You Betta Say That!!!


I was feeling some type of way last week & one of my Facebook friends posted this. I would be remiss if I didn’t share it with you lovelies here. Enjoy!


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His Perfection


contributed by Nique

She is the epitome of what perfection would be if it existed….

I dream about the curves of her body and the arch of her back

And wonder if I will ever be good enough to deserve to be in her presence

I have memorized the smoothness of her forehead to the slope of her nose

Every freckle on her face and the shape of her lips

I can detail the elongation of her neck and I fantasize about the taste of her collarbone….

….It’s the sweetest thing…

My fingertips tingle from the memory of what her breasts feel like in my hands and the smooth expanse of her stomach and I am lost

Lost in her….

My entire being is drawn to the space in-between her legs and the not-too-distant feeling of being “home” once again

The thickness of her thighs and the softness of her calves make my mouth water …

As I continue my descent I slow my movements just to make this experience last longer make it last forever

And as I explore and memorize again and again

I will forever remain in awe that a creature such as this exists

She is everything

She is the only thing……

I crave the understanding of her expressions…..

I want to know the depths of her secrets

Her heartache and her pain

Her struggle and her strength

I need to know the mystery behind her smile

And the motivation behind her happiness

She is an enigma

And yet…

So unassuming

She can cry a thousand tears and still wear a smile

She astounds me……

But I am drawn like a moth to a flame

And I would sooner be engulfed by that very flame then lose sight of her

Then lose the feel of her……

Then lose….Her

She is everything

Because she is the only thing……….

Mixed Emotions


contributed by Nique

Our time is perfect together

Everything is “we”, “our”, future plans, meshed goals

And then reality steps in and I can’t help but to question if you’re really mine

We’re always in our own world

Never forgetting our boundaries but sometimes getting lost in ourselves

And I’m happy….

More happy than I can ever remember being

I’m content and I’m at peace

And then “it” happens again and I feel alone in a world that felt so full only seconds ago

We talk about love

We talk about life

We talk about downfalls and triumphs

And then I let my mind slip into a space where we can truly co-exist as equals

Where we are partners beyond partnership

And companions one breath away from being one person

And then “she” happens and I second guess your very apparent existence in my life

Are you really here?

Do you feel what I feel?

And am I worth the fight?

Because if not then save me from myself and let me go

Break my heart and watch from a distance while it heals

Destroy my soul and imagine what my worth will be once it’s restored


If your love is as real as you say it is

If you care as much as you say you do

Then be by my side when everything tells you not to

Trust in my heart when you can’t trust in yours

And love me, even when you find it difficult to love yourself

And believe me when I say that I am once in a lifetime

So cherish me while I allow you to

Or suffer with only seeing a glimpse of me in your dreams



contributed by Nique


Passed you by somewhere along the way……

I looked up…

Looked around

And I realized I was taking this trip alone….


I waited for you

I held back for you

I stunted my growth for you…..

To encourage yours.

In the end though,

It’s my heart in pieces


The world’s a funny place

You do your part

You hold up your end of this unspoken agreement

Only to find yourself alone

Signing on the dotted line with no witnesses present


I hate empty words

…..Empty actions even more

Why allow me to fall for you

If you weren’t ready to catch me?

Why present those words

If you weren’t ready to be responsible for them?


Those four letters have become my enemy

My heart has become my burden

And you have become nothing


This is my indifference

This is my end of the road


My hands are wiped clean of fighting a losing battle

I’m fighting for something that I never had the right to call mine

Or that was never mine to begin with

Not even sure anymore

Sadly enough,

It’s just taken me this long to realize it

All I Ever Wanted to Say


contributed by “An AberrantMuse”

Never wanted to let you go

I never wanted to make you stay

Just wanted you to find yourself

Hopefully you will one day

You are the only person I ever wanted to stay

But I needed you to feel that same way

I wanted you to be the one who always wanted me to stay

Clearly you did feel that way….

I just wanted you to be the one

And that’s all I ever really wanted to say.



contributed by Nique

My sorrow is overwhelming….

It overtakes me on the oddest of days

It surprises me

Catches me off guard when all I want is to just be

I don’t mind being unhappy at times

It’s ok to be a little melancholy

And I wish life would just let me have these moments

Keep the sorrow

I have substitutes

Keep the sadness

I have plenty of backups

Because of you I find myself having to savor the simplest of moments just to remind myself that life is worth living

I close my eyes tight five minutes before I wake up because I know once my eyes open, you’re not far away

I drive in silence on my way home because I know any minute now you will surely make your appearance

I want to live

I want to love

I want to make it possible to be loved

My entire being is screaming on the inside

Scratching at the seams

And my entire life is an out of body experience

I see the smiles of others and have to wonder what that feels like

And then I try to smile, and it just feels all wrong

I see happy couples and find myself daydreaming about what it would feel like to make someone laugh and look at me like that

I shouldn’t have to wonder

I should be done with daydreaming

And I should know what it means to really smile and it should be as easy as breathing…

When will it be my turn?

And when my turn comes around, would I even recognize it?

Probably not

I’m a masochistic person by nature

It’ll probably pass me right on by….

