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It’s that time again!! I changed the name of the segment from “#StreetStyle” to “Blondie’s Fashion Finds” cause I might as well call it what it is. lol!

So without any further a-due, here are my fashion finds of the week!!


Thursday’s #OOTD “Read all about it!”
Lipstick Lovers Luxe earrings, Style vs Fashion newspaper tank, American Eagle jeggings & Steve Madden wedges

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Business swag! @_____NastyTimeV was too fly & I loved his socks!


The stunning @LanceGross posted this on instagram. I had to share his sexiness with you all. Lol!


My gorgeous assistant @Godivathediva‘s fabulous Jungle Fever themed makeup
@Ode _2MyVibe completes his look with these stylish frames from Urban Outfitters

Gorgeous hair, nude lipstick & a cute outfit: I see you @_MoMichelle!!

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Alright folks, I’ve been scoping out the pics of my oh so stylish friends on facebook, twitter & instagram & here’s what I found!!
Of course I gotta show y’all what I wore this week:


Red White & Blue for Memorial Day!


Ridin around & getting it on my way to work


Thursday’s #OOTD! Amazing how the right accessories can make the outfit!

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#OOTD from Becky accessorized with Lipstick Lovers Luxe & @JayHueyHue (my coworkers love me!!)

Memorial Day eyewear with @FashionisLove5 & her boo

Fresh Summertime nails by @LipstickMixtape


#OOTD from @baldheadcutie



Haute vintage clothes from @THATOLDCLOSET


Check the jump mans on my fav femme sneaker head @wassuname

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Lord give me strength!!!! Okay so from the name of this blog it should be severely obvious what my favorite thing in the world is -other than shoes of course! But shoes wouldn’t do me like this!! At least I hope not!

Let me just cut to the chase -the FDA found four hundred, yes 400, lipsticks that contain LEAD!! Read this:


FDA says 400 lipsticks found to contain lead
Wednesday, February 15, 2012
By Dina ElBoghdady, The Washington Post


Four hundred of the nation’s most popular lipsticks contained trace levels of lead when tested recently by the federal government, confirming similar results of earlier analyses but on a much wider scale and at higher levels than previously detected.

Five L’Oreal and Maybelline lipsticks, owned by L’Oreal USA, ranked among the top 10 most contaminated brands, according to the analysis by the Food and Drug Administration. Two Cover Girl and two NARS lipsticks also landed in top 10 slots, as did one from Stargazer.

The findings exacerbate a disagreement between the FDA and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, a consumer group pushing the government for years to set limits for lead levels in lipsticks. The FDA has resisted, insisting that the lead levels detected in two rounds of its own testing — including the most recent one — do not pose safety risks. But the consumer group says the FDA has no scientific basis for its conclusion.

Reports of lead in lipstick date to the 1990s, when test results from a commercial laboratory raised concerns. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics tested 33 red lipsticks in 2007 and found that two-thirds of them contained lead — and that one-third of those exceeded the FDA limit for lead in candy. The FDA followed up with its own tests on 20 lipsticks in 2008, and then on 400 lipsticks in the most recent analysis, and found detectable levels in all the products it tested.

But the FDA, which posted its latest findings online in December, said comparing candy to lipstick is unfair because candy is meant to be ingested, while lipstick is for topical use, and ingested in much smaller quantities.

The Personal Care Products Council, a trade group representing the cosmetics industry, agreed with the FDA assessment.

Lead is not intentionally added to lipstick or other cosmetics, she said, but many FDA-approved color additives are mineral-based, and thus contain trace levels naturally found in soil, water and air.

The average lead concentration in the 400 lipsticks tested was 1.11 parts per million, close to the average in its 2008 survey.

Here are the 10 lipsticks with the most lead: Maybelline’s Color Sensation in Pink Petal, L’Oreal Colour Riche in Volcanic, NARS Semi-Matte in Red Lizard, Cover Girl Queen Collection Vibrant Hues Color in Ruby Remix, NARS Semi-Matte in Funny Face, L’Oreal Colour Rich in Tickled Pink, L’Oreal Intensely Moisturizing Lipcolor in Heroic, Cover Girl Continuous Color in Warm Brick, Maybelline Color Sensational in Mauve Me, and Stargazer lipstick in shade “c.”

First published on February 15, 2012 at 12:00 am

Read more:


Please take the time & check to see if you have these lipsticks. We say “Beauty is pain” but it’s not worth dying over!!

Blondie’s Spotlight


MakeUp Artist/ Entrepreneur
Safia Michelle  
of Orlando, FL

Senior Makeup Director and Editor in Chief of Lipstick Mixtapes


Interviewed by The Blonde One
Blondie’s Lipstick What was the inspiration behind the name Lipstick Mixtapes?
Lipstick MixtapesAt the time it was just a matter of coming up with a cool namesomething that would stand out, and identify the brand as something to do withmakeup (lipstick) and mixtape (something underground and that everyone wantedto hear and know about!)
BL What made you decide to become a makeup artist?
LM Iwas a PA on a reality show called Pop Stars in Chicago, and I saw the MakeupArtist and Hair Stylist making up the judges and it was being televised. Ithought to myself “This is cool, I want to make people look good for the cameraand then sit back and drink coffee all day” 🙂
BL Where do you get the inspiration for your work?
LMThe inspiration usually comes from a desire to see something new. I like to seeand experience new things so that’s what I want people to feel and notice whenthey see my work.

