“Aye, you see that s*** kuddie?!”


Oh my God!!!

I was having a crappy day at work (Hello! It’s the 4th, everybody’s enjoying pools & BBQ’s & I’m at work NOT doing all that!) Any who, I spent my break combing youtube for something to listen too & something to laugh at & boy did I find it!!! The Crew Real guys are FUNNY AS HELL!!!!! I spent my break (& some time I was actually supposed to be working) dying laughing at their skits!! Here are some of my favs

Ratchet Fight

[youtube http://youtu.be/CmJJYBtk1Jc]

Undercover Friends

[youtube http://youtu.be/FkY4DVj2xdg]


[youtube http://youtu.be/jpd3SXcL_GU]

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Find more from these guys on their youtube channels!!:

KEV’S TWITTER- http://www.Twitter.com/KevinEdwardsJr
KEV’S FACEBOOK- http://www.Facebook.com/TheKevinEdwardsJr
KEV’S INSTAGRAM- kevinedwardsjr
BRACHE’S CHANNEL- http://www.Youtube.com/BracheHayes
BRACHE’S TWITTER- http://www.Twitter.com/BracheHayes
TODD’S CHANNEL- http://www.Youtube.com/TJonesTheSecond
TODD’S TWITTER- http://www.Twitter.com/ToddJonesII
TODD’S INSTAGRAM- tjonesthesecond
DJENKS TWITTER: http://Twitter.com/DJenkk
DJENK’S FACEBOOK: Derrick Jenkins

The New ____ of Comedy


The hilarious & talented @SpokenReasons released his highly anticipated mix tape “The New  _._._._. of Comedy”!!! Check it out!


SpokenReasons The New -_-_-_-_- of Comedy



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Check out 2 videos from the mixtape

Best Song Ever Pt 2 Remix

“Electric Wheelchair” ft @BillySorrells

Say What?!


Y’all already know what time it is!!! (but in case you don’t->) IT’S FUNARIOS TUESDAY!!!!

The guys took it upon themselves to help those of you not up on the current hip hop slang in our modern society. How nice of them! lol! Check it out!:

Hood Translations

Also I was slacking last week (my bad!! but y’all forget most of the time I’m doing this at my day job!) so here’s last week’s video as well

Step Daddy Ft. Rodney Perry

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“My sides are still hurting!!”


If you haven’t noticed by now I love to laugh!! I tend to post a video of some type of hilarity once a week & I’m seriously thinking about doing a weekly segment -like #MusicMondays but for comedy of course! Either way, I saw the guys from FUNarios posted their weekly video while I was still at work & made the horrible mistake of watching it when I got home! I stayed up til 6AM watch almost all of their hilarious skits & parodies along with some of my other youtube staples like Billy Sorrells & Spoken Reasons. Needless to say I’m tired af!!! But it was worth it to laugh my ass off until the break of dawn, LITERALLY! lol!

Check out the latest from these funny men below:

The Roasting Games

[youtube http://youtu.be/Ro5M2qMxxFk]

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Hood Wars Episode 1

[youtube http://youtu.be/NjrI3I9tKzg]

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Is that really that they put in there?


I was up late last nite/ this morning twittering my life away when I came across my boy @Rachet_N_Blu (an ASU RAM!!!) hilarious new video!!! If you’ve ever been to college or around ANY greeks you know we all have at least one signature drink. Now with the summertime heat dehydrating people & Ken being the helpful Sigma man he is, I guess he decided to quench it with the recipe for Blu JooSe (no, that’s not a typo). Check it out below:

ABSOLUTE Foolishness!!! lol!

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Can’t be mad if it’s true!


Alright people it’s summertime & if you’re greek or know anyone who is you know the Greek Picnics are coming!!! I was on twitter earlier checking my TL & I saw @ATLgreekpicnic was hyping a video called “Sh*t Greeks Say”. Being a Lovely Lady of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.
(SKEE WEEEE my sorors!! *flips hair*)
I had to check it out & see if I or any of my D9 family was and/or is in violation of any of these cliches. Well, like the title of the post “Can’t be mad if it’s true!!” Lol!

Check it out:

 & there’s a part 2!!

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I’m still laughing!!!


The funny guys over at FUNarios are at it again!!!

I was just about to get off from a “mentally challenging” (to put it nicely) shift when I saw @comedianlonnie talking about a new skit. Now since pulling some WWE wrestling moves on a specific coworker were all that was crossing my mind I figured a good laugh would soothe the raging beast within & luckily for him it worked!!

Check out their latest video “The Ex Boyfriend”

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWkh7ICBRck&feature=youtube_gdata_player]

Find more hilarious FUNarios videos on their Youtube

I needed that!!


Okay, so this week . . . no, THIS MONTH has been stressing me out beyond belief!! It seems like everyday there’s some new BS that I have to deal with at work or at home and as much as I’d like to go on a cursing spree (I’m such a lady, except when I curse. I curse like a sailor! Sorry Mommy!) & tell every single person about themselves I swallow my tongue, put on a professional face, continue to excel at what I do & watch the clock til it’s leave that place & move to the next stressful one!!! Ugh!!! Needless to say I need a vacation, medication, intoxication . . . . but I digress. lol!

So I’m on my break (if you can call it that) doing my usual combing of the internet & I happen upon one of my favorite funny men Billy Sorrells!!! His video gave me LIFE!! & now I can finish this shift without killing anybody! lol!

Sleezy Moment Other Guy (Fixed) @SleezyDee

[youtube http://youtu.be/Eca6h2-aXJM]

Billy Sorrells & Deric Evans Man Code 7

[youtube http://youtu.be/2gMwIyN85rw]

@BillySorrells Stuntman Billy Beneval Episode 2

[youtube http://youtu.be/3brv-SVpFhE]

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