“I wish you would!!”


I bet you thought that Dukk’s NAPS series was over & done with. That since Atlanta Greek Picnic had passed that he was done messing with the D9 for the rest of the year . . .


lol! Today he released the 3rd episode of his #NAPS greek reality show, and from watching it I can tell you the Redz don’t want it with the Zetas & the Kappas can wash my car ANY day (jus not like that. lol!). Take a look!

These wigs & makeup! SMH. lol! I got a sneak peek last night & have been rolling ever since!!

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#NAPS is back!!


If you thought #NAPS was the end to Dukk’s AGP videos, you were sadly mistaken!

Checkout episode 2

PSA- if the last one offended you, you don’t even click on this one. lol!

Remember D9 Fam, Atlanta Greek Picnic is coming soon! Check out AtlantaGreekPicnic.com for all the details on the “Biggest and Best Greek Picnic weekend in the country”! #AGP2013

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Blondie’s Spotlight




Deandre “DUKK” Corder

First of all, his name is Dukk -pronounced “Duck”, not Duke. Now that we got that out the way . . . lol!

Whether it’s a parody of your favorite song, relationship advice or making you lmao at black greek letter organizations, his job is to make you laugh & he’s on the clock 24/7!  I caught up with the Flint, MI native to find out how he got his start & what makes him one to look out for.

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Check out them #NAPS!!!


Dukk is at it again!!!

The ATL based comedian is back with another greek parody to get everyone fired up about Atlanta Greek Picnic!! And as usual, this one does not disappoint!!!

*Warning* If you are in a D9 organization and have not yet learned to laugh at yourself & your organizations stereotypes, this video ain’t for you. lol!

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Atlanta Greek Picnic 2013 is June 5 – 9th!! Will you be there?!

I went last year & had a blast!! I even ran into Dukk!




Ever used online dating? Ever thought about it? Ever get tired of being single? Then this one’s for you! lol!

Y’all know I love me some Black & Sexy TV & they’re BACK!!! This time they’re giving us a new series called Hello Cupid about two friends & their online dating adventures. Here’s episode one

[youtube http://youtu.be/t0eHcbez_LU]

I think the episode was waaaaay too short but it was just long enough to have me eating out of their hands!!! Next episode airs 3/17 & Black & Sexy TV drops new videos every Sunday!!! Subscribe & don’t miss a thing!

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Do the Harlem Shake!!


I noticed the buzz around the 30sec Harlem Shake dance is starting to fade but before it becomes old & completely lame I compiled my faves for your viewing pleasure!

-it’s the beginning of the work week & you know you could use a laugh!

My own coworkers even got into it!!

I’m sure there are tons more hilarious Harlem Shake videos & I’d love to see em! Leave the title of link in the comments or tweet em to me @BlondiesLipstk



Keeping with the Dormtainment theme of the day I decided to post my fave youtube videos! Enjoy!!

I missed the gym today, this felt appropriate. lol!

There are sooooo many more videos that I love but I can’t post em all!! lol! Check them out here on youtube!!


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Lip Service: Broke & Famous


Them Dormtainment boys -never heard of em? SHAME ON YOU!!!- are at it again!!! The team of 6 known for YouTube gold have put their heads & talents together again, this time to release an album!! That’s right, not mixtape, an album!

broke and famous

They recently had a video shoot for the first single “Ass on the Internet” in ATL (shol hate I missed it!! . . . even though I can’t twerk like that! lol!)

The album “Broke & Famous” was released yesterday & is not one you wanna sleep on! Don’t jus listen to the snippets, support these guys hard work & BUY IT NOW on iTunes & on Amazon!! I already have mine!


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Relationship SNAFU!!!


So if you’re a military brat or are just good at acronyms then you know what the title means. For those of you who don’t, dont feel bad, neither did I til my coworkers told me! lol! SNAFU is a military term that stands for Situation Normal, All Fucked Up! lol! Now with my recent luck in relationships this phase seems to fit my luck with most guys. Things are going good (at least I think they are!) then all of a sudden he’s super stalker or is an atheist, or has 3 kids he forgot to mention in our past 6 dates, or still has a girlfriend & is tryna audition me a the side line hoe, or he aint got no job & kicks it on the couch all day . . . . the list goes on & on! (yes some of those are fictional, my love life aint that bad!!) Point is shit becomes “All Fucked Up!”  You know you’ve been there too!

Well the talented & delightfully awkward Issa Rae has heard our plight ladies & gents!!! She teamed up with Black & Sexy TV & brought us a new refreshing series called Roomieloverfriends that I cant get enough of!! & what perfect timing, cause according to twitter it’s “cuffing season” & some of us should be snuggling up with this youtube channel instead of Mr. or Mrs. Right Now! lol! Check out episode 1:

[youtube http://youtu.be/kmFHRgl2pek]

Great right?!!! Well lucky you the series started 3 weeks ago & she uploads a new episode to her channel every Saturday! Catch up & subscribe here!!

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Well does it?!!


Hey y’all!! So I know I haven’t hit y’all with any funny videos lately (my bad, my bad!) so here’s my redemption! & trust me you will love it!

Ever been in a situation where you reacted off of instinct and wanted to know “Does this make me an asshole?” Well the Funarios guys put their heads together & made it the subject of their most recent series! Check out the videos below & if any of these situations are familiar tell me how you handled them!

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HILARIOUS!!!! lol! Well does it?