Blondie On The Mic: #LHHATL interviews

Blondie On The Mic: #LHHATL interviews


The Blonde Bombshell has been outchea WORKIN! you hear me!! lol!

My radio show The Happy Hour has been going well! We’re being invited to more events, making a name for ourselves in these ATL streets & getting bigger names to come sit down for an interview! The most exciting thus far have been Continue reading “Blondie On The Mic: #LHHATL interviews”

Blondie’s Spotlight: Grapevine The Urban Boutique

Blondie’s Spotlight: Grapevine The Urban Boutique


If you’re looking for a stylish new boutique with unique styles and exclusive brands owned by young entrepreneurs, then look no further than Grapevine: The Urban Boutique! I recently got the chance to visit the shop located in downtown Macon & talked to co-owner Doug Jones about the growing brand.


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Blondie’s Spotlight: Lamont Rudolph

Blondie’s Spotlight: Lamont Rudolph


Designer, Entrepreneur


Lamont Rudolph

Or  The Mvdd Hvtter as he’s known on instagram, a title he truthfully boasts. I’ve followed the Atlanta native and have been in awe of his designs for the past two years so you can only imagine how excited I was when he agreed to chat with your favorite lipstick loving blonde! I caught up with him at The Green Room, a creative space in downtown Atlanta that houses everything from screen printing, video editing, painting, tattooing and more!

His tag line is “Follow the Buck”, here’s why you should too


He even hooked me up with the custom denim Roofless cap!! I couldn’t stop gushing over it!!

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Blondie’s Spotlight: Smooch Me by Dionne

Blondie’s Spotlight: Smooch Me by Dionne


Entrepreneur, Beauty Connoisseur


Courtney of Smooch Me by Dionne


A few years ago, through the networking powers of twitter and a few mutual connections I came across this sweet, fabulous, fellow lipstick lover, Courtney! A review and two giveaways later I finally got the chance to catch up with this makeup maven and get the info on how this empire that lipstick built came to be! Check it out

Blondie’s Lipstick: What inspired you to create your own makeup line?

Smooch Me by Dionne My passion for makeup is my biggest inspiration, I truly enjoy encouraging people to live fearlessly while enchancing their natural beauty at the same time.

How did you come with the name Smooch Me by Dionne?

Smooch Me was inspired by the word “smooches” a word my homegirls and I would use as a word of endearment towards each other when our lips are making a statement with a bold lipstick or lipgloss. As for Dionne that is my middle name which I tend to favor a lot.


What type pf products does your line offer?

My cosmetic offers products for women of all ages and all occasions (weddings , parties, professional etc) All products offered are hypo allergenic, FDA approved and not tested on animals. Smooch Me by Dionne cosmetic line was created for beauty loves on a budget, all products are excellent quality for a affordable price. The quality and price of my products have been compared to Mac, kaori, and Mary Kay. By many beauty lovers,bloggers and magazine editors.

Including this blogger! Brows are very important in the beauty world these days. You recently added a new product to keep us all “on fleek” (lol!) Tell me about it.

Brows are most definitely important when it comes to the beauty industry. Our brow quad is already in high demand. Our brow quads are $10

Would you say Smooch Me by Dionne  is geared towards a professional makeup artist or the everyday woman?

I carry professional and everyday makeup so I would have to say both, I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing makeup artists who have build there kits with my products and recommend them to their clients.


What’s your advice to anyone interested in getting in the beauty business & starting their own makeup line?
The first thing I would advice someone who wants to start their own cosmetic line is to make sure this is your passion. Eat! Breath! And Sleep MAKEUP! I emphasize this so much when I talk to upcoming entrepreneurs because you will invest so much time and money in your business. Plus when you are passionate about something you are destined to succeed. Research is very imperative as well know your makeup, know your ingredients and know the quality of your product. Consumers will have tons of questions before actually purchasing from a new line. Study up on different skin types as well, you don’t want to sell a oily based concealer to a oily skin person. Save! Save! Save! I did not just wake up one day a say “I want my own cosmetic line” and poof! it happened. Creating a brand alone can be very expensive. I started off with an outline of cost and a business account. A year in a half later I started my cosmetic line. Last but not least if you plan on starting your own cosmetic line but have not yet Shh keep quite! Before I introduced my cosmetic line to the world I only disclosed my ideas with my two bestfriends and my immediate family. One of my favorite analogies “make sure your band is marching right before they perform” this is your brand make sure you have things in order before putting them out there. For starters your name: website: what products will you start off with, business cards, etc you have a lot to do so what are waiting for 🙂

What’s next for Smooch Me by Dionne?