…..story of my life

Make Love


by Nique

I wanna take my time
Let me make love to you…
I wanna watch my fingertips trace your skin…
I want you to feel my soul through my kisses and my heart through my touch
And I want you to know that the term “make love” doesn’t even come close
I wanna memorize every mark, every scar, and every bruise
And learn the location of every freckle and every dimple
And as we tug and pull and toss and turn
I want our movements to be slow and our bodies to be patient
I want to savor you
Be consumed by you
And whether it’s my hand caressing your face or my tongue tracing your collarbone
I want each and every moment to speak love
Scream ecstasy
And exaggerate intimacy in the purest form
I am drawn to you like a magnet
Our movements always complete each other
And this is no different
Your skin gets goose bumps a second before I touch it
And your tongue peeks out to lick your lips before my mind makes the decision to kiss them…
But I don’t 
Not yet
Because once I do all bets are off
Once my lips touch yours all thoughts of going slow will be long forgotten
And the explosive passion that we feel for each other takes over
And we are powerless to stop it
I wouldn’t even dare….
But for now I won’t use words
I won’t utter a sound
Because my kiss over your heart will say “I love you”
My forehead to yours will say, “I need you”
And when I look in your eyes, only to see the same emotions looking back at me
Nothing else matters
Because that one look says it all…
 I’ve found you
I’m home
And there isn’t anywhere else I’d rather be…

For You


I searched for you…in my deepest dreams and in my darkest desires….

I don’t know you because I love you…
I love you…..because I know you
And Soul

From the passionate way in which we make love
To the intimacy of our conversations
To the way you look at me with an intensity that only a Scorpio can possess
……I know you

Loving someone….
Truly loving them
Means giving them the ability to destroy you….
But trusting them not to…..
And I don’t forget to take notice that you trust me without question
And you love me without fault
And if you can never give me anything else in life
This is all I will ever need

But as hard as it is to resist, I don’t get stuck in the fairytale
I know the realities that brought us together
Because I share them with you
But I know there’s a light surrounding us….
Our love speaks volumes without our bodies giving it permission to
And when that light around us starts to dim,
On our bad days and our worst days
I will walk with you in the dark, just as I stand by your side in the light
Back straight
Head high
Hand in hand
Because as I continue on this journey, with the knowledge that I’m not your first and may not be your last
I am beyond honored to be your present
To experience loving you
And to be loved by you in return.
My heart is filled with you
My soul knows you better than even I can understand
And my love has been waiting for you to “find your way back”
You’re a complicated melody
 You’re my beautiful struggle
You’re my Battle
And you are loved,
And passionately….
And this is for you…

A Special Dedication

Catch 22


by Nique

I write from the heart to soothe my wounds and yet you keep me looking for another avenue
My outlet is unsatisfying as I yearn to find the completeness…
The complacency to continue on this journey with a clear head and a strong heart
What are you doing to me?
Let me find the peace I need
Let me utilize my therapy
But please don’t leave….
I know how confusing this may be
How complicated it surely is
But I need you
I want you
I yearn for you to be here and to be what I need
And still I’m begging you to let me return to my life before you
Because it was easier
Life was clear
But now that you have ruined me for anyone and anything else I need you to fix it
Fix this uncertainty
Make my head clear and my heart unbreakable
Set my mind at ease
Be what I need you to be or don’t be anything at all
Love me when I’m difficult and suffer through my misfortunes
Because whether I want you here or want you gone
The one constant is you
You’re vital to my equation
And the hardest equation to solve is the fact that I wish I never met you,
And I hate that I love you…
You’ve become my own personal Catch-22
Because I am nothing without you…
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Disadvantaged Love


 written by Kaydee
Theother woman isn’t always the villain
Thisis how she is portrayed
Maybeshe was there first
Whenit all began
Justsimple friends
That’swhat they screaming
Downass Bitch”
Whilehe steady scheming
Withhope for a chance to feel
Feelsomething real
Sheplays her position
Prayingtime will reveal
Thathe will finally see
Thatthe other woman is the missing link in his life
Buteverybody knows
Theother woman will never be his wife
Whenshe finally discovers nothing will come of this
Shethinks to herself:
Iwished more happiness for us
whenall we shared was lust.
Givingme hope to false words
nowit’s impossible for me to trust.”
Theother woman has a story to tell
Whichno one cares to hear
Facingreality for some
Seemsto always spark fear
Theother woman
Couldbe you
Oryour friend
Charactersin his playful life
Astory that never ends.

Thoughts of You

written by Nique

I thought of you….
When I was going throughmy worst
In the heart of mystorm
And at the eye of my victory
I thought of you….
Our experiences have beenembedded in my memory
And are at my beckon callon my lowest days
It’s a very simpleconcept…
You make me happy
Your presence calms me andyour voice is my reassurance that my troubles are worth it
So I think of you when I’mdown, because you lift me up
I recall our nights wherewe make love….
Where no words areexchanged
Because our bodies speakfor us and engage in the most intimate conversation
I recall the days where wetalk like we’re old friends
Sharing stories and laughsand experiences that have led us to each other
And I think about ourtherapy sessions
Where we confide ourdeepest secrets and innermost thoughts
And I revel and bask inour deep connection because no one has it better
You inspire my soul
You awaken my senses
And you ignite feelings inme that I didn’t know existed
So I think of you when I’mgoing through my worst
I think of you in theheart of my storm
And I think of you in theeye of my victory
Because my end goal is you
And any path that leads methere, no matter how difficult it may be
Is a path worth taking