Lip Service: Harmony Muzik


Fresh off the wires!!! Here’s the latest from Harmony Muzik:

For Immediate Release:For the last few years, Harmony Muzik has consistently delivered hit after hit, 4 albums, hundreds of shows, tours and featured appearances….Today, Team HM is pleased to present to you, Harmony’s DEBUT MUSIC VIDEO! For the first time ever, fans and supporters get to see a glimpse into the mind of HM as she creates her songs.

“Each song is a mini-movie with a vivid story behind it. I’m just glad to finally be able to show that side of me as an artist” – Harmony Muzik

harmony muzik - gen x ft. uptown xo

“Gen X” was originally released nearly a year ago, and served as the title track to HM’s most current project. The track features DC’s own Uptown XO (solo artist and 1/3 of Diamond District), and was produced by DC-based production group Basshedz (known for their work with Wale and Fat Trel).

Directed by Bart Johnson, known for his work in film and television, and most recently in the hip hop community for his work at SXSW for the Indie Life Concert and DJBooth x A3C shows, “Gen X” was shot just outside of D.C. near Dulles Airport.

Choreography provided by lead dancer on-set, Karee “Stingy” Everett of DV8 (ABDC). Styling provided by CiRossy, with eyewear provided by Purple Pill Babies on both HM and Uptown XO.

Direct Video Link:

Book Harmony Muzik:Book Harmony Muzik for your next radio show, magazine feature, or live performance! This summer we are already in the planning phase of Gen X Tour: 2012. Reach out to discuss having HM and her DJ out as a guest feature or headliner. We are especially interested in the following cities (Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Cleveland, Pittsburg, Greensboro, and various California locations.) info@HarmonyMuzik.comLooking for an established and professional feature for your next project? Reach out today for an affordable rate on hooks, verses, bridges, package deals and vocal arrangements, and more. All features include promotional services as well! Email for more info.

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Lip Service: Ashlei Shannon



WARNING: If you love fashion & accessories at a great price you might just faint!!

Only kidding (slightly) lol! But I got the word early Friday morning that one of my favorite designers & good friends Ashlei Shannon had revamping, designing and relaunching her site!! I couldn’t let another day go by without gushing about this FABULOUS accessory house!

Formally known as Black Heart Accessories, Ashlei kicked off the new year, and her 3rd year as a jewelry designer, by branding her company with a new name Ashlei Shannon LLC, coming up with a new logo and wowing us with all new, never before seen custom designs!! I’m telling you, her stuff is hot!!! If you check out her twitter you’ll see where some folks GOT UP OUT THEIR BEDS (she announced the site was back up just after midnight) just to buy her jewelry!!

Well I’m done running off at the mouth about this fabulous accessory house, I’m headed over to get my own Ashlei Shannon goodies! & so should you! Click here

**Here are some pics of some my favorite Ashlei Shannon purchases!!**

Necklace by Ashlei Shannon
Earrings by Ashlei Shannon

Lip Service: Who is Frank Ocean?!?

Frank Ocean is an artist who you may want to pay close attention to within the upcoming months. The buzz has consistently gotten louder since the release of his first mixtape nostalgia, ULTRA in February and the scheduled re-release of the mixtape on July 26th by Def Jam Records.
So who is this Frank Ocean guy anyways? Frank Ocean is 23 years old and was born in New Orleans, LA. His birth name is Christopher Breaux. He briefly attended University of New Orleans before being forced to evacuate in August 2005 when Hurricane Katrina devastated the city.
He has written songs for various artists including, Justin Bieber, John Legend, and Brandy. He even wrote the song, “I Miss You” off of Queen Bey’s fourth solo album “4”. Ocean is getting the attention of some other people in the industry as well. It is reported that both Drake and Lupe Fiasco reached out to him and complimented him on his music. That’s kind of cool considering the fact that he is often times compared to Drake. His song “Novacane” is becoming a popular hit and Ocean has released a video for it as well.
Although, I have not listened to nostalgia, ULTRA in its entirety I am impressed with the songs that I have heard and definitely think you should listen to the guy and judge for yourself!

