What He Really Deserves

What He Really Deserves


Saw this on IG & figured I’d share my thoughts

Aside from the typos I think the post is valid. I agree with being your partner’s source of solace not stress. I sing every lyric of Destiny’s Child’s “Cater To You”. I’m the girl that knows she’s gonna spoil her husband & he is gonna thank sweet baby Jesus everyday & night to have found a catch like me!

However, there’s always that sneaking thought that what you do is will never be good enough:

Yeah… lol! I’m not to the extreme mindset of @Only1_Ms_Stylisk but sometimes, yeah! You can believe you’re in this great relationship & things are picture perfect but in reality he’s out here slanging his wang to every Jill, Dawn & Nancy on the street!

So how do you determine if your man is good enough that deserves to be treated like a king?

The answer is simple: he will show you!

Of course that’s easier said than done. When you first get in a relationship people show you what they want you to see, so he’s gonna be prince charming -and you’ll put on your best act as well. You haven’t seen the real him so why would you spoil him with your best sex (or any sex for that matter), breakfast in bed, massages, home cooked meals, etc? Not saying you can’t do any of that for him but damn, you don’t hafta put all your cards on the table so soon! And I know it’s hard, especially when he’s showing you everything you’ve been wanting! Trust me I’ve been there, I’ve been that girl! I was all about playing wifey thinking if I show him what I all I can be for him upfront he’s gonna want to hold on to me even more! Nah! Majority of the time they just enjoyed the cow & the milk that they got for free & moved on to the next girl. Smh.

There are benefits to that though. As time went on those same guys ended up wanting that ol thing back but by then I had come to my senses and moved on! You snooze you lose! I’ve since learned  that while having an ex come crawling back feels pretty nice, not wasting my time on f**k boys in the first place would have saved me so much head & heart aches. I didn’t let those relationships ruin me as a “good woman”, I’ve been screwed over plenty of times (& put up with the bs that eventually got me screwed over) but I’m not gonna take that out on the next man.

So how do you determine what he deserves? Let him earn that spot in your life! Every person in any type of relationship you have will show you what position they deserve in your life. Pay attention to that & react accordingly.

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Blonde Moment Episode 10

Blonde Moment Episode 10


A lot went down this week but don’t worry!! You know your favorite blonde bombshell has you covered!

Blonde Moment Ep.10 “50 Shades of these Hands”

A stripper’s tale of a crazy trip to Florida (#Zolastory) and my thoughts on the Spring Valley High School incident where an officer man handled a female student who was disrupting class.

What’s been on everyone’s Lips

Simone Biles & Gabby Douglas flip & tumble their way to the2016 Olympics in Rio, is Halle Berry actually crazy & that’s why she keeps getting divorced? Oh & ABC said that petition was cute but Raven-Symone will continue to keep the lights on at The View!


What are your favorite shows to watch right now? And would you date someone that made you wait 90days before they spent any money on you?

Blonde Moment Episode 9

Blonde Moment Episode 9


Sorry for the delay you guys! I got so caught up in celebrating Halloween I didn’t get around to posting this weeks episode. Smh! Check out the videos below

Blonde Moment Ep. 9 “Oh SNAP!”

Terry Crews lets us into his bedroom -uh, who asked for that? And who know a tongue could snap if you bit down hard enough!

What’s been on everyone’s Lips

Drake makes our lip lines ring, Meek Mill is in his feeling AGAIN and ready or not Adele is back & already snatching wigs & getting you all in your feelings


Is it really that hard to be consistent? And if you’re no longer interested why don’t you just say so?

Blonde Moment Episode 8

Blonde Moment Episode 8


Check out all the videos from Blonde Moment Ep. 8 “There’s nothing in that closet but clothes!”

This episode I was a little under the weather & got the help from my silly family! Follow Ms Tori and M. Tiant

Blonde Moment

Did you catch Love & Hip Hop Hollywood this week? Miles aka Sir Brock came out this week to his family & ex girlfriend. Is Hip Hop ready the LGBT?

What’s on everyone’s Lips?

The latest on Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian’s relationship, Chrissy Teigan’s bump & lack of rump, Glory Johnson’s womb news and  King Bach’s big announcement.


Would you give it up after the first date/meeting?

Blonde Moment Episode 7

Blonde Moment Episode 7


So first Raven wasn’t a Black American, then she was from every continent in Europe & Africa, now she’s racist discriminates against “ethnic” names. Really Raven Hyphen Symone with a decorative accent over the “E”.

Yo, Ben Carson, you ain’t got the answers bruh, dumb privileged white boy cake, and Matt Barnes has a case of the Ex.

Is dating a former friends old flame breaking girl code/ guy code? Or are they fair game?

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Blonde Moment Episode 6

Blonde Moment Episode 6


In case you missed any part of this weeks episode of Blonde Moment come here every Friday to catch each segment in one place!

Episode 6: What slavery?

So… nobody at McGraw-Hill saw an issue with saying Africans were brought to America as immigrants? Cute….but that ain’t what happen & y’all know it!

Blonde Moment Ep. 6 Slate

What’s on everyone’s Lips this week?

Two Hip Hop couples are expecting, a hero’s sacrifice, plus Amber Rose’s Slut Walk -btw, F**k your 30 showers!!


