Last Minute Gift Ideas *Fellas*


It’s the last few days before the biggest gift giving holiday of the year and perhaps you haven’t gotten a gift for that special someone? Well fret no more, **Blondie’s Lipstick** is hear 2 help! Here are three types of guys and several gift ideas for each one. Happy shopping!!
Kwab *Easy*
Kwab is our athlete. You can pretty much guess what he’s going to wear each day –graphic tee, jeans and Nikes, a white tee, basketball shorts and athletic slides or some variation of those items. Every blue moon he might switch it up with a polo shirt or some dress pants but he pretty much stay in that zone. So what do you get the athlete in your life?:
  • He lives in gym clothes so why not help him get in shape. A home gym system or gym membership will guarantee to have him in shape when his season comes around
  • Under $20- Kwab loves baseball and anything to help better his game. Check out TJ Maxx to see if you can find him some batting gloves or other baseball accessories
  • Technological- As a lover of sports and technology he’ll love a video game dealing with fighting or sports. Try MLB 2K10 or Call of Duty: Black Ops
Jerry *Moderate*
Jerry is our in between. When you see him he could have on a graphic tee and jeans, a polo and khakis, or a button down, dress slacks and square toes. His dress fluctuates from day to day depending on his mood but he always puts his best foot forward. So what do you get the fashion wild card in your life?:
  • Always smelling good, get him one of the new 4 Polo Colognes or American Eagle’s new Vintage for Men
  • Under $20- Since he likes to dress up every now and then a nice colorful tie from Calvin Klien, Perry Ellis, or DKNY
  • Technological- Jerry is our aspiring filmmaker so why not get him a MacBook Air with film editing soft ware
Aston *Hard*
Aston is our hardhead. Everyone knows that guy who practically only wears clothes from a particular brand, be it Polo, Jordan, Hollister, American Apparel, etc. No matter how many times you try to help him open up his fashion mindset he stays in his rut. So how do coax your hardhead into a gift he’ll love?:
  • This well-dressed man loves to be on time. Help him go everywhere in style when you get him a Seiko watch from your nearest jewelry store
  • Under $20: It’s cold out there and as a musician Aston needs to keep his pipes warm. Get him a nice scarf from a local department store that will easily transcend his wardrobe from day to day
  • Technology- As musician and artist he will appreciate anything that will help him hone his craft. Watch him light up when he unwraps the latest Beats by Dre

Spice up the dull days of Winter!!

The temp is steadily dropping, the wind is whipping outside and layers are no longer just for looks. That can only mean one thing: WINTER! Now personally I’m not a fan of the winter months (I’m a summer baby!), but I love fashion too much to not be able to appreciate a nice pea coat or a pair of hot suede boots or any other cold weather attire. But just because its dull outside doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to be! I don’t know who thought it was a rule to wear bright colors in the warm moths and restrict yourself to winter white, grey, black and brown for cold months, but we all know some rules were meant to be broken J
Now with every broken rule there are right and wrong ways to execute it. Prime example of how you don’t want to look- stroll down memory lane back to the 80’s & early 90’s. BIG no no!! lol! Instead of thinking “I want to be as decorated as the Christmas tree”, try signature pieces that are eye catching but not over powering.

 Hats- Beanies and beret’s are always cute and stylish but if you want to step it up a little try a felt flapper hat

Scarves- These are all weather accessories but just remember to pick a thicker fabric to be more functional in winter
Shoes- Your shoe game should always be fabulous regardless of the weather, but in winter make sure they have a sole with a grip or you could hurt yourself (casts are never in style!)
Gloves- Step outside of the norm and check out some gloves at Hot Topic and other alternative clothing retailers. Their fingerless gloves are really cute
Coat- Don’t just get a coat for warmth! Experiment with patterns and cut to better flatter your silhouette

Must Have Winter Accessories

These are the top Must Have accessories for winter. Pick one or try them all, either way your guaranteed to look as crisp as air outside!
Love to text but don’t want your fingers getting cold? Try a cozy pair of Fingerless Gloves. Almost every phone is touch screen these days and trust me, there’s nothing more irritating than having to take off your entire glove because you can’t txt as well with one thumb as you thought! Lol!
Want to carry over those short skirts and cute shorts but the tights and pumps or booties trick not keeping you warm enough? Get yourself a pair of Knee/Thigh Boots. Wear that cute mini over those tights or leggings, slip on a pair of these along with your coat and now your body is protected from being slammed by the direct cold.
Need a way to keep your head warm but hoods and beanies not your thing? Try a Beret. Now your head is cozy and you look beyond cute! You can also add a cute jeweled or feather pin to add a little flair.
Now Faux Fur has always been a warm and animal friendly alternative to shake up your winter wardrobe and this season is no different. Whether its trimming your boots, a furry accent on your hat or covering your coat, faux fur is alive and well in exciting colors, patterns and always oh so soft.

