I could go on & on but I’d much rather you see it for yourself. Check out my favorite shows below but first make sure you follow @BlackandSexyTV & subscribe to their youtube channel


That Guy

Hello Cupid

Single vs. Solitary

This single life…

Boy I tell ya! Can you say roller coaster ride?! That’s why I titled this post as such because sometimes being single is a badge of honor, other times it feels like an undetermined sentence to solitary confinement!



Is being single easy? HELL NO!! I’ll be the FIRST to tell you that! lol! Especially those solitary moments… & a sista’s celibate at the same time!! Whoo!! From K.Michelle’s latest mixtape making me hate every man except my daddy, to the old school love songs on repeat on the radio (as I’m typing this Boys II Men is crooning “End Of The Road” in my earbuds), to muscly rippling physiques on IG… & steamy tv romance like MJ & Andre [Being Mary Jane]… yeah, the struggle is super real! lol!

Why would I “torture” myself like this? Because I want to be happy, in love & in a meaningful relationship that leads to marriage. Is this the guaranteed way to get a man? I doubt it. My thought process has been “To get something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never did.” I’ve never been madly in love with a boyfriend or married so time to try something different.




Speaking of, what about that question mark that pops in your head when you’re on Facebook & see the quote en quote jump off married/drunk in love while your cream of the crop ass is curled up in your snuggy watching trash tv, eating Hagen Daas & wondering WTF?! Is the green eyed monster rearing his ugly lil head? I’d say jus a little. & it’s not cause you don’t want her to be happy, you just want some happiness for yourself. I mean who doesn’t want to be so happy you’re screaming it from the mountaintops (or from your social media posts)?

*sigh* Patience young grasshopper. There’s a reason why that special someone hasn’t arrived in your life just yet. Perhaps they’re not ready to receive all you have to give or vice versa. Or perhaps it’s one of the reasons @StephenSpeaks listed here.

Watch this & Tweet @TopRopeZeus #HumpDayRomance. You’re welcome!

I have MUCH more on this topic (of course I do, I’m living it!) Comment below or tweet me if you think I should post a part 2!


All Deez Squats…


I don’t always workout when I’m supposed to (more like hardly ever these days!) but one thing I don’t miss is my squats!!


Thanks Idris! lol!

I follow a lot of fitness pages & one thing that irks me is the disbelief that hard work & dedication can give you the body that you want. More specifically get you the booty you want! That’s how you get everything else you want in life, why wouldn’t your body be the same?!
I’ve never been a big booty chick (or even a medium! I’m more of a super smedium) but being a black female, I can honestly say I’ve been body conscious about it since at least high school. When I started getting in to fitness it was purely to get healthy & accentuate what God have me. Then I learned the butt is one of those muscles you can grow with exercise O_O SIGN ME UP!!!! Lol!
One of my homeboys didn’t believe me I’m here to set the record straight WITH PROOF!!

My starting measurements in July 2013 were 39-29-36. Today I’m a fabulous 38-25 1/2-39 & have gained 6lbs of muscle!


Just saying it makes we want to head to the gym right now!!

& I’m very realistic about things. My goal is still to be the best me I can be, not become the next Ciera Rogers. (She’s gorgeous but my body wasn’t built for that & my genetics don’t support it either! lol!) But if I can make my body fit & add some of the curves I’ve always wanted in the process WHY NOT?!!

Have y’all been keeping your fitness goals? What’s your fave body part to work on? If you could have anybody in the world’s figure, who would you choose? Leave a comment below or tweet me @BlondiesLipstk!

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Lipstick Adventures

I told you guys I moved. New city, new adventures right? Wrong! Unfortunately it seems I’ve become such a hermit!! Wake up, off to work, head back home -that’s my life these days. Smh.
One thing that always puts some pep in my step is hanging out with my bestie, Bri!! She came with her sister to visit & we had a blast playing tourist! Here’s some pics!



Unique consignment furniture store, Two Women & a Warehouse


Usie! lol! Toni, myself & Bri (don’t you jus love her red lips!)





I like it dirty ;-) lol! Dirty Marshmallow Pop from Savannah Sweets


Pictures in the mirror, pictures in the mirror… lol! OOTD:

Lips: “Allure”, Ashlei Shannon high pigment gloss

Top: vintage button down

Jeggings: American Eagle

Navy canvas sneakers: Target (not pictured)




Yummy deliciousness from Sweet Potato’s 

Macadamia crusted chicken with peach salsa, sweet potato fries, & macaroni & cheese

I had so much fun & can’t wait to see what else the city has to offer! Be on the look out for more Lipstick Adventures coming soon!