Every now & then many of us get a lil un-enthuzed on the road to health and fitness. Whether your body isn’t changing fast enough for your liking or perhaps you’ve hit a plateau -we sometimes get discouraged to continue the journey. Well one of my fit-spirations, @FollowTheLita took it upon her self to help us out & kick us out of our funk!

Excellence Over Good

If you stop when you’re satisfied with good you may never know what excellence feels like. Sometimes a little accomplishment distracts us from excellence!

Flat Abs Challenge


Like many of you, I made it a goal of mine (not gonna call it a new years resolution cause I started my journey in November) to get fit & have the hot body I always dreamed of! Not jus for spring break, not jus for summer, I wanna be hot year round! I will admit I’ve fallen off the wagon more times than I can count -sugar & junk food are usually my demise- but that’s okay! Each time I start over I’m more disciplined because I know nobody is gonna GIVE me the body I want, I’m gonna hafta GO GET IT!!!
Now enough of my Tuesday inspiration. Lol! One of the things that keeps me on track is instagram! I get to stalk my body crushes (I have a crush on their bodies) Draya Michelle & Rosa Acosta & learn new exercises & techniques from fitness accounts. My all time fave is MankoFit -she has an AMAZING body, gives recipes & advice AND has regular fitness challenges -talk about a win/win/win!! This weekis the Flat Abs Challenge & is a continuation of last week -I’m just starting this week but I’m trying to catch up.

Last week


This week



This no dairy thing is really kicking my ass!! I eat cheese, yogurt, milk, & ice cream at least twice a day! Plus downing all that water?! Whoo! But I made it through yesterday & am determined to make it the rest of the week.
For my HIIT I’ve letting Julian Michaels kick my butt


& doing full body weight training at the gym with my guy friends -exercising with a partner/partners helps a lot! Plus I like being the chick tough enough to workout with the boys. I keep up with everything with the “My Fitness Pal” app & taking pics every week.
If you think about it, fashion & fitness go hand in hand. If you look good on the inside you’ll look good on the outside & have more confidence to show off the best you you can be! I’m going to share more fitness advice, challenges & exercises for you guys & I want you to share the same with me. Leave tips in the comments or @ me (on twitter or IG) @BlondiesLipstk. It’s time for the sexier & fitter you to emerge so let’s get these bodies tight & right!!


Personal Growth pt.2


contributed by Kaii

In a previous article from 2012 I wrote these words:


My definition of personal growth consists of finding out who you really are and the person you are destined to become. It’s not easy to do of course and this definitely takes time. In order to experience personal growth you will find that some people in your life will be left behind. Not everyone will want to grow up and put childish things aside, this is where you must separate yourself in order to find yourself. Your road to success should involve only those who desire to be successful as well. People who deal with drama, hate, and negative attitudes should be politely dismissed from your social atmosphere. God did not create us in a package, we were all made separately, and separation as we all know is a part of life.”


Now in year 2013 I still agree with my previous statement and I have grown even more than before. I have learned to keep to myself and possibly a small number of people. I contact my loved ones on a regular basis. Well, I definitely try to. I socialize at work, keeping that to a minimum. Other than that I tend to keep to myself, focusing on establishing a relationship with my man. Also, I’m working on continuously nurturing my relationship with God.


It’s not about cutting people off or changing who you are. It’s about growing and transitioning, two things that we must go through in order to progress in life. The people in your life have to understand your mental grow. If they do not want to even try to understand you have to let them go. In time when they experience the same or similar phase in life they will then understand. Your mental growth is vital to the adulthood phase. During this stage in life you should have solid goals and plans to reach those goals. You should know the person that you are and the things you want in life. Having a 5 year plan can also help the transition be a smooth one.

Verity Reign Says . . .


Every now & then in my social media perusing I find a post that is so TRUTHFUL that I jus have to share it! This is one of those posts! Check out the latest from Verity Reign

Pet Peeve: Friends Who Constantly Cry About Mr. Wrong but Never Leave Him!

Okay, I’m not one with an unusually long list of pet peeves. Even when certain things (like smacking your food all up in my ear) annoy me, I’m pretty good at ignoring them and faking a convincing, wide smile as if all is well. One thing, however, that I cannot tolerate, is when women stay with trifling, good for nothing men and then call their BFF to complain about and weep over them! Jesus, take the wheel!