Miss Tee

His twitter is @frank_ocean

Eighth Floor Please!

            My VZ navigator bellows “You’ve arrived at your destination on the left!” I look up and realize that I’m pulling into valet at The Capital Building on East Paces Ferry Road.  I’ve passed this place many times. However, without the guidance of my GPS I couldn’t find the way back.   A tall man in a uniform opens my door and greets me with a hardy “Hello!” He then proceeds to direct my good friend Diggy and me to an elevator. As we are escorted in, he tips his hat and gives us one last tip “The restaurant is on the eighth floor.” After a smooth ride up we hear…Ding! The door opens and we are greeted by our host “Welcome, Gentlemen, to The Capital Grille. Will there be two for lunch?” I smile & nod while answering “Yes!”
            Fortunately for us, the lunch rush has passed and the restaurant is not very crowded. We have our choice of the dining room or the lounge. We choose the lounge because it has window tables with AMAZING views of Buckhead and the Atlanta Skyline and because it is very close to the bar. All of the leather and African Mahogany gives a wonderful “clubby” feel. After being seated, our water glasses are filled and we are given a moment to look over the menu. The bartender doubled as server which was awesome for we thoroughly enjoyed a flood of Bohemians and Madrases while munching on Pan Fried Calamari with Hot Cherry Peppers. 
            I took a break from the fun by excusing myself to the men’s room. On my way I took a spin ‘round the dining room to get a feel for the place. All assembled seemed the perfect sampling of the populous that is Atlanta. At one table, there was a well-kept elderly couple with snow white hair. Next, I spotted a table of businessmen munching over laptops. Over on the side, there were two very neat and fashionably-dressed men: One with blonde wispy hair, the other a curly brunette. As I turned the corner, there sat a table of four. These well-polished and impeccably clad ladies looked up as I passed. From my onceover, I figure there must be at least two Spelman class rings, two Bench & Bar Spouse memberships, & Links National Assembly Registration all around. We exchanged knowing smiles and I then turned my focus to the beautiful original artwork that filled the walls.
            The walls serve as a showcase of portraits of prominent Atlanta Leaders and Businesspersons. Out of the group, two of the paintings catch my eye. One portrait is of Alonzo Herndon, Atlanta Life Founder. Learn more about him at: .  The other painting is of Geneva Moton Haugabrooks, founder of Haugabrooks Funeral Home. Learn more about her at: . These paintings add to the sense of heritage, tradition, and success the Capital Grille embodies. I continue my self-guided tour through to the meeting/private dining rooms to the wine room. I am impressed and make a mental note to host something there. I then quickly rush into the men’s room and it is fresh and filled with light, wood, and stone. I love the hand soap and hand towels as I washed up then returned to my table.
            Back at the table, Diggy enjoys his Ribeye Steak Sandwich with Caramelized Onions & Havarti Cheese with Sam’s Mashed Potatoes on the side. My Grille’s Signature Cheeseburger with bacon & Havarti cheese were perfectly complimented by the Parmesan Truffle Fries. The lunch was delicious and excellently delivered. The staff was attentive from our arrival to our departure. When I’m in Atlanta and asked my destination of choice…I’ll answer, “Eighth Floor Please!”        
-Wylie J. Stokeshart

Lip Service: Style Vs Fashion

Are you a trend setter in need of artistic expression among others just like you? Then look no further than !! As soon as you enter the site you’re greeted by upbeat music and given the definition and basis of Style VS Fashion. The website that was officially launched in April 2010 features “Stylistas” and “Stylistors”, women and men who went through the easy process of displaying their personal style; designers, stylists and a host of other tabs that grasp your attention and leave you wanting more! Don’t believe me? Check out the site for yourself!!
The creator and our most recent **Fab Mamacita** Erica Jones says “It started out as hobby but because of all the positive feedback I received [I went with it]. I plan on making it my main source of income thus becoming an empire.” We look for exciting things from this mogul in the making and Blondie’s will be there to document her rise to the top!!
Interested in being on the site? Contact Erica Jones (CEO/Founder)

“So its boo season . . .”


How many of us have heard this infamous phrase? Well if you haven’t, be prepared because you will! It’s starting to get cold outside and the largest gift giving holiday is fast approaching so people feel the need to be paired up and I can’t say I blame them! On a personal note, I recently broke it off with the man I was in love with for the past year and a half and when I’m crawling in to bed alone at night I would rather have someone there waiting for me. The want of companionship is nothing to be ashamed of, in fact it’s human nature. No matter what anyone says, NOBODY enjoys being alone 100% of the time.

The main concern I have is that I don’t want to be so eager to have someone around that I pick the first Joe that says sweet nothings at the right moment. I’d hate for us to waste our time laying up together just for me to dismiss you once spring rolls around. Or even worse, I look around and realize the reason I’m missing things because I shared my bed with a thief! No mind you, I’m not talking about physical things (although, that would make me just as upset), but an emotional thief: A man who took advantage of my vulnerability and used me for my kindness, my body and my heart. Once you trust someone and give them a part of you, you can never get it back.

For many, like me, it’s hard to open up to someone just because you don’t want to be alone, but that’s no reason to go into ‘hibernation’. You can fully participate in “Boo Season” without commitment or getting hurt, by simply using your best judgment. Take the time out to get to know the other person and take the same amount of time you would during any other time of the year. And if that person is missing a few qualities that you’d like for them to have, that’s okay too! You’re not marrying them, just let them know from the beginning that you are a single woman and you’re just enjoying the dating scene, nothing more, nothing less!

>>>Share some of your “Boo Season” stories with us! Email me @ & I’ll post them in the next issue

World Wide Wylie: Focusing on Fashion & Fun

by Wylie J. Stokeshart
Checkout the following sites for fast fabulous fashion & fun:
DailyCandy – This website has up-to-the-minute news on what’s hot. They manage to “bring it” from all over the country in the most refreshing way…while it’s NEW! Sign up for their newsletter. It won’t disappoint! Daily Candy…How sweet! 
LateBoots – If you want to enjoy fashion, culture, and style on a level like you never seen, then check out Lateboots. Babyyyyy! When I tell youuuuu Marquis Phifer & Sham Shirley keep IT coming like water from a faucet. And when I say IT, I mean INCREDIBLE TENACITY! The vim & vigor with which this dynamic duo presents fashion, culture, nightlife, and the GRIND are relentless. From Atlanta to New York and points in-between they do brand public relations with fresh style and class! Don’t get it twisted…these folk are global as they are well-known across the pond, too. Something akin to an arousingly-rambunctious reality show, LateBoots is the Legion of Lovely and I can’t wait to see what pretty pleasantries they will post next. Don’t forget to checkout the supporting cast: Lo, Brooke, countless celebs, & luxuriously-exotic locales. They provide an amazing frame for the beautiful picture that is LateBoots. Phifer! Sham! … sips of Veuve and LateBoots Lego pins to you both! Follow them on Twitter @LateBoots.
Simon Pink Ribbon – I don’t know about you, but some of the most fun I’ve ever had has been in a Simon Mall. Some days a Simon Mall (the shops, merchandise, & shoppers within) seem to be my raison d’être. This website not only lets you find a Simon Mall wherever you travel. It also informs you of mall goings-on like fashion shows & charity events. Click on the right link and the tracking of your spending on those wonderful Simon Mall Gift cards is at your fingertips. Perfect for holidays, birthdays, or just because, the cards can be ordered, customized and shipped all on-line. I love Simon Malls because they have the stores we need: Louis, Gucci, Neimans, Yurman, and then sprinkle in a little Saks, Bloomies, & Nordstrom. In addition to these, a wide variety of shops are available in these diverse epicenters of fashion. You can still find vendors, cosmetic services, and sales! Don’t trip though…Valet is always available! J The food courts inside the malls are good and there is great variety. However, there are always fabulous eateries surrounding these Utopias. Everyone knows… Simon Malls give you More Choices!