Lip Service: BEE Clothing Company


Spring 2013 Preview: B.E.E. (Beat Every Enemy) Clothing Company – Launched December 2012


BEE (Beat Every Enemy) Clothing Company’s online store has officially launched. A true to its culture streetwear company, BEE is co-founded by pro skateboarder, Pat Washington.

Check out the images below that preview the upcoming Spring 2013 Look Book, as well as BEE’s online store, and watch for the development of BEE’s skate team.

About BEE Clothing:

B.E.E. (BEAT EVERY ENEMY) Clothing Company is inspired by the young HIP HOP LIFESTYLE of making it regardless of who you are, where you come from, and what you’ve done. This new streetwear apparel brand represents those individuals who choose to fight, and not let circumstances control their outcome. Whether it’s a pursuit for a better life, or just seeking acceptance, B.E.E. Clothing is a fashion statement for the fighter in all of us.

B.E.E. Clothing is also represented by a carefully curated skate team led by OG street skate legend,Pat Washington.

As it grows, B.E.E. Clothing plans to introduce accessories, snapbacks, and numerous cut & sew items in addition to their current collection of graphic T’s.

B.E.E. Clothing is not intended for the weak.

Screen shot 2013-01-07 at 3.18.31 PM

The BEE Online Store is Now Open!




Spring 2013 Look Book Coming Soon

Screen shot 2013-01-07 at 3.18.04 PM

Contact for Media:

Lana Perry, HS8 Agency
(657) 206-6232

Lip Service: Open Doors


I haven’t been focusing on music as much these days but believe my emails stay popping with unsigned hype! lol! Now a days I don’t post it unless I’m really vibing to it, which is why your reading this.

I love hip hop, rap, pop & dance but I LOVE ME SOME R&B, SOUL & NEO SOUL!!!!! It’s cool to e crunk & hype but not all the time!! lol! I love a good R&B album I can put on and let ride. But there’s a difference between letting it ride & tuning it out while it plays. I love an album I can put on while I’m typing an article & in between I pause  to replay a lyric  or by the end of the album I know which is my favorite song & I’m humming it in the shower. That’s exactly what I got when I listened to Yuri Koller’s Open Doors album. Don’t just take my word for it, take a listen

open doors cover

A little romance, a lil joy, a lil pain . . . yeah, Yuri did his thang with this right here! Don’t want to listen to the whole thing (lazy self)? Well check out my faves “Trip For 2” “Take Control” & “Ride”. I’ve got Open Doors on repeat & once you listen you will too!

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Get Over It. It’s Not That Deep


by: Verity Reign

Hey babes! Here’s one of my latest posts to–the African American woman’s online lifestyle guide encouraging healthy and fabulous lifestyle choices! This one is about getting over petty matters. One of my biggest pet peeves is when my peers, well into their 20s and 30s, hold grudges over matters that happened back in high school and college! GET OVER IT! I even share my experience forgiving a former girlfriend who tried to make a pass (lots of passes, actually) at a former boyfriend.
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Kay, thanks for reading & xoxo!

I try to practice forgiveness as much as possible. Not only does it align with my spiritual and moral convictions, but things just aren’t that deep! Through the years, I’ve endured my fair share of upsets and letdowns in relationships, whether by family, friend or boyfriend. Like you, I have felt betrayed and violated.

And at each of those given times, it hurt—sometimes to the point of tears and a physical heaviness in the heart. But eventually time healed the scars and I was able to move on completely. Not only could I go on with my life in peace, but I was also able to repair some of those relationships or at the very least, genuinely speak and be cordial if our paths crossed again.  Some situations pained me more than others, but for the most part, I realized that most of them just weren’t that deep!

One of my former good friends tried to get at my college boyfriend multiple times through facebook…

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Artist Submission


Happy Halloween!!! *Muah!*

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted some music so instead of a few songs here’s their mixtapes as well!! Enjoy!!

Blok Beeze 

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Download his mixtape #FIT (F*** It Then)

Myke Bogan “Uncle Elroy’s Couch”

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Brunch Klub “The Weekend”

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Download their mixtape Brunch Klub II

“Shimmer Dat!!”


It’s hot outside but “The Bam” is hotter!!! Last week Bambi released her second mixtape “Shimmer” & already she has received thousands of views from coast to coast!! Check out for yourself & see why the leader of the #LipstickGang is one of the hottest underground artists in the game right now!! I’ve had it on repeat since it came out last week!

Click here to listen & download

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“Look At Yo Body”

Find more videos from Bambi & the Lipstick Gang on her youtube page!!