Can women do the same thing as men when it comes to dating?

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Single During Cuffing Season?


Go ahead and call me basic, but Fall has got to be one of my favorite seasons of the year.

I can’t be the only one who loves when the leaves start changing color and the sweet scent of Pumpkin Spice Latte’s begins to waft out of every Starbucks within walking distance, can I?

Aside from my personal favorites, there are many other aspects of Fall that make it an exciting time of year for everyone. There’s the start of baseball season, football season and even cuffing season.

If you don’t know what cuffing season is, Urban Dictionary defines it as the time of year when, as the weather starts getting colder, “new relationships start and old relationships turn into engagements.”

To put it simply it’s the time of year when everywhere you turn, everyone is hooking up – except you.

Being single during cuffing season can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. There are a number of benefits to being single that most people don’t notice because they’re too obsessed with the perceived notion of how great being in a relationship is when in reality….

Relationships are expensive.

When you’re dating another human being, it’s expected that you’ll dedicate at least a small amount of your time to enjoying their company.

While that’s nice and everything, think about how much money you could save on food, movie tickets, concert tickets and more if you were only buying for one.

It’s really a no brainer, when you’re single the only person you have to worry about treating is your self and wouldn’t you rather it be that way?

Relationships are restrictive.

Relationships are all about compromise, but there are times in your life when you may want to do whatever the hell YOU want to do.

When you’re single, you can do what you want, go where you want and even flirt with whomever you want.

Use this cuffing season to really find out who you are. When you’re not constantly trying to live up to the expectations of who someone else wants you to be, you are free to be yourself.

Relationships are fattening.

Let me clue you in on something, relationships make you fat. I say that because it seems like our dating lives are completely centered around food and no matter how hard we try, we can’t stop eating.

Whether you’re going to dinner, breakfast, brunch or lunch, when you’re in a relationship you somehow end up spending a large amount of time sitting across from each other at restaurants and a larger amount of time trying to fit back into your pre- relationship clothing, post breakup.

Okay I’ll admit it, sometimes being single sucks, but if you try to look on the bright side it doesn’t have to be all bad.

Are you booed up this cuffing season? Comment below!

Are you looking for Mr or Miss Right?

Are you looking for Mr or Miss Right?


Are you still looking for the one? Bored of being single and are ready to mingle???


It’s claimed nowadays that women tend to focus more on their career then settling down and having a family. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with being driven and motivated by your job but people are forgetting about what matters the most… family! If you’re in a job you love and you’re successful, fair game to you but I think you still need to think about your personal life and not just your job.

I claim myself to be one of the lucky ones to have found my Mr Right a few years ago but I do have a few single friends that are desperately trying to find their Mr or Miss Right.

I’m not writing this to poke at any strong, career minded women; I have the upmost respect for them… I just want everyone to take a deep breath and really think about what makes you happy. As I always say, life is far too short so you must do whatever makes you smile and share the wonderful moments with another. Go out and party, mingle with crowds you would never dream of doing… who knows… you might find yours prefect partner there!

I’ll Be There for You, Cause You’re There for Me Too!

I’ll Be There for You, Cause You’re There for Me Too!


Yes, you guessed it… the title is from the Friends theme song. Today’s theme is friends but not the programme but before I talk about friends, can you believe it’s been over 10 years since the programme ended?!


They say you can’t choose your family but you can choose your friends!

I don’t have a huge amount of close friends but the ones I do have, are so special to me. Every one of them has their own uniqueness and I wouldn’t swap them for the World!

We can go partying, shopping or just chilling and relaxing but I know they will be happy and comfortable.

You really do know who your friends when it comes down to it. I keep in touch with old school friends but we’ve all moved on and are different people now. I guess this happens a lot in life but some people do stay best of friends with their old school friends and that’s great but I’ve found that sometimes work and life gets in the way or people move away. Nevertheless, try to keep in touch!

Life is too short not to have fun so wherever you are in the World, make sure you choose great friends and enjoy all the good times!

by Shelley

Blondie has a New Show!!!

Blondie has a New Show!!!


Always looking for a new way to interact with the public and further expand Blondie’s Lipstick, Blondie Lockhart debuted her latest addition to the brand: a talk show!

Blonde Moment is a fun, witty and opinionated show hosted by Blondie that airs weekly via Youtube and will touch on everything you love about Blondie’s Lipstick: style and beauty tips, spotlighting young entrepreneurs, love and relationship advice, along with celebrity gossip, pop culture headlines, and the Blonde Moment where Blondie rants or raves about a particular topic. The show debuted TODAY!! Check out the first episode!

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Lip Service: #TheSocial

Lip Service: #TheSocial


#TLJ introduces     #TheSocial

Topic : The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly of Dating in Atlanta


My Coffee Shop at EastLake

2462 Memorial Dr. SE, Atlanta, GA 30317

July 30, 6- 8pm

#TheSocial is a conversation amongst strangers about relevant topics of this day and age.

#TLJ wants you to be able to talk about what is on your mind. This will be a energetic environment to discuss The Good, The Bad, & Ugly of dating in Atlanta. Our wonderful hosts Diamonde Williamson, Jordan Bradley, and Shauntee Billups will lead our discussion.

My Coffee Shop at Eastlake will have great eats and sips available!



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