Rebelutionize Your Lips!!


Y’all know nothing brightens my day like new lippies!!

I tried to film the review for this company twice but it jus wasn’t happening so this ones gonna hafta be typed. But no worries, I have plenty of pics!!

Back to the review: I found out about this lipstick from IG/Vine celeb 4ever_kelz doing a video with singer Sonyae Elise.


She’s the blue haired diva in the middle that’s the creator & face of Lip Rebel, a bold & very pigmented lipstick line. The products claim to be organic, have 10hr color stay, pigment x10 & are oxygen infused products. I can only attest to 2 of those -because I have no way of finding out if it’s really organic & oxygen infused. Lol! I can say that they are very pigmented & bold, the color in the jar is what’s on your lips & it really lasts all day, through eating & everything!

Top pics- 12:30pm 10/31, Bottom pics- 1:10am 11/1

**No I didn’t get a perm!! Follow me on IG to keep up with the changes these blonde locks go through!**

I’ve worn “Lady”, the gorgeous red shade & I’m in love!! Work, a bachelorette party, Halloween (at work again) each time my pout was perfectly painted with little to no reapplying- which was perfect because to me it’s more of a hassle putting on lipstick out of a jar than just swiping with a tube. Regardless of that, this is definitely my new FavRed lippie!




In the process of filming one of the reviews for this I snapped a few pics in the other shades I purchased. They’re just as richly pigmented as the red & I can’t wait to wear them out!!




-long lasting lip color

-bold, richly pigmented shades

-small amount goes a long way


-strong odor in the jar, not on your lips

-doesn’t come with lip brushes (which were not easy to find)

The smell when you open the jar reminds me of paint- not a horrible smell but not a great smell either. This odd odor disperses when it’s on your lips & you’d notice it cause your lips are right under your nose!! perhaps it’s cause it’s “organic”? Also there’s not taste. Wasn’t sure if that was a pro or con. As far as the lip brushes, it’s possible that they were forgotten in my shipment but I do know that my CVS, Walmart & Target do not carry them so I had to opt for a small angled brush & before that an eyeshadow brush. I could have used my fingers but I didn’t want to stain them (highly pigmented remember).

2 cons with 4 pros? Not bad!! Overall I’m a fan of these lippies & hope they expand the brand! Until then I have my eye on Boomerang & Sober for my next purchases. Which one is your fave?


Shop here

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A few weeks ago on IG I said that I’d be posting a review of a new fitness product I’m using called Sweet Sweat. It’s a product designed to help you sweat more during a workout, improve circulation & essentially shed body fat quicker.

As some of you may know I’m an avid wearer of waist cinchers but earlier in the summer I transitioned to a smaller size & being that it makes me short of breath (not asthmatic, but I can’t be falling out at the gym!). It’s also not suggested to wear them all the time & sleeping in it 6-8hrs a couple times a week is enough for me.


I noticed a waist trimmer getting buzz on the internet, did a little research & found out they’re safer to wear & most come “one size fits all” -which is great cause who wants to buy a new $50+ waist cincher every few months?! Not I! In my search I came across Sweet SweatIMG_3958.JPG

My only focus was the trimmer belt & at first that’s all I used. With the belt alone I noticed an instant difference. Unlike my latex waist cincher, I couldn’t get it squeeze-the-breath-out-of-you tight which took some getting used to but welcomed. Also it was like a tiny sauna around my waist, trapping the heat & melting the fat.

I also got my hands on a sample of Sweet Sweat‘s workout enhancing cream. I had had it for about 2 weeks before I even opened it because I’d be in a rush trying to make it to the gym or it was out of sight/out of mind. I finally tried it & DAMN!! LOL! I use it on my tummy but you can put it on any of your problem areas. I’m gonna spare y’all the pics of my sweaty torso but the sweat was REAL!! lol! I am not a fan of cardio, I’m all weights these days but from the looks of my waist you would’ve thought I had just finished a P90X session!


Unfortunately for me my results fluctuate because I’m not as consistent with my eating habits as I used to be and & haven’t worked abs in over a month. (I think I was depressed summer was ending & I didn’t get to go swimming in the ocean. Like, I was swimsuit ready this summer, bought new swimsuits… and they all still have their tags on them -__-)

But either way I LOVE this product!! Even with me not working abs as much stomach still looks tighter after than before. Now just imagine if I actually focused on core & ate right?!! Man you wouldn’t be able to tell me nothing!! Too bad I’m more like…


Smh #thestruggle lol! Cheat meal or not, I’m a fan or this product & definitely recommend it for anyone looking to get more out of their workout!! After all, sweat means you did something right! Lol! Not to mention their prices are very reasonable & they have quick, professional, friendly service!

If you’re interested in trying Sweet Sweat click the link & shop around!

You can also follow them on:

Twitter @SweetSweatUSA

Instagram @sweetsweatusa

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Those are great days aren’t they!! lol!

I recently received a new Vox Box in the mail from Influenster & it’s full of Mary Kay goodies perfect for summer! Here’s a quick & easy summer look I created with their amazing products!




I’m loving these products & have added a few into my daily regimen!!

What are some of your new summer beauty must haves? Comment below or tag me in your tweets & IG posts at @BlondiesLipstk!


My kind of spring cleaning!


