Lip Service: SBC Pop-Up Shop

Lip Service: SBC Pop-Up Shop


Swamp Brand Clothing is having its first pop-up shop!! Come out, shop & enjoy drinks & socializing in a cool environment!

Swamp Brand Clothing Pop-Up Shop

October 17, 4- 9pm

Icons Bar & Grill

104 Washington St, Albany, GA

It’s the same weekend as Albany State University‘s Homecoming! So if you’re in town turning up & get tired of sweating out in the elements, why not stop by to relax out of the heat & simultaneously support a young black entrepreneur?!

Also, check out my feature on the Swamp Brand Clothing blog!! I’m their first #SwampCertified & I’m sharing why & how I’m always making progress

Lip Service:The Essence Of… #BBLM

Lip Service:The Essence Of… #BBLM


 The Essence Of… A Brand & Blog Launch Mixer

Self Love. Relationships. Career.

Saturday, April 18, 7-9pm

Kiwi Vintage Boutique

448 Ralph David Abernathy, Atlanta, GA 30312

Ladies and Gents, here’s an opportunity for you to mingle and network with New York-based lifestyle, fashion and beauty journalist Essence Gant and Erica Dias, co-founder of The B Firm PR and creator of the brunch series Erica’s Table of 20. These two women have combined their talents to host The Essence Of… Brand & Blog Launch Mixer” along with a panel of other strong, educated women to discuss self love, relationships and career goals while also inspiring and empowering each other! Did I mention there’ll also be yummy cocktails courtesy of Tiny’s Tequila?

For more details and to purchase tickets click here

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How Do You Get Out of Poverty?


Georgia’s Juice

Those who have never experienced life in a lower economic status won’t be able to relate nor will they be able to tell you what it truly takes to make it out of poverty. Initially I thought money was the cure for poverty, but I quickly realized through my own experiences that poverty wasn’t just about finances. People who remain in poverty are typically there because of their mentality, the choices they make and the lifestyle they choose to live.

Granted some may have an illness or disability which prevents them from obtaining financial stability, but in cases where people are fully capable of being financially independent, I think it’s safe to say, their financial mentality is keeping them in poverty.

Again, my first thought was that you need to make a lot of money to get out of poverty. Win the lottery. Go to college to be a lawyer or a doctor. The reality is that, that doesn’t guarantee you to be free from poverty. Maybe temporarily, but the true financial advancement will only come once your mentality and lifestyle changes.

To read the rest of this article & sip some more of Georgia’s Juice click here

Bout that Life!!!


As you guys know I’ve been trying to live a healthier lifestyle all while trying to achieve the body of my dreams. Well since the move I haven’t been to nobody’s gym & working out at home isn’t getting me the results I want. I’ve plateaued 🙁 But y’all should know by now if I have a problem I’m not staying down for long! I’m gonna dust myself off & get started on a solution!

Lose 10lbs or gain 10lbs of lean muscle in 90 days. Are you up for the challenge?! Do you wanna be bout that #ViLife?! If so click here!


Of course I’m gonna track my progress, make sure you’re following me on IG to check those pics -it’s not all fitness stuff, I promise!! I’m so excited to get started, get back on track & show off my improved body on the beach this summer!

Want to know more? Don’t worry, I’ll be having informational events soon in the ATL area, Middle Georgia & Savannah so be on the look out for those! Not in those areas? Feel free to leave a comment below or message me at!


All Deez Squats…



I don’t always workout when I’m supposed to (more like hardly ever these days!) but one thing I don’t miss is my squats!!


Thanks Idris! lol!

I follow a lot of fitness pages & one thing that irks me is the disbelief that hard work & dedication can give you the body that you want. More specifically get you the booty you want! That’s how you get everything else you want in life, why wouldn’t your body be the same?!
I’ve never been a big booty chick (or even a medium! I’m more of a super smedium) but being a black female, I can honestly say I’ve been body conscious about it since at least high school. When I started getting in to fitness it was purely to get healthy & accentuate what God have me. Then I learned the butt is one of those muscles you can grow with exercise O_O SIGN ME UP!!!! Lol!
One of my homeboys didn’t believe me I’m here to set the record straight WITH PROOF!!

