Are you looking for Mr or Miss Right?

Are you looking for Mr or Miss Right?


Are you still looking for the one? Bored of being single and are ready to mingle???


It’s claimed nowadays that women tend to focus more on their career then settling down and having a family. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with being driven and motivated by your job but people are forgetting about what matters the most… family! If you’re in a job you love and you’re successful, fair game to you but I think you still need to think about your personal life and not just your job.

I claim myself to be one of the lucky ones to have found my Mr Right a few years ago but I do have a few single friends that are desperately trying to find their Mr or Miss Right.

I’m not writing this to poke at any strong, career minded women; I have the upmost respect for them… I just want everyone to take a deep breath and really think about what makes you happy. As I always say, life is far too short so you must do whatever makes you smile and share the wonderful moments with another. Go out and party, mingle with crowds you would never dream of doing… who knows… you might find yours prefect partner there!

I’ll Be There for You, Cause You’re There for Me Too!

I’ll Be There for You, Cause You’re There for Me Too!


Yes, you guessed it… the title is from the Friends theme song. Today’s theme is friends but not the programme but before I talk about friends, can you believe it’s been over 10 years since the programme ended?!


They say you can’t choose your family but you can choose your friends!

I don’t have a huge amount of close friends but the ones I do have, are so special to me. Every one of them has their own uniqueness and I wouldn’t swap them for the World!

We can go partying, shopping or just chilling and relaxing but I know they will be happy and comfortable.

You really do know who your friends when it comes down to it. I keep in touch with old school friends but we’ve all moved on and are different people now. I guess this happens a lot in life but some people do stay best of friends with their old school friends and that’s great but I’ve found that sometimes work and life gets in the way or people move away. Nevertheless, try to keep in touch!

Life is too short not to have fun so wherever you are in the World, make sure you choose great friends and enjoy all the good times!

by Shelley

Blondie has a New Show!!!

Blondie has a New Show!!!


Always looking for a new way to interact with the public and further expand Blondie’s Lipstick, Blondie Lockhart debuted her latest addition to the brand: a talk show!

Blonde Moment is a fun, witty and opinionated show hosted by Blondie that airs weekly via Youtube and will touch on everything you love about Blondie’s Lipstick: style and beauty tips, spotlighting young entrepreneurs, love and relationship advice, along with celebrity gossip, pop culture headlines, and the Blonde Moment where Blondie rants or raves about a particular topic. The show debuted TODAY!! Check out the first episode!

Subscribe to Blondie’s Lipstick Youtube channel to catch future episodes or click on the Blonde Moment tab!

Muah Lips

Lip Service: #TheSocial

Lip Service: #TheSocial


#TLJ introduces     #TheSocial

Topic : The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly of Dating in Atlanta


My Coffee Shop at EastLake

2462 Memorial Dr. SE, Atlanta, GA 30317

July 30, 6- 8pm

#TheSocial is a conversation amongst strangers about relevant topics of this day and age.

#TLJ wants you to be able to talk about what is on your mind. This will be a energetic environment to discuss The Good, The Bad, & Ugly of dating in Atlanta. Our wonderful hosts Diamonde Williamson, Jordan Bradley, and Shauntee Billups will lead our discussion.

My Coffee Shop at Eastlake will have great eats and sips available!


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No More Necole Bitchie?

No More Necole Bitchie?


Today is a bittersweet day for this blogger & many others inspired by a sassy, big haired, gorgeous gal with the bitchie-est blog on the web! Today Necole Bitchie announced she will no longer run and is pursuing her true passion.

NB tweet1

For 7 years has kept us informed on all the hottest celeb news & gossip. For me there was no Media Take Out, if Necole didn’t post it I didn’t care. I loved that her posts were opinionated & would read celebs for days for their poor choices, but still had a level of class. She had boundaries, not a whole lot, but enough to clearly separate from a trash gossip site.