It’s that time again lovelies! Well kinda, if the weather would stop this bipolar foolishness!! Regardless winter is on it’s way out with its heavy sweaters and boots & the tanks, sundresses & sandals are eager to take precedence in our wardrobe. Whenever I switch out my closet I always have a couple items that don’t fit, that I don’t wear anymore or that I’ve never worn, so what do you do with em? Straight to Goodwill or Salvation Army right? WRONG!!

Instead of jus giving away your clothes for free, why not get clothes in return FOR FREE!! Yes, you read that right!
Introducing the amazing 99 Dresses app! It’s frugal fashionistas dream!

20140416-002529.jpg It’s a FREE app where you list your new, never worn or gently used items and for each item you receive Buttons. Buttons are credits to help you win items you’re interested in getting -cause you’re not the only chic chick that wants that cute top! Once you win the item you pay the shipping price which is 7% of the items original price, the Giver is notified the item is won & is sent a shipping label or if they’re local you can pick it up in person.


**If any of that was confusing there’s a tutorial in the app under “How it works”. Just click the question mark in the upper left corner of your screen**


So how can you get in on this awesomeness? Download the app here & begin listing items today! Nothing to list? No problem! You can still search through the stylish inventory by size, designer or scroll through the home page. It’s jus that simple!
So what are you waiting for? Get shopping!


Black & Sexy Baby!


This post is looooong overdue, partly because for some reason I haven’t typed a review in ever. lol! But trust me, it’s worth the read!

I’m constantly hear my friends (in real life & on social media) complain about the state of black television today. “I can’t stand the drama & foolishness on Love & Hip Hop!” -but you watch Basketball Wives. “Well I’m not featuring any of em! Not Love & Hip Hop, Basketball Wives, Real Housewives of Atlanta…” -chile hush, but you probably watch Single Ladies, Scandal or Being Mary Jane which gets just as much backlash!

What’s a solution to this problem? Put down your remote & pick up your mouse! There’s tons of original series’ online for us & by us *shout out to FUBU! 9 times out of 10 when my sisters calls I’m on youtube watching said shows & she usually says “there’s that many videos on youtube?”. She’s not a social media junkie like me but yes dear, there are millions & these are included in that number! lol!

One of my favorite channels is Black & Sexy TV (whom I found out about from watching Issa Rae’s channel [creator of Awkward Black Girl])

Black & Sexy TV logo

& before you say it, no, it’s not your homies from around the way playing with a flip cam! These shows feature fresh faces in talent, quality cinematography and original content with a unique but familiar perspective. They are their own network so they have complete control over what they put out. Black & Sexy TV is also independently funded & put that money to good use -including winning Best Web Series 2013 ABFF for the series RoomieLoverFriends!!

I could go on & on but I’d much rather you see it for yourself. Check out my favorite shows below but first make sure you follow @BlackandSexyTV & subscribe to their youtube channel


That Guy

Hello Cupid

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Life isn’t always sunshine & gumdrops -& neither is blogging reviews

With the start of Blondie’s 3rd year (whoo hoo!!) I decided to not only give you guys the good reviews but also the bad & the ugly too. What better company to start with than one that burned me this time last year known as Bunnyz Creationz.

this is a current screenshot of her page -which I no longer follow or support


These aren’t all of our messages, but you can see the time span of our conversations (mostly one-sided conversations because she wouldn’t respond to me). Also in the video I said I ordered a flask -my mistake, it was a lighter.

Screenshot_2013-01-19-22-32-17-1Screenshot_2013-01-19-22-32-30 Screenshot_2013-01-19-22-32-36Screenshot_2013-01-19-22-33-21 Screenshot_2013-01-19-22-33-26Screenshot_2013-01-19-22-33-33 Screenshot_2013-01-19-22-33-37

Some might say why am I bringing up old stuff. Well unfortunately my website’s anniversary is also the anniversary of when I got screwed over by this girl. Late or not, I just wanted to inform you guys about her so you wouldn’t end up the same way I did.

If by chance you were also cheated by her leave a comment below, share this post on social media & spread the word so she wont continue to get away with it!


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Y’all know from the name that I LOVE me some lipstick! so of course I jumped at the chance to test out a new makeup line featuring creamy matte lipstick & other goodies! Check out my review of Smooch Me By Dionne 

Here’s some pics  of me “Being Smooched”!




Speak Up



Cloud 9

Love this line & can’t wait to buy more!!

Order your Smooch Me By Dionne here

Follow the line & owner on twitter @SmoochMeByD @prettymizzcoco & Instagram

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Yeah . . . so I’m suuuuuper late with this one & all my reviews -my bad you guys, I’ve been all over the place lately! But no worries! I’m gonna catch up on all the reviews I owe y’all starting with this one! This review is from my Influenster #SunVoxBox featuring: Sinfulcolors Sinfulshine nail polish, Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream, Goody’s Ouchless ribbon elastics, and Dr. Scholl’s for Her High Heel Insoles! Enjoy!

Have you tried these products? What’s your review? Know of a new product you’d like me to try?  Share it below or send your pics to @BlondiesLipstk.

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

Curls, Coils & Kinks: Braid Out


Here’s another hair video for you guys!! Once again it’s a lil tardy (I’ve changed my hair since I recorded this), but that’s okay! Better late than never! lol!

In the video I’m also testing out a product from my #springvoxbox from Influenster called Schwarzkopf Professional Osis Gelastic!

Day 1- kept it braided

Day 2- missed the wedding so I kept it braided again

Day 3 -braids are out & I’m left with cute crinkles!

Day 5- after a few nights it was smushed & harder to manage. I rinsed out the gel & the poof is back! Lol!