Though Mary sings about the very thing I can’t stand, I LOVE this song! Love me some MJB 🙂
While choosing to stay in unhealthy relationships when you have all ability to escape disturbs me, I can learn to accept it. If you’re happy being unhappy, then who am I? But if you choose to tolerate his tomfoolery—whether running around with anything that has a lady part, or refusing to put down his perfectly rolled blunt to go get a job—then please,please do not call your girlfriends at all times of morning, day and night to cry and complain about his behavior. As the official innocent-friend-who-didn’t-sign-up-to-be-your-relationship-therapist poster child, I yell for us all when I scream, “WE DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT, AGAIN!” Once or twice or maybe even 3 times, we’re all ears and smart mouth, saying, “Unh-Unh! No he didn’t, girl. You deserve better. You are smart and gorge!” Out of sympathy, we’ve cried with you, let you stay over and took you out for cocktails and pedis. We’ve encouraged you time and time again to take note of his consistent pattern, telling you that he’s not going to change and the best thing you can do is to just walk away. We’ve given you examples of independent, sometimes struggling but still boss chicks who raise the kids by themselves just so you know that you can do it too. We’ve done over and beyond our part, and if we could go back in time and delete the day you first met him we’d do that too; but we can’t.
Not at all trying to be harsh, but as a former go-to when he’s acting up friend in my clique, it’s a very draining and tiring thing. It’s even taken a toll on some of my friendships. My declining patience led to my bluntness, which led to the use of my ignore button, which led to my friends getting offended. You don’t want your homegirls to get to the point where they start ducking and dodging your phone calls because they already know that 9 times out 10 it’s because Tyrone is out all night again. When you’re really tired of settling for B.S. and ready to move on—for good this time—then by all means, call us. We’ll be your biggest cheerleader, supporting you every step of the way and strengthening you on those extra vulnerable days. But until then, don’t keep burdening us with the weight of your toxic relationship that you do nothing about because you’re so in love with someone more than you are with yourself. Not judging because most of us have played the fool at some point, but when is enough enough? At some point you have to be a big girl, walk away and stop being victimized by high school and undergrad pimp game. One of my role models Tracey Ferguson, EIC of Jones  magazine, tweeted, “If you settled for it, don’t complain about it.” Keep this in mind if you’re that homegirl who constantly vents to your clique about your no-good man but for whatever reason can’t seem to shake him loose.
Are you the constantly crying chick or the tear-catching girlfriend? Share your experience(s) regarding this topic!
*This post obviously doesn’t apply to women who feel trapped in volatile relationships. If you’re a victim of domestic abuse please go visit the National Domestic Violence Hotline at thehotline.org to seek out professional help in your area.Just letting truth rule,

Verity Reign!


As the friend who’s always ready with a listening ear & shoulder to cry on I have the same pet peeve Verity! Be real with yourself & if you’re that chick CHECK YOURSELF!! Your friends & family will try to be sympathetic but if you abuse that after so long the only one attending your pity party will be you.

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Blondie’s Spotlight



Azalea McKinney

I caught up with Stiletto Boss Azalea McKinney to find out how she became a ‘Entrepreneur in Stilettos’ & about her other fabulous high heel inspired companies! Her motto “Wear High Heels & Be Fabulous!!”

[youtube http://youtu.be/Gu0xKwj4ENc]

Check out all her companies below:





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Weight Loss Failures and Success: Part V

Hey yall!! I am so close to my weight loss goal I can taste it! Here are this week’s tips to losing weight the healthy way and keeping those unwanted pounds off for good. Again, these are things that I have done and they have worked wonderfully for me this past year. I know it is not going to be easy, but if you can begin to implement these changes into your lifestyle, I promise you will begin to notice the results.
1.) Drink at least 6-8 8oz. cups of water a day. I recommend getting a container that holds 32oz and striving to drink one a day and eventually work your way up to two a day. A lot of times our bodies mistake thirstiness for hunger and that causes us to overeat. When you feel like you are hungry, try drinking a cup of water first.
2.) Come up with a realistic exercise regimen and stick to it! Although, I found that diet has the biggest impact of our weight loss, exercising is good for our bodies. When you combine exercise with a balanced diet it helps expedite the weight loss process. If you are not exercising regularly take small steps first. e.x. try to get at least 30mins of exercise at least three times a week and work your way up from there.
3.) Set small attainable goals and monitor your progress! Of course we would all like to lose 20lbs in 20 days, but unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. When you begin to change your lifestyle you will notice that you will lose more weight in the beginning and as you continue the weight will come off at a slower pace. Do not be discouraged! An average weight loss of 1-3 lbs a week is normal.
Hope these tips work! Stay tuned for more information from the Health and Beauty Section of Blondie’s Lipstick!

Weight Loss Failures and Success: Part IV

         Weight Loss Success!!