The next move for my business is to remain great, I move in silence just know more great things are to come. Stay tuned! "</p

Tell me something people should know about you or your brand

I was blessed with the opportunity to travel my brand outside of the US France and Rome so we do ship internationally. We host parties and consultation as well. (Skype too) just send all inquires to Get SMOOCHED "</p

Love lipstick? Well you’ll love this! For the month of February lipsticks are 2 for $10 and eyeshadows are 2 for $15!


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Shoe Game & Bikinis Fashion Show


Do you love shoes? What about bikinis? Are you a fan of summer & the fabulous colorful fashions it brings? If you answered yes to any of these questions then I have the deets on an event that you don’t wanna miss!!

I caught up with my Mr. Everything, Diamond Kesawn, to get the inside scoop on the hottest fashion show to hit the city this summer! Check it out!:

As stated in the interview, I’ll be on the scene getting the fashion rundown & on the prowl for #TopTrendsetters!!Order your tickets HERE before they’re all gone, come dressed to impress & you could see your pic right here on the site! I’ll also be celebrating my birthday that weekend!! Talk about a way to celebrate!
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All things Diamond Kesawn

Blondie’s Spotlight




Legendary TeMo

Here’s my long awaited (I mean loooong. lol!) and inspiring interview with artist, entrepreneur & mogul in the making Legendary TeMo -formerly known as Teen Mogul. I caught up with the talented hustler to find out more about her career & find out what all falls under the Mogul Life umbrella. Check out our interview

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Blondie’s Spotlight


contributed by Kimberly Gilkes

Looking for new talent I came across a clothing line created by a former classmate of mine. A-List Clothing is about to take ATL by storm! I love the catchy phrases and the fact that you can get any shirt customized to go with any outfit. A-List Clothing is for anyone tired of following the fashion trends and ready to be an individual. Luckily, I was able to chat with the man who started it all. Here’s the inside scoop on A-List Clothing:

Blondie’s Lipstick: What is A-List Clothing?

A-List Clothing: A-List stands for being the superior in any form. A-List Clothing is a brand that displays creativity, individuality, and style for any look.


BL: What inspired you to style your way into the fashion industry?

ALC: I always wanted to be different in style whether it was retro or a current trend. Never wanted clothing that was in everyone’s arm reach, therefore I would search for underground brands or items that couldn’t be purchased at your local mall. It appeased me for a brief amount of time until I decided that the only way I will be completely satisfied with my attire would be for me to create and design my own clothes, in which A-List Clothing was created.

 view pic 3

BL: Where are your quotes generated from?

ALC: They are sayings that come to mind when I’m traveling, reading, and paying close attention to fashion, and with daily life experiences.


BL: Is the clothing available for everyone or a specific target group?

ALC: The clothing is designed and available for everyone men, women, and kids.

 IMG_1164 shoot

BL: Do you run the business on your own or is it run collectively by a group of individuals?

ALC: Currently I run the business myself from designing to marketing.


BL:  Where do you see your clothing line in 5 years?

ALC: I see my clothing line being accessible to everyone, not only in the United States but worldwide in the next 5 years.


BL: What uniqueness do you believe your fashion line embodies?

ALC: It shows how you can be daring and different at the same time. It presents urban but yet classy style as well for any individual.


BL: How does the Atlanta area influence A-List Clothing?

ALC: Atlanta brings people of all interest from models, shoe collectors, fashion enthusiast, urban stylist, and people in the music industry.

 view pic 2

BL: Can the shirts be customized?