A part from being a successful blogger, Necole inspired many with her life story of losing her parents, being homeless hoping from couch to couch of family members all trying to pursue her dream of growing her blog into a huge following and making a name for herself. I followed her site for years but I recalled first reading her story online & that same day I realized I had no excuses! I had told people for months I wanted to start an online magazine but had yet to put anything together. Then in 2011 I read her interview with Black Enterprise magazine & it motivated me to not just have a website but build brand and not be afraid to be the face of that brand. I haven’t had the chance to meet her (yet!) but she was my biggest & most constant inspiration for what you see here!!

Necole has inspired countless women through public speaking, live panels and always seeming like your homegirl that always has the tea. So to my blogger bestie (in my head), I wish you all the best on your future endeavors!! You’re a force to be reconned with & I can’t wait to see what you do next!

NB tweet2


Read Necole’s touching goodbye here

Are You “Sexmatized”?

Are You “Sexmatized”?


Article by Miss T.N. King

Are you easily controlled by sex or are you easily in control of sex? Every day I see a growing amount of men and women becoming controlled by sex or “sexmatized”–the state of letting sex or the idea of having it control your life through your decisions, emotions & standards. Most people have been sexmatized at least once in their life. Below are some common, but not all, sexmatized symptoms:
1. If you’ve stayed in an expired or loveless relationship/situationship just because “the sex was good” or you’re sexually attached to that man.
Common Thoughts: “I can’t leave him, the sex is way too good. I’m not going to let that go for another woman to enjoy!” or “I lost my virginity to him, I’m attached and can’t leave him.”
2. A lot of women think they can change who a man is or what his intentions are by having sex with him. They subconsciously try to prove their worth and value to him through sex. If you’ve ever used sex as a way to prove or show that you’re worthy of monogamy, a date, phone call, respect, love, relationship, or just anything period–you’ve been sexmatized.
Common Thoughts: “I’m going to put it on him so good, he’s not going to want anyone else but me.” “Dang, why isn’t he pursuing me? I bet if I do this *insert sexual act/trick*, he’s going to be all in my face!” or even “I want him to be my boyfriend, I should probably have sex we him then.”
3. If you ever compromised your standards or worth for sex. 
Common Thoughts: “I usually don’t sleep with men that I’m not in a relationship with, but I’ll make him an exception for him; plus we said we made an agreement that we could only sleep with each other.” “I usually don’t do this, but *inserts exception you made for a guy*. The exception could be sex on first date, sex without a relationship, sex before marriage, one night stand, etc.
4. If you ever had sex with a “random” purely because you needed “some”. That random could be a stranger, an ex, or a guy you’re really not interested in–you just want to use his male tool as an object to fulfill your physical needs.
Common Thoughts: “Wow! It’s been 4 months, I can’t function like this. I need to get some immediately.” So you call up the “random” and arrange the booty call. And if that “random” is an ex or old sex buddy, you try to justify for actions by thinking, “Well technically I’m not increasing my number, so what I’m doing isn’t THAT bad.” FYI: You may not be increasing your “number”, but you’re increasing and strengthening the bond of an unhealthy soul tie.


A Queen has complete control over her mind, body, and emotions. She doesn’t let lust and sexual urges dictate her actions or standards. She can never be sexmatized because she has self-control. She knows her worth lies in between her head, not her legs. She will never compromise her standards to please a peasant who really has no intentions of becoming her King.

I am in no position to judge or throw stones. No one is perfect, and most of us have been sexmatized at least once, including myself. But once you understand the POWER of sex, you wouldn’t just have it with anyone. I don’t care how “unemotional” and “unbothered” you think you are. Soul ties are real, just like STDs and pregnancies.  You create a chemical and spiritual bond with every person you have sex with, and you risk in taking their DNA & diseases.

I have been abstaining from sex for the past 2 1/2 years. If I can be completely honest with you, when my last relationship ended, nowhere in my mind did I desire or think that I’ll be entering the “Sahara Desert”. I thought I would get into another relationship soon, fall in love, have all the sex I want, and live happily ever after.  My standard was: I must be in an official relationship with a man before I have sex with him.  Then I found myself occasionally getting sexmatized because I began basing my desire to get in a relationship to purely have sex and ‘consistent D’. One day I thought: “Since when do I let sex be the reasoning for my desires? If I want just sex, I can easily call someone in my phone for that.”

