Blondie’s Lipstick 2 Year Anniversary Giveaway!!


What’s a CELEBRATION without Free S***?!!!!

I’m sooooo happy to announce that my baby, Blondie’s Lipstick, is turning 2 years old!!! If I sound like a proud mommy it’s cause I am! lol! In honor of this accomplishment I’m gonna give you guys, my lovely, supportive readers a chance to win a bunch of free s***!! I’ve been tweeting & IGing & facebooking about this contest all last week & the time has finally arrived!! I got together with some of my favorite designers: Ashlei Shannon, Honor Roll Clothing Group, Kaluire Kollection, Lunch Money Goblins, High Heel Junkie, Bunny’s Custom CreationsFli Pelican & HUSH Cosmetics and brainstormed on a contest that gets you some fly clothing & accessories for Fall & YOU pick the winner!!! 

There will be 2 winners, one girl & one guy.

Here’s what you gotta do:

  • Follow Blondie’s Lipstick on twitter & instagram @BlondiesLipstk
  • You have until 9/12/12 to post a pic of yourself with the caption #BL2YrAnniversaryGiveaway -> Ladies– post a pic of you in your favorite lipstick/ Guys– post a pic of you in your favorite sneakers (Only one pic per person, be creative!!)
  • Between 9/13/12 & 9/19/12 the pics will be posted here on the site and YOU GUYS will vote on whose pic you like best!! You only get one vote per day so tell you friends to vote too so you’ll have a better chance of winning!
  • On 9/20/12 the winners will be announced!!

Follow, Post a pic, get votes, Win!!! IT’S AS SIMPLE AS THAT!!!!  The contest starts NOW so good luck you guys & I cant wait to see your lips & sneaks!


Blondie’s Fashion Finds


This Fridays edition of my #FashionFinds, which came from my love of stalking fashionable IGers #OOTD‘s (I’m considering changing the name of this segment to Style Stalker since that’s what I’m doing! Lol! What do you think?) These are jus random outfits I liked & had to share with you guys

Yours truly @BlondiesLipstk








Their instagram names are posted so go follow them & double tap these & more of their fab pics!! *Muah*

**Want your #OOTD #SOTD hair, nails, makeup, accessories, etc. featured in Blondie’s Fashion Finds? Post pics & @ me on twitter or instagram @BlondiesLipstk **

Lipstick Lover’s Luxe has arrived!


In case you’re not following me on twitter (shame on you! @BlondiesLipstk), aren’t a fan on Facebook (again, shame on you! Blondie’s Facebook) the you probably haven’t heard that  . . .


Yes Lipstick Lovers, rejoice!! My custom made accessories are back on a new site,, with fun & flirty new merchandise and some of the goodies from the old merchandise! Check out some pics below and click the *Shop* tab to be connected to the store! 

Also every purchase comes with a free Blondie’s Lipstick pin while supplies last!!! ORDER NOW!!!


Lip Service: Ashlei Shannon



WARNING: If you love fashion & accessories at a great price you might just faint!!

Only kidding (slightly) lol! But I got the word early Friday morning that one of my favorite designers & good friends Ashlei Shannon had revamping, designing and relaunching her site!! I couldn’t let another day go by without gushing about this FABULOUS accessory house!

Formally known as Black Heart Accessories, Ashlei kicked off the new year, and her 3rd year as a jewelry designer, by branding her company with a new name Ashlei Shannon LLC, coming up with a new logo and wowing us with all new, never before seen custom designs!! I’m telling you, her stuff is hot!!! If you check out her twitter you’ll see where some folks GOT UP OUT THEIR BEDS (she announced the site was back up just after midnight) just to buy her jewelry!!

Well I’m done running off at the mouth about this fabulous accessory house, I’m headed over to get my own Ashlei Shannon goodies! & so should you! Click here

**Here are some pics of some my favorite Ashlei Shannon purchases!!**

Necklace by Ashlei Shannon
Earrings by Ashlei Shannon

“I simply remember my favorite things . . .”