ALC: Yes, the shirts can be customized from the design down to the color.


BL: What other areas of fashion are you into?

ALC: I’m into in to hairstyles, costume, and cosmetics that link to high end and urban fashion.

 view pic 5

BL: How can our readers contact you for more information about A-List Clothing and customization?

ALC: By e-mailing me at with any inquires and  for pictures of current and upcoming designs.


BL: What else would you like our readers to know you and/or your brand?   

ALC: That A-List Clothing is in business to have people with apparel that is unlike any other brand from colors combinations to match any shoe/heels to being able to have all the input and customize your own masterpiece. All this is in place by putting customers first and being knowledgeable about past and current events. 


Find out more about A-List Clothing here

Instagram: alist_clothing

Instagram: ironman_06

Facebook: Cliff A List

Twitter: Mr.GT

Stanford Row: Dame & Maiden


contributed by Stanford Row

This week we’re talking to Sarah Beale. Creator of made to measure clothes with here label Dame & Maiden
Hello Sarah, thanks for agreeing to be interviewed and for playing our dress up dilemma game. It’s always nice to know where someone comes from so our first question as always is, What were you called as a child?
Sarah:  ha ha, I’ve had a lot of nicknames in my life…but the main one my parents called me as a child was bird.. at some times my dad still calls me this 😀
US:  Dad’s eh, that’s lovely, so without being to nosey how old are you (really:)
Sarah:  (she didn’t blink once) 31US:  You look fantastic, so when did you first know you wanted to design/sew/create?

Sarah: “that’s an easy one, about halfway though college. Stores in Ames Iowa just weren’t cutting it for me.US:US: So who inspired you and how?

Sarah: “Yeah, I was inspired by vintage clothing and the idea of making whatever I could come up with in my head and something that no one else would have”.
US: So you’re a head person, Tell us about the space you work in and why did you choose there?
Sarah: “I work full time in a studio in my house. I have thought about opening a shop in Des Moines where I live, but I absolutely love being home working. My space has plenty of light and windows and it makes me feel like I’m outside and not cooped up inside all day. My husband and I are looking for a bigger house so I can expand my workspace and maybe have a small showroom attached”.
US:  So we’re jealous now.  Ok, so now the dilemma. You’ve just got a call from a major personality, they’ve got to leave for a special event in 15 minutes and they want you to dress them. Who would be the personality you’d most like to get that call from?Sarah: “That’s easy, in my ideal world it would be Erin Watson! I love her style and used to see her from time to time in my neighbourhood when I  lived in LA. She is amazing and effortlessly cool.”

US:  Alrighty then, you know the game. You only have three items to work with. Firstly, one of your items, secondly, a classic item – you decide what makes it a classic –and thirdly (in your opinion) the next Big Thing. Let’s start with an item from your range to start with and why?

Sarah: “the reason I chose this item for Erin is it’s all about length, long lines and smooth flowing movement. That’s Erin in my mind’.

US: Great, so what’s classic item to match Erin and your maxi with and why?
Sarah: ” well it may seem  bit obvious to some but then again, no. I would choose a classic motorcycle jacket to pair with this dress. It’s the whole ‘boyfriend’ look that gets me, young love, hope. It only works this way round though. If my husband asked to wear one of my dresses when we go riding together, well you know what I mean”.
US: yeah, that way round loses something. Well so far you have Erin in your off the shoulder maxi dress and a classic leather bike jacket, what’s the next big thing you’re going to finish her look off with?
Sarah: “ah, well I couldn’t do this myself but I would if I could. The final touch for Erin and in my opinion the next Big Thing  would have to be short punky hair.”
US: Fabulous, we’ll tweet her your look. So before we go, just one last thing. What’s the best tip or trick you ever learnt?
Sarah: How to load on mascara without it looking like I loaded it on.. Love 60s lashes and I’m addicted to mascara!
‘Excellent, thank you Sarah, it’s been an absolute pleasure  hearing about your world.Visit Dame & Maiden’s on Stanford Row

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Deandre “DUKK” Corder

First of all, his name is Dukk -pronounced “Duck”, not Duke. Now that we got that out the way . . . lol!