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Reasons You Stay Even Though You’re Unhappy

Reasons You Stay Even Though You’re Unhappy


Georgia’s Juice


We all know that one couple. The couple that is always miserable, whether it’s arguing all the time, talking bad about each other, or cheating there is just always something. They b*tch and moan all the time, but no matter what, they will never leave. And when we as friends suggest they breakup, they go into defense mode stating, “Why would I leave him/her? Why should I leave?” Instead of us telling them all the reasons they should leave, we normally just sit back and listen to what they have to say. After they go on and on they tend to end with, “I mean…at the end of the day, I do love them.” The truth is, hidden behind that statement, they really mean, “I’m afraid of being alone.” Here are ten reasons people stay in a relationship even though they are not happy.

1. Scared of being alone

This may be one of the biggest reasons. You don’t want to leave your significant other because you don’t want to be alone. Loneliness is actually a state of mind. Just because you’re alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely. And after all, it’s better to be alone than with a partner that makes you feel lonely.

2. Don’t want to start over

Personally, this is my favorite. I just don’t want to start over again. You’ve put in years, work, and dedication to trying to make your relationship work and to see it fall apart and have to start over again is heartbreaking. Some people would rather just stay in an unhealthy relationship than to have to start all over again at square 1.

3. Guilt

When you stay with someone out of guilt, you end up hurting yourself and them. Your partner will soon sense you distancing yourself away from them and it will slowly tear them apart. Instead of trying not to hurt them, you should just break up and get it over with.

Sad woman embracing man

4. Don’t want to prove others right

Everyone knows you two were headed down this road and because your pride is too big, you don’t want to give them the satisfaction of saying, “I told you so.” Sometimes you just have to suck up your pride, say f*ck everyone else, and do what’s right for you!

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70% of Men Under 34 Are NOT Married…?

70% of Men Under 34 Are NOT Married…?


Found this article while roaming my Facebook timeline & I had to share!

70% of Men Under 34 Are NOT Married – Because They Have SENSE

by Lincoln Anthony Blades of


Earlier today I read an article called “70% of Men Aged 20-34 Are Not Married” that is based on a new book by Janice Shaw Crouse titled “Marriage Matters.” As someone who is actively interested in analyzing the correlation between personal finance and relationship status, I quickly clicked on the link to read a stat-based analysis on how crushing economic and employment factors have delayed serious dating and marriage – but what I got was incoherent babble from a woman who is criminally out-of-touch. According to Crouse, the reason so many men under 35 are unmarried is because we live in a state of “perpetual adolescence” – which may account for some men, but for many dudes is just complete and utter BULLSHIT. 70% of men under 34 are NOT married because they have SENSE.

Let me make this crystal clear: Many good men WANT to be married, but if a man’s financial situation is not RIGHT (by his standards), then he will NOT seriously entertain the idea of getting hitched. It is intellectually lazy to assert that just because young men aren’t asking women to spend the rest of their lives with them that they would rather sit one, play XBox and have random ass sidepieces all over them. In fact, a better term for it is “Elite-Daily intellectualism” where you just assert that “young people today don’t know HOW to love” as if developing deep-feelings for someone and engaging in a relationship is akin to learning neurophysiology. So let’s chop this stupid fable once and for all.


When people compare how relationships operated in the past to how present-day relationships work, there’s far too much that will be lost in translation if one refuses to take social changes into account. Back in the days, a man who wanted to marry his wife had to ask her and find a place for them to live off of his lone salary (which was most places). Higher-education was NOT a prerequisite for most jobs, so his uneducated ass was not at any significant disadvantage on the job market. And, if that man was a baby-boomer, he got to take part in the greatest era of economic growth the western world has ever seen. So to compare his checklist (propose, save for wedding, find a career in abundant job-market, find affordable house, buy one car) was NOTHING like the typical checklist that young men go through today (find engagement ring, save for said ring or buy ring on credit, propose, find a career in bleak job-market, find home in unaffordable housing market, figure out rising transportation costs, figure out how to pay down school loans, figure out to pay down consumer debt, try to find at least $10,000 for cheap wedding, etc.). If you think that EVERY man under 34 is in the position to do ALL of that RIGHT now, you are just wilfully ignorant.