BL Do you specialize in any specific type of makeup?
LMYes I do, I specialize in Beauty so I guess that would be under the natural andglam category.  I do a lot of film andmost of the time the director wants the talent to look like amped up versionsof themselves. Most my clients and projects revolve around some sort of beautyidea so that’s what I do the most. I hope to start to do more avant garde thingswaiting for the right project.
BL When a client chooses LipstickMixapes what can they expect?

LMWhen you work with LM a client can expect professionalism;I’m really big on respect for everyone involved in the project. Doing thingsright the first time, I hate having to re-shoot.  And Great work,
There used to be a time when I would work really fast toget the model in front of the camera because makeup and hair is always blamedfor running late, but I have gotten much more comfortable in my skills and nowI do things deliberately and efficiently which makes the work I do more onpoint and look spectacular.

BL Is this a hobby for you or is it your career?
LM This is definitely My Career
BL What is the price range for your services?
LMPrices are $50 to $500 full day rate
BL Is a makeup line a possibility in the future of Lipstick Mixtapes?
LMYes! With a name like LipstickMixtapes one of the other has to eventually come and I don’t rap: )
BL Anything else you want readers to know about Lipstick Mixtapes?
LM Lipstick Mixtapes is innovative; it’smakeup artistry and service on a higher level.
It’s thinking about the project or customer and knowingwhat they want out of products and services and delivering every time.

For more from Safia and LipstickMixtapes
LipstickMixtapes – Facebook
Follow them @LipstickMixtape
Also see them inaction at this upcoming event:

Consumer Report


So on the anniversary you know I have to review my favorite thing:LIPSTICK!!! A couple of weeks ago I decided I wanted some new lipsticks forfall- a warm berry and a neutral with a hint of peach. I kept seeing all these Covergirl Lip Perfection lipstickcommercials and saw that as a sign. Now I haven’t been a fan of Covergirlcosmetics for some time but I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt andtry it out.
First things first: appearance. I like how the shade youchoose is displayed at the bottom of the tube. I’ve been duped before thinkingthe color I see is how it’ll look on me (happens all the time with nail polish)but with this line what you see is what you get! And the names were so cute! Ichose ‘Soulmate’ (berry) and ‘Kiss’ (soft peach). Another thing I liked was thescent. I’m not 12 so I’m not looking for flavored lip gloss that I can eat offbut I hate it when lipstick/gloss/chapstick stinks. That’s too close to my noseto be funky!! No worries with LipPerfection, the pleasant fragrance will def put a smile on your face!
I was so excited by the smooth application and how nicemy lips looked with it on. This is the lipstick advertised to make your lipshealthier in 7 days and I’ll admit my lips do feel smoother! Now for the badnews- my lipstick played a Houdini on me. I’m a real person so at some point inthe day I’m going to get hungry. The LAST thing I expect is to be enjoying afootball game (well the fashion at the game!), bite into a hot dog and seealmost all my lipstick on my food!! Of course I know lipstick is edible but myfood is less appealing. My lipstick doesn’t have to be that fade proof, smudgeproof, 16 hr, have to scrub for 15mins to get it off long wear lipstick, but this cameoff like tinted chapstick!
I still use the lipsticks cause the hue is amazing but Ijust make sure to have it on me at all times. Gotta be prepared for when itdisappears on me again!

Beauty Consumer Report

 Maybelline Falsies Flared
I love mascara and Maybelline is one of my top favs. HOWEVER their Falsies Volum’ Express line is really about to make me change my line up. I love big lashes and since I cant stand false lashes (no offense, they’re just not for me) my goal is for my lashes to look over the top so I was SO EXCITED when I saw the commercial for Falsies! Tried it out and *thumbs down* my lashes looked regular. I decided to give Falsies Flared the benefit of the doubt, thinking “Maybe, just maybe they’ve improved the formula and the flare really packs a punch!” Yeah, I wasted my money AGAIN.

Falsies on left eye/ nothing on right

I will admit that the unique brush really did flare my lashes but the formula once again left a lot to be desired. I’m not going to dismiss Maybelline all together because their One by One brush and formula really does separate and define each lash. Next time I’m going out I’ll use the flared brush for the wow and a better formula, maybe L’Oreal Voluminous. 😉

 finished product (with eyeliner for a nite look)

“I simply remember my favorite things . . .”