My starting measurements in July 2013 were 39-29-36. Today I’m a fabulous 38-25 1/2-39 & have gained 6lbs of muscle!


Just saying it makes we want to head to the gym right now!!

& I’m very realistic about things. My goal is still to be the best me I can be, not become the next Ciera Rogers. (She’s gorgeous but my body wasn’t built for that & my genetics don’t support it either! lol!) But if I can make my body fit & add some of the curves I’ve always wanted in the process WHY NOT?!!

Have y’all been keeping your fitness goals? What’s your fave body part to work on? If you could have anybody in the world’s figure, who would you choose? Leave a comment below or tweet me @BlondiesLipstk!

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Late Night Thoughts


I jumped out the shower to share this with y’all. Hey, sometimes when something hits you you jus gotta write it down!


I just moved & I was already in a rut 3 weeks in -one that didn’t include Blondie’s. Not my happiest of times either. But in my lack of entertainment (hadn’t hooked up the cable & my neighbor’s wifi wasn’t that reliable) I took the time to write. The passion that sparked what’s now Blondie’s Lipstick, the motive behind my broadcast journalism career, my original love that I always planned to return to. Had another moment like this one: fresh out the shower, idea/thought turning backflips in my head, headed straight to the MacBook or my spiral notebook to jot it down. I’m noticing a pattern…. Lol!

Anywho, the point of all this is whenever you get caught in a rut, feel lost, aren’t sure if you’re on the right path for your destiny, dig deep & tap into your passion. Like the pic says “Without passion life is nothing”!

One of my favorite spotlights Dukk made a video on this recently.

Forget a new year’s resolution, hell forget Monday! Start working towards the best you RIGHT NOW!!! No more excuses! You were meant for something great so why not do it?!! Idk about you but I have every intention to leave my mark, not just on GA, or even the US, but the world. Who’s with me?




Dukk is campaigning for a Shorty Award in the #Instagrammer category. Get to know him better HERE then vote for him HERE!! He’s the only young black male in the top 10, let’s get him to #1!!



I haven’t posted anything fitness related in a while, but those of you who follow me on IG know I’ve been keeping it up (yay me!!). I must admit I feel better than I have in a very long time & I’m definitely gonna continue this fitness thing!

I know a thing guys (& some girls, yuck) do in November is “No Shave November” to prepare for the cold weather. Another thing people do in the winter is pack on the pounds. Now I get it, the stuff your face holidays are during this time but since when did gorging yourself for 2 days equal gaining 10 pounds in 2 months?

Well if you’re on your fitness tip & are silently dreading the cold like me, I’m here to help you out! Starting today I’ll be doing #NoWaistNovember & you should join in too! For the month of November we’re focused on shrinking that waistline, strengthening the core & eating clean. Who says we should wait ’til spring to work on our summer bodies?

***Keep in mind I’m not a trainer or a fitness expert***, I’m jus a chick with a dream body in mind & the determination to sweat it out ’til I get it! Lol! But every Monday I’ll post a workout I’m doing for the week, maybe some recipes & other motivational tidbits on Instagram & here on the site. We’ll track our progress (either in pics or by waist measurements) so at the end of the month we can show off our sexy results! I don’t know it all so feel free to share your routines and advice with me in the comments, on IG or email them to me and I’ll gladly post them as well! I want to get as many people involved with this as possible so share this post with your favorite trainer, fitness model, body builder & also your workout buddy or anyone you know that’s in to health & fitness. So let’s get started!

Week 1 Workout 




Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!!


5/100 Challenge


So I think it’s safe to say this isn’t a fitness kick anymore. Ya girl is getting in a workout on the regular, eating healthier & basking in the results 🙂
I’ve been successful with short term goals & if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! Fitness challenges are pretty easy to find on IG so feast your eyes on the my latest project


It requires no gym equipment, jus open space & willpower! I only started Monday so if you want to do it with me you still can. The goal is to build up to 100 continuous reps of the 5 exercises listed.
If you decide to do the challenge with me post the pic & @ me so we can motivate each other & flaunt our progress!
Are you ready?


Get That Core Tight!


So how are you guy’s fitness plans going?

I’m not gonna lie, the struggle is REAL!! but I’ve managed to (for the most part) stick to eating healthier  & working out regularly. One of the main areas I’m focused on improving is my tummy. I don’t have a gut but I’m tired of sucking it in & pretending I have a flat stomach -I wanna have a flat stomach whether I suck it in or not! & while we’re at it, might as well shoot for some abs too. lol!

Well luckily for me one of my favorite fitness gurus Get Bodied by J posted an intense ab workout this week!


Follow her @GetBodiedByJ

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Order Get Bodied By J’s cookbook here

Overcoming the Struggle Within Yourself


contributed by Kaydee

Sometimes in life you have to be a vessel for yourself. Gone are the days of crying into your pillow at night because you don’t know how the countless bills will get paid. Gone are the days of putting yourself down thinking you are not worthy to receive God’s blessings. The days of looking in the mirror disappointed with what you see are over. The pity parties you’ve been throwing, hosting, and attending every year are gone.

Let God into your life. Let the blessings of God consume you and lift you up. If you don’t have a job; speak employment into your life. When you struggle to make ends meet; speak a blessing into your life. Kneel down on your knees and pray to God. Give him your struggles, give him your restless mind, & give your heartache to God. Watch God take ahold of your life and spill blessings all around you. For all the bad days know that God has the good days and nights just right around the corner.

It’s not enough to seek him when you are in need. Seek God when you’re having one of your best days; and even then pray for someone you know is not having as good as day as you are. God knows what makes us cry, what keeps us awake at night, what causes us stress, and what causes that annoying headache we get way too often. All he is waiting for is his one-on-one time and complete and full submission. Yes it’s scary to know that you WILL leave some behind. But we cannot hold the hands of those who decided to walk a different path. Simply put it just doesn’t work that way.

Cut those ties and move on with life. Either those people will catch up one day or wander aimlessly on the path they decided to take. It’s not as if you are writing them off, but you must take care of your life and soul before you can take on the struggles of others. In baseball don’t the players start at the home base? Well that is exactly what you must take care of first: home. Only you can decide when enough is enough. Only you can make changes in your life that you will benefit from. As young adults we will make many mistakes but with God on your side those mistakes can become life lessons. Without God those mistakes will just become another bad day, bad dream, bad reality, and just flat out a bad headache.

Spot the Block!!



All my cartoon lovers might remember that goody!

It’s a silly song but they’re telling the truth. All the exercise in the world wont get you 100% results if your eating habits are bad. I know I’m guilty of grabbing a snack or fixing a plate full of food then stuffing (more like OVER-stuffing) my face.until I’m no longer hungry.

Prime example- you grab a bottle of soda, juice or even one of those yummy Naked smoothies and down the whole thing. However if you had’ve “spot the block” before that, you’d see that only 8oz (about half the bottle) is the proper serving size.

The issue is a lot of use are on the “see food” diet -we see food, we eat it. We’re full but why waste time putting up those last few bites so we stuff it down. We snack on not so good things because we’re bored or just because it’s there. And lastly -one I’m very guilty of!- we’re too lazy to cook so opt for quick meals like frozen dinners.

Now this is not an easy battle AT ALL!! lol! I’m a southern gal so it was so hard yesterday going from a plate overflowing with Sunday dinner to only getting a cup, or less, of  everything. & I’m a huge “big-bowl-of-cereal-on Saturday-while-in-my jammies” so that wasn’t a cakewalk either!

ice cube cereal

HOWEVER as hard as it may be to give of the fried, fatty, sugary deliciousness that I love, but that’s when willpower has to kick in!!! Hot bods aren’t made of greasy cheeseburgers, fried chicken, chocolate chip cookies & ice cream! I just made myself hungry listing those things & you don’t have to give them up! Find healthy alternatives, and treat yourself with a naughty snack every now and then!

It’s not easy by any means. Hey, if it were there’d be a lot more healthy & fit people running around! But you’re not the statistic & you can do it!! Hell we can do it cause I’m right here with you! lol!