Ok, so I know you have heard enough of what did NOT work for me on my weight loss journey. Now it is time for me to let you know what has worked for the last year! This is the first time in my life that I have been able to keep weight off for this long and I finally realized why I have been able to do so. It is because this whole weight loss thing has to be a LIFESTYLE change. I finally realized that I can not just “diet” because diets are something that you are on and off. I knew that in order for me to maintain the weight loss (and eventually reach my goal weight) I had to make changes with the way I live my life. So with that being said, this is what I did. 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and like many of you, I have long days. I knew I needed a breakfast meal that was going to stick with me for longer than 30 mins. I never liked oatmeal, but something made me decide to give it another chance. I tried Quaker’s Weight Control Oatmeal and it has been one of my secret weapons to losing and keeping the weight off. 
The oatmeal works so well because it has 7grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber. These nutrients are key in helping to keep you fuller for longer. I put some craisins or raisins on top of it (like they do at McDonald’s) and have a cool glass of 2%milk(tastes like Vitamin D with fewer calories) and I am full well into the lunch hour. If I want a snack before or after lunch I will have things such as fruit,popcorn, almonds,sunflower seeds,jello,yogurt,low-calorie smoothie etc. When it is time for lunch I am hungry, but I’m not starving the way I would be if I had only eaten a bowl of cereal. Since I am not that hungry at lunch time, I can eat a kid’s meal from Chic Fil A or somewhere similar and again I’m full.(See you don’t have to sacrifice fast food totally to lose weight) By the time dinner comes I am able to eat a small portion of a meal and be satisfied, I normally eat the left-overs the next day for lunch.

So the tip for this week is to start eating breakfast if you are not and if you are eating breakfast you should revamp your current menu. Your breakfast meal should be one that is packed with nutrients particularly protein and fiber,but it should also be low in fat. You should stay away from sugary breakfast items such as muffins, cereal, and pop-tarts. These are okay on occasions, but they should not be your everyday go to breakfast items. Give this breakfast thing a try and I am sure you will start to notice that you will have more energy and you will eat less throughout the day,which will help you reach and maintain a healthy weight.

Stay tuned for more health tips!!

-Miss Tee
DISCLAIMER: *I am not a medical doctor and I am not endorsing any particular weight loss methods. I am simply sharing my experiences. *

Life as the RB: Wisdom, Courage and the Drive to Move forward (Finale)

The road to self-fulfillment, after a relationship, may take months to get to. The RB can’t give up.  Be prepared to hit the bumps, and pot holes that lie ahead on the journey.  The road to recovery is going to test your strength and your ability to handle complex situations.  These of which are essential qualities needed in order to fully gain the most of the next relationship.
At this point, strength has been tested due to the RB being in this stage. That’s the hardest part. When you’ve realized that you exhibit SB qualities and desire to move on you’ll go through the necessary steps in order to come out on top. That’s strength. The ability to endure things that can make or break you. Welcoming these tactics to recovery only sets you up to be able to face and handle the next set of malarkey.
Get out and do stuff. Don’t keep your brain filled with remnants of the past.  Keep in mind that it is good to reminisce when determining your progress but focusing on it too much can cause a setback. Allowing those thoughts to haunt you and halt you path to recovery.
The RB should also note that the thought of being with someone else exclusively should be that last thing on the brain. Leaving a bad relationship and jumping into another one is lethal. Wait. Take the time to actually focus on you and your desires. Bounce back!  That way when the right one comes along you’ll be ready for the magic that could possibly take place.
RB, keep your head up.  Know that the time it takes to get through this stage is solely up to you. Live life to the fullest!  The reality is, people don’t want to be single all of their life. It’s only human to crave compassion and want that warm body next to you. And let’s not forget about our sexual needs. Giving ourselves to multiple people works during the single stage but at some point it gets old. Making this statement relevant to the RB, embrace the single life; just don’t let it consume you until you lose sight of the bigger picture.
@JayHueyHue on Twitter

Weight Loss Failures and Success: Part III

There are a host of diet pill name brands that fill the shelves at Wal-Mart and all of your local drugstores. Some appetite suppressants can be prescribed by your physician (and if you are seriously interested in taking an appetite suppressant I suggest you see your doctor). However, there are millions of people who have relied on non-prescription diet supplements in an effort to lose weight. On my many weight loss journeys, I too have taken non-prescription diet pills. The pills that I took are called Hydroxycut and are still available in stores today.

Considering the fact that any type of drug can have severe effects on the body I knew it was important for me to take extreme caution while taking the pills. I took diet pills when I was trying to lose 15 pounds. I had tried everything and I could not lose those last pesky pounds. Hydroxycut had me taking too many pills a day and I noticed I started to have an elevated heart rate. I decided that my health was way more important and I stopped taking the pills about two weeks after I started. While taking the pills, I did lose 10 of the 15 pounds, but I was scared that I was putting my health in jeopardy. Of course, like the other quick weight loss methods it was only a temporary solution to the problem and I eventually gained the weight back. I wouldn’t recommend taking any diet pills because the side effects are too scary and your health is definitely NOT worth the risk.
This is the last week of the “what didn’t work for me” experiences. I am sure you are anxious to know about my current regimen and the things that I am doing to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle! Stay Tuned 🙂

-Miss Tee
DISCLAIMER: *I am not a medical doctor and I am not endorsing any particular weight loss methods. I am simply sharing my experiences. *