I’ve never really done anything big for my birthday so this year I figured there’s no time like the present!! Along with a photo shoot (pics can be viewed at Visionary Models, don’t forget to like the page while you’re there!) and shindig, I also decided to make my article about my favorite cosmetics and accessories!
Maybelline rarely lets me down with its mascara and this formula followed suit! One by One is my favorite mascara to date because the brush really does separate and define each lash!
I actually stumbled upon this product by accident. My cousin bought this L’Oreal True Match poudre in the wrong shade and passed it on to me. I haven’t gone without it since!
 Now this eye shadow isn’t new but I HAVE to have it!! When I’m going out of town I always pack this Cover Girl eye palette. Each color makes my eyes pop and I can blend to match with almost anything!
LIPSTICK LOVE!!! I’ve tried several brands of lipstick and so far my all time fav is this Maybelline Colour Sensation. The red is the perfect shade and I get compliments every time I wear it! I ventured out and tried the High Shine shades and fell in love with those too! I feel like my lips just look more kissable with these on *MUAH!!*
Sally Hansen nail polish gives me life!! I can always find a shade to match my mood!
Of course I had to plug my store, American Eagle Outfitters! I fell in love with their Bohemian fragrance and don’t see the need to wear anything else! My favorite part is the hint of citrus that I always associate with summer 🙂
 I’ve had short hair for some time now and while big earrings are cute, you can have so much more fun with smaller earrings. For me, the more vintage inspired the better!
Black Heart Accessories
Black Heart Accessories
 Always one to support my friends I had to patronize my fav brands Black Heart Accessories, Style vs. Fashion & Bella Donna Handbags 
Style vs. Fashion
Bella Donna Handbags
Hope you enjoyed this little insight into my world!!
The Blonde One
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Beauty Consumer Report


Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE me some mascara, so whenever a new one comes out promising new things I have GOT to check it out! With that being said I was so excited about L’Oreal’s new Double Extend Eye Illuminator Mascara. It was actually L’Oreal’s original Double Extend Mascara that got me hooked on the stuff in the first place! Now here’s how I feel about it.
The first disappointment I encountered with this mascara is that I couldn’t find it! I adore CVS and Walgreens for their up to date beauty departments but that was not the case this time! I waited two weeks and eventually gave up, went to Walmart -where I should’ve gone from the beginning because they were almost sold out! Luckily I was able to snag Black Quartz, the one for brown eyes, and it was perfect timing because i had a big weekend ahead.
Fast forward to the big nite out I followed the instructions, apply the mascara then immediately apply the illuminator to the tips of your lashes for a subtle look or covering the entire lash for a bold look. Of course I went bold! The mascara was average, it darkened and lengthened, then I applied the illuminator all over and the ball-type wand made that an easy task. At first my friends saw a little sparkle and I became disappointed thinking I had wasted my money but as the nite progressed I kept getting compliments on my eyes! Perhaps it was the lighting but when we went to a restaurant after the club my friends were saying they loved my eyes and were going to buy the mascara for themselves!
The end of the nite came and now my concern was washing the stuff off. The illuminator is essentially colored mascara & glitter and I know from my glittery eyeshadow days in middle school that a piece of glitter in your eye is one of the most painful things EVER!! I did my regular makeup removal routine and I was pain and irritation free! Overall I give L’Oreal Double Extend Eye Illuminator a kiss of approval! **Muah!!** BL

Beauty Consumer Report


“Want a mascara that gives lashings of volume without the clumps? Don’t just volumize, millionize your lashes. Try out new VOLUME MILLION LASHES:
Millionizer Brush: a multitude of bristles separate lashes for a fanned-out effect. Excess Wiper: in-built wiper system removes excess mascara, wiping brush free of clumps. The pop when you pull the brush out proves the wiper is working!” [courtesy of]

*Now I love my eye make up as much, if not more than the next girl, but we all know commercials have the tendency to “stretch” the truth. I’ve been fooled before by other mascaras (*cough cough* Maybelline’s Falsies) but I’m not sore about it, I just move on to the next. And THIS is it!! L’Oreal has yet to let me down with mascaras and this fabulous little bottle follows suit! If you’re looking for a light-weight mascara that packs a punch, builds volume with each stroke while still looking clean, then go out and buy L’Oreal’s Volume Million Lashes!! It gets our **Neutral Kiss of Approval**

All eyes on You!

Want to grab attention without doing a wardrobe overhaul? Well a new look is blink away! Instead of safe neutrals, use some bright eye popping shadow day or night to take your outfits to the next level. My favorites are Cover Girl Eye Enhancer Eye Shadow 4Kit in Tropical Fusion ($4.84, Target) and JK Jemma Kidd I-Design Eye Color Collection ($16, Target). Not a makeup connoisseur and unsure what to buy? Try Almay intense i-color ($5.99, Target) or Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Eye Enhancing Shadow ($9.34, Target) with perfect shades to bring out your eye color and instructions on the back lessening the chance of “clown face” [a person wearing too much makeup or colors that clash with their complexion].
Now no eye is complete without lashes that turn heads! My favorites for daytime are Rimmel Extra Super Lash -add length by applying more mascara- and Maybelline Falsies Volum’ Express –the curved brush catches even the smallest lashes; and for a glamorous night look try L’Oreal Colossal Lash in blackest black –the large brush and air whipped formula add volume and length to lashes- and L’Oreal Telescopic Explosion in carbon black –the “explosion” brush allows you to get lashes from every angle & the “carbon black” adds a patent finish. Combine these looks and you’re guaranteed to grab extra attention. 

**Send me pics of your All Eyes on You look and I’ll post them here!