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How Do You Get Out of Poverty?


Georgia’s Juice

Those who have never experienced life in a lower economic status won’t be able to relate nor will they be able to tell you what it truly takes to make it out of poverty. Initially I thought money was the cure for poverty, but I quickly realized through my own experiences that poverty wasn’t just about finances. People who remain in poverty are typically there because of their mentality, the choices they make and the lifestyle they choose to live.

Granted some may have an illness or disability which prevents them from obtaining financial stability, but in cases where people are fully capable of being financially independent, I think it’s safe to say, their financial mentality is keeping them in poverty.

Again, my first thought was that you need to make a lot of money to get out of poverty. Win the lottery. Go to college to be a lawyer or a doctor. The reality is that, that doesn’t guarantee you to be free from poverty. Maybe temporarily, but the true financial advancement will only come once your mentality and lifestyle changes.

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Reasons To Be Happy You’re Single on Valentine’s Day

Reasons To Be Happy You’re Single on Valentine’s Day


February 14th is around the corner and you may be like me & be without a “traditional” Valentine -I say traditional because when I’m single on this love holiday I’m my own & my friends Valentine. But if you choose to be the little Morton’s salt girl, Georgia’s Juice has several reasons to be happy you’re single! Enjoy!


Single on Valentine’s Day? Well, you might want to count your blessings. Many couples can’t wait until February 14 to see what gifts they get and others dread having to buy gifts. If you don’t have a Valentine this year that’s okay, there are plenty of reasons why you should be happy that you don’t.

  1. No pressure

Girls, you don’t have to worry about if have to buy your boyfriend a gift and guys you don’t have to stress yourself on what to buy. Not having a Valentine eliminates the pressure and stress of what to buy or what to do for the evening. Simply with no significant other, you don’t have this stress anymore.

  1. You can hang out with your single friends

Being single on Valentine’s Day gives you the time to hang out with your other single friends. For girls this might mean movies and ice cream at the house and for the guys, this gives you a chance to catch up with the fellas.

  1. You won’t have to worry about a heart break

We all know that Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a day filled with love, candy, and roses but let’s face it, it can quickly go downhill. If you don’t have a Valentine then you don’t have to worry about arguing if something doesn’t go right, and you know you can’t get dumped because you’re already single.


  1. You can avoid disappointment

If you don’t get you that 6ft. teddy bear you wanted on Valentine’s Day then you have nothing to worry about because you’re single. Guys? This means you don’t have to be disappointed if your girl didn’t get you a gift at all. Since you’re single, you can buy yourself exactly what you want, no disappointments.

Like gorgeous new shoes!!


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Should You Move In?

Should You Move In?



Georgia’s Juice



Living together before marriage is controversial topic for some. While some are strongly opposed to the idea of moving in with a significant other before marriage, others think it’s a fundamental part of a relationship. For those of you who are seriously considering taking that next step in your relationship and moving in with your significant other, there are a few things to take into consideration.

Are you doing it for the convenience factor?

A lot of the time in relationships, it gets to the point that one of you is spending most of your time at the other person’s place and it makes more sense just to move in together. While that may be true, don’t let that be the main reason you make the big move. You need to be sure that living together is something you’re ready for and a step that both of you are ready to take.

Are you nervous?

It’s okay to be nervous. It’s a big decision that needs to be thought through and if you’re not the least bit nervous about it, that may be a sign that you’re more interested in playing house than joining lives with another person. Building a life with another person is a journey in itself and it requires a lot of work and sacrifice. The sooner you come to this realization, the easier the transition will be.

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