Whether it’s a parody of your favorite song, relationship advice or making you lmao at black greek letter organizations, his job is to make you laugh & he’s on the clock 24/7!  I caught up with the Flint, MI native to find out how he got his start & what makes him one to look out for.

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Blondie’s Spotlight


Celebrity Choreographer

jcopeland red carpet

Jeremy Copeland


Hi Jeremy! It’s been a minute since we were last in touch, how are you?

Jeremy Copeland: Omg hi, LOL, I am great it has been a good little minute since we spoke. I am great, super blessed, stepping into new territories of my life and career and could not be happier.


Now for those who don’t know who you are or didn’t read our last article on you, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Jeremy Copeland: Hi, my name is Jeremy Copeland; I am a Celebrity Choreographer and Owner of The Hollywood Esquire Magazine. Some of my credits include Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Eminem, Lil Kim, Brandy, Neyo, Tyga, Wiz Khalifa and ETC. I am 22 years old from Brooklyn NYC, Now residing in Los Angeles, North Hollywood to be exact. I love life and cannot wait to see what God has in store for me.


Your resume is quite extensive & I hear you’re adding to it! Tell me about what new projects you’ve got coming up.

Jeremy Copeland: HMMMM Is it? LOL. Its funny because when your working working working non stop you don’t pay attention to everything and everyone you’re meeting or working with and then when you have that moment to sit back and reflect you realize like “Damn I did that”? But yea recently I had the pleasure of choreographing more shows for BlackStreet, they are still out on the road performing, Contributing Choreographer for Dawn Richard’s Golden Heart Tour that she is currently on now. Co-Choreographer for Dawn Richard’s #WildNFaith Music Video. Got to work with Nicki Minaj and French Montana on #FREAKS Music Video. Taylor Swift, got to work with her recently she is so much fun and a ball of energy and right now im looking to lock in another huge client, we are in the works talking now about it so I will update you guys soon.


I hear you’ve got a big announcement & I get the exclusive detaiks on what it is!! What’s the big news?

Jeremy Copeland: Yes! You guys are the FIRST to get this news so Im going to go ahead and spill the beans. Well a lot of people do not know that I did go to college for fashion design and merchandising, so while people are out here gluing chains and spike to everything calling themselves designers I actually went to college and got formal training for it. With that said I had decided to launch my own men’s boots line! Not going to reveal the name just yet but yea I’m super excited about it. Im always in a boot, I love how they make me feel and that’s what I am known for on red carpets are my boots. More details coming soon about it. 🙂


I see you’ve got a new name (JC Garçon), what’s the meaning behind it?

Jeremy Copeland: Well JC-Garcon is the Sexy Side of Jeremy Copeland. Hahaha that’s all I will say for now.

lol! Now back to your career. Your success didn’t happen overnight, what would you say helped you get this far?

Jeremy Copeland: My hunger and ability to be resilient and not taking no for an answer! I work my ass off 35/8. I do not expect handouts, I don’t bullshit with business, I play my cards right and SMART. I know this business inside and out and continue to learn everyday!


I see you have your hand in journalism now! Tell me about

Jeremy Copeland:  It’s my blog I’ll b turning into a publication this year

What tips would you give the dancers/choreographers hoping for your level of success?

Jeremy Copeland: Know that this is a business! Be smart, know your market, be original, train, and most of all BRAND!!!! Brand yourself, you are a business! Unfortunately is all about Image and being smart. Play the game smart while still remembering why you dance and you will WIN!


Tell me something people should know about you

Jeremy Copeland: OMG Ummmmm. I love people! I love simple shit. Bowl of cereal will make my day! I cherish my real friends and I’m single and need a man lmaoooo that’s about it!


How can people keep up with you?

Jeremy Copeland: Ok Facebook – Jeremy Copeland, my friends are at MAX though :-D, Twitter is @JeremyICopeland, Instagram is @_JeremyCopeland, Magazine Site is

Check out his skills!!!