I’ve never really done anything big for my birthday so this year I figured there’s no time like the present!! Along with a photo shoot (pics can be viewed at Visionary Models, don’t forget to like the page while you’re there!) and shindig, I also decided to make my article about my favorite cosmetics and accessories!
Maybelline rarely lets me down with its mascara and this formula followed suit! One by One is my favorite mascara to date because the brush really does separate and define each lash!
I actually stumbled upon this product by accident. My cousin bought this L’Oreal True Match poudre in the wrong shade and passed it on to me. I haven’t gone without it since!
 Now this eye shadow isn’t new but I HAVE to have it!! When I’m going out of town I always pack this Cover Girl eye palette. Each color makes my eyes pop and I can blend to match with almost anything!
LIPSTICK LOVE!!! I’ve tried several brands of lipstick and so far my all time fav is this Maybelline Colour Sensation. The red is the perfect shade and I get compliments every time I wear it! I ventured out and tried the High Shine shades and fell in love with those too! I feel like my lips just look more kissable with these on *MUAH!!*
Sally Hansen nail polish gives me life!! I can always find a shade to match my mood!
Of course I had to plug my store, American Eagle Outfitters! I fell in love with their Bohemian fragrance and don’t see the need to wear anything else! My favorite part is the hint of citrus that I always associate with summer 🙂
 I’ve had short hair for some time now and while big earrings are cute, you can have so much more fun with smaller earrings. For me, the more vintage inspired the better!
Black Heart Accessories
Black Heart Accessories
 Always one to support my friends I had to patronize my fav brands Black Heart Accessories, Style vs. Fashion & Bella Donna Handbags 
Style vs. Fashion
Bella Donna Handbags
Hope you enjoyed this little insight into my world!!
The Blonde One
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Black Heart Accessories **Designer of the Month**

Unique, eye catching jewelry, guaranteed one of a kind. It’s designed to not only fit the designer but also the customer. We caught up with Ashlei Shannon, creator of Black Heart Accessories and our **Designer of the Month**, to give us a little insight on her life and her increasingly popular line of jewelry.
Blondie’s Lipstick What was the inspiration behind the name of your line/ jewelry?
**Black Heart Accessories** The name Black Heart is quite literal. It was inspired by the death of a relationship that had recently ended around the time of Black Heart’s creation. Black is often associated with death, mourning, darkness, and gloom and all of these things were exactly what my heart was feeling at the time. I was so eager to get my mind off of my ex that I began to search for new hobbies– new ways to keep from crying. I tried shopping for a while. Then I realized that hobby was too expensive. Then, I began to express myself artistically. I began to mix fashion and art as a form of expression. The ex was my muse. In fact, the very first pair of earrings I made for myself read “I HATE LOVE”. [laughs]
My accessories are inspired by so many things. (fashion, art, music, historic events, current events, cartoons, greek life, quotes, feelings, emotions, ect.) I could go on and on. I can draw inspiration from virtually anywhere. Hell, I made some earrings out of crayons before. [laughs]
Marilyn Monroe quote
My President is Black
AKA earrings
DST stud earrings
Shoe/shade earrings
BL How did you get started making jewelry?
**BHA** Since I was a little girl, I have been addicted to fashion and in love with art. As I stated previously, making accessories started as a hobby. I’d gone shopping for some jewelry one day and was so disappointed in the selection that I decided to make my own jewelry. (This was back in 2008 when flashy jewelry hadn’t quite made it’s comeback and being the flashy, BOOM, POW girl I am, I wasn’t at all impressed with the dull selection I was given.) So, I took a few supplies I had lying around the house including a vogue magazine, some cardboard, glue, and the backs off some old earrings I had, & created my own earrings. The next day, I wore them and had like 5 people ask me where I got my earrings from. That day was the day my business emerged.
I try to better my craft with every new line I put out. I study fashion magazines to see what’s HOT and I usually do the opposite. [laughs]. I try to stay away from trends at all costs. As far as actual design execution is concerned, I attend jewelry making workshops and I’ve even taught myself a few techniques.
BL Is making jewelry just a hobby for you or are you trying to turn it into a career?
**BHA** Making accessories started as a hobby, and will always be a hobby as it is something I love to do. I think when you start viewing your hobby as a “job”, you start to hate it. However, being a business major and lover of all things fashion, I plan on opening a fashion boutique, where I can sell my accessories, as well as other custom pieces upon graduation.
BL Would you ever consider a partnering with another up & coming designer (clothing or other accessories)?
**BHA**Simply put, if it makes money or gives me some positive exposure, it makes sense. I would love to work with an up and coming clothing designer on a fashion show or photo shoot. Working with the competition (another accessory designer)…not so much.
BL Tell us something readers should know about you or Black Heart Accessories.
**BHA**Black Heart can be considered “avant-garde” because I’m not afraid to step out of the box when designing and creating. I challenge boundaries, and create jewelry that is very “different”, yet wearable. I’m all about originality. I VOW never create the same item twice. SO DON’T ASK!!! [laughs]. I put a lot of LOVE into my work and I wouldn’t put anything out that I wouldn’t wear myself. Although jewelry is my main business, I sell all kinds of accessories (i.e. pins, hair accessories, home décor, and car tags). Items range from $5-$25
Fashion collage
Over-sized pin
If you’re interested in more of Black Heart Accessories jewelry you’ve seen or want to purchase items, contact Shannon
TWITTER: @BHAccessories
BHA Email: