#IG Style Stalk

#IG Style Stalk



I love a man in a tailored suit! Now I’m swooning for one in tailored EVERYTHING!

Meet Fashion Stylist and Style Influencer @StayflyThrash. I’ve been following him on social media for some years and his look is like none other. Some may think his style crazy, boisterous, over the top…. but one thing you can’t say is that it’s boring!


#YesGawd! (hands up emoji)

He recently decided to pick back up his youtube channel where he breaks down his #OOTD, shares style tips and savvy tutorials. Here’s the latest one:

He’s also a part of style duo NORRISxTHRASH. Check out their blog NORRISxTHRASH.com & prepare to be inspired!


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Lip Service: #HRCG Spring Pop Up Shop



5-25-13 | HRCG’s Pop-Up Shop | Spin (259 Peters St. Atlanta, GA)



“I never really went to any concerts that I wasn’t in” – Slick Rick

It’s Like that Sometimes…

Unpolished & Unapologetic series…This phrase comes from being stuck in a particular space of not really caring what society thinks. It’s the difficult times and negative situations a person overcomes, which makes them great. So for those people who have overcome adversity in any form and have the scars to show from their struggle; we created a visual representation that encourages you not to be apologetic for your journey, regardless how others may feel about it.


Gentlemen Uncensored


I’ve recently fallen in love with a new youtube channel & this time it’s not all about jokes, parodies and pranks! I’ve been following Madame Noire for some years now, probably almost as long as I’ve been on twitter! (which believe it or not has only been about 3 years) I love their content & a few weeks ago I discovered their youtube -yes, I’m super late. lol!

Their latest series, Gentlemen Uncensored, is a look inside a mans mind on various topics and relationships with opinions from different types of men like ‘The Divorcee’ ‘The Married Man’ ‘The Non-Committer’, etc.

Gentlemen Uncensored has me glued to the screen and anxious for the the next episode & you will be too! Check out Episode 2: Sex and More Sex

Part 1

Part 2

Juicy right!! Subscribe to Madame Noire for Episode 1 and to find out more about each gentleman. Also follow @MadameNoire  on twitter.

On The Scene: Voyage Fashion Gala








This past Saturday (although too cold to express without explitives!) was an amazing, fashion filled night all thanks to Mr. Noire 3000!!

N3K Fashion Gala 2013

My girls and I had great time sitting front row at the fashion show and spent the entire night ooh-ing and ahh-ing at all the fabulous fashions! -and were dressed to the tee ourselves!



N3K show me N3K muah N3K my ensemble

This show had everything!! -from the everday glamour looks to the over the top avant garde pieces, we were entertained from beginning to end!!

Talk about talent!!! One of the entertainment acts was Jay, a talented songbird that blew the away with her rendition of some popular R&B hits.

[youtube http://youtu.be/X3zHo12n0KQ]

Once again, Mr. Noire 3000 KILLED IT!!! I most certainly experienced “A Night of Fashion like never before”! See all the pics here

Blondie’s Spotlight




JLamar of Shy Tie

Menswear has so many creative elements, but if you thought you’ve seen it all, honi, you ain’t seen nothin yet! lol! Designer JLamar of Shy Tie breaks down how his unique & stylish neckwear line came about & what we can expect to see next.

Shop here ShyTie.com (I ordered mine last night! Shop RIGHT NOW & get in on FREE SHIPPING!!)

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Lip Service: BEE Clothing Company


Spring 2013 Preview: B.E.E. (Beat Every Enemy) Clothing Company – Launched December 2012


BEE (Beat Every Enemy) Clothing Company’s online store has officially launched. A true to its culture streetwear company, BEE is co-founded by pro skateboarder, Pat Washington.

Check out the images below that preview the upcoming Spring 2013 Look Book, as well as BEE’s online store, and watch for the development of BEE’s skate team.

About BEE Clothing:

B.E.E. (BEAT EVERY ENEMY) Clothing Company is inspired by the young HIP HOP LIFESTYLE of making it regardless of who you are, where you come from, and what you’ve done. This new streetwear apparel brand represents those individuals who choose to fight, and not let circumstances control their outcome. Whether it’s a pursuit for a better life, or just seeking acceptance, B.E.E. Clothing is a fashion statement for the fighter in all of us.

B.E.E. Clothing is also represented by a carefully curated skate team led by OG street skate legend,Pat Washington.

As it grows, B.E.E. Clothing plans to introduce accessories, snapbacks, and numerous cut & sew items in addition to their current collection of graphic T’s.

B.E.E. Clothing is not intended for the weak.

Screen shot 2013-01-07 at 3.18.31 PM

The BEE Online Store is Now Open!



Online StoreBEEClothingCo.com

Spring 2013 Look Book Coming Soon

Screen shot 2013-01-07 at 3.18.04 PM

Contact for Media:

Lana Perry, HS8 Agency
(657) 206-6232

On The Scene: #HRCG Release Event


Another event I it up this past Saturday was the Honor Roll Clothing Group Release Event! The guys always show me love so of course I was gonna be in the building to show support!

Find all the On The Scene pics here

What makes a “Bad B****”?


I have no idea where it started but for some reason we’ve become fascinated with being a “bad bitch”. I mean we could blame Trina for calling herself “The baddest b****” but she’s been saying that since the late 90’s & this is a more recent phenomenon.

Now I’m not gonna lie, I have tossed it around with my friends in a “Ooh b****!!! You better work!!” meant entirely as a compliment but even with the most excitement I feel a sting from the b**** part when it’s said back to me. I think when I hear it, in the back of my mind I’m picturing a Shenehneh like character that uses her physical appearance to get what she wants & doesn’t complete her night without acting a fool in public.

Shenehneh Jenkins

Before you judge I’m far from stuck up but my friends can tell you I’m not one for unnecessary attention in public. I do not hesitate to leave a “ratchet” situation in a heartbeat! lol!

But this ain’t about me! The original question is “What makes a bad bitch?” I’m thinking Shenehneh is isn’t far off  . . . I believe the guys at Dormtainment have the right idea.

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Like any other phrase “bad b****” is open to interpretation, but how bad do yo want to be one? Ponder on that & think about this:


I Love me some Lupe!!