Black Heart Accessories **Designer of the Month**

Unique, eye catching jewelry, guaranteed one of a kind. It’s designed to not only fit the designer but also the customer. We caught up with Ashlei Shannon, creator of Black Heart Accessories and our **Designer of the Month**, to give us a little insight on her life and her increasingly popular line of jewelry.
Blondie’s Lipstick What was the inspiration behind the name of your line/ jewelry?
**Black Heart Accessories** The name Black Heart is quite literal. It was inspired by the death of a relationship that had recently ended around the time of Black Heart’s creation. Black is often associated with death, mourning, darkness, and gloom and all of these things were exactly what my heart was feeling at the time. I was so eager to get my mind off of my ex that I began to search for new hobbies– new ways to keep from crying. I tried shopping for a while. Then I realized that hobby was too expensive. Then, I began to express myself artistically. I began to mix fashion and art as a form of expression. The ex was my muse. In fact, the very first pair of earrings I made for myself read “I HATE LOVE”. [laughs]
My accessories are inspired by so many things. (fashion, art, music, historic events, current events, cartoons, greek life, quotes, feelings, emotions, ect.) I could go on and on. I can draw inspiration from virtually anywhere. Hell, I made some earrings out of crayons before. [laughs]
Marilyn Monroe quote
My President is Black
AKA earrings
DST stud earrings
Shoe/shade earrings
BL How did you get started making jewelry?
**BHA** Since I was a little girl, I have been addicted to fashion and in love with art. As I stated previously, making accessories started as a hobby. I’d gone shopping for some jewelry one day and was so disappointed in the selection that I decided to make my own jewelry. (This was back in 2008 when flashy jewelry hadn’t quite made it’s comeback and being the flashy, BOOM, POW girl I am, I wasn’t at all impressed with the dull selection I was given.) So, I took a few supplies I had lying around the house including a vogue magazine, some cardboard, glue, and the backs off some old earrings I had, & created my own earrings. The next day, I wore them and had like 5 people ask me where I got my earrings from. That day was the day my business emerged.
I try to better my craft with every new line I put out. I study fashion magazines to see what’s HOT and I usually do the opposite. [laughs]. I try to stay away from trends at all costs. As far as actual design execution is concerned, I attend jewelry making workshops and I’ve even taught myself a few techniques.
BL Is making jewelry just a hobby for you or are you trying to turn it into a career?
**BHA** Making accessories started as a hobby, and will always be a hobby as it is something I love to do. I think when you start viewing your hobby as a “job”, you start to hate it. However, being a business major and lover of all things fashion, I plan on opening a fashion boutique, where I can sell my accessories, as well as other custom pieces upon graduation.
BL Would you ever consider a partnering with another up & coming designer (clothing or other accessories)?
**BHA**Simply put, if it makes money or gives me some positive exposure, it makes sense. I would love to work with an up and coming clothing designer on a fashion show or photo shoot. Working with the competition (another accessory designer)…not so much.
BL Tell us something readers should know about you or Black Heart Accessories.
**BHA**Black Heart can be considered “avant-garde” because I’m not afraid to step out of the box when designing and creating. I challenge boundaries, and create jewelry that is very “different”, yet wearable. I’m all about originality. I VOW never create the same item twice. SO DON’T ASK!!! [laughs]. I put a lot of LOVE into my work and I wouldn’t put anything out that I wouldn’t wear myself. Although jewelry is my main business, I sell all kinds of accessories (i.e. pins, hair accessories, home décor, and car tags). Items range from $5-$25
Fashion collage
Over-sized pin
If you’re interested in more of Black Heart Accessories jewelry you’ve seen or want to purchase items, contact Shannon
TWITTER: @BHAccessories
BHA Email:

Show Some Leg


Last month we told you how to stretch those Summer pieces through Fall but we can’t just leave you hanging without a proper guide on how! My favorite of all the tips was adding tights to a skirt or pair of shorts.

If you think flesh colored stockings are only for business or church, you’re wrong!
When it gets chilly outside but you still want to wear that glam mini dress to the club, throw on those and they won’t clash with your outfit. 

Want to add a little spice? You can’t go wrong with seamed stockings.

Fishnets have come a long way from the stripper pole to main stream. The smaller the “netting” and the darker the color, the easier they’ll blend with your outfit. 

Solid tights were cute when you were little and have made their way back into the spot light. You can find them everywhere in various shades and whether they’re sheer or opaque they add a little oomph to any drab or dull fall outfit.

Now there are always the tricky ones- patterned tights. A solid pattern is as versatile as solid tights but with multicolored tights be careful not to clash or you could end up looking clownish.

World Wide Wylie: Focusing on Fashion & Fun

by Wylie J. Stokeshart
Checkout the following sites for fast fabulous fashion & fun:
DailyCandy – This website has up-to-the-minute news on what’s hot. They manage to “bring it” from all over the country in the most refreshing way…while it’s NEW! Sign up for their newsletter. It won’t disappoint! Daily Candy…How sweet! 
LateBoots – If you want to enjoy fashion, culture, and style on a level like you never seen, then check out Lateboots. Babyyyyy! When I tell youuuuu Marquis Phifer & Sham Shirley keep IT coming like water from a faucet. And when I say IT, I mean INCREDIBLE TENACITY! The vim & vigor with which this dynamic duo presents fashion, culture, nightlife, and the GRIND are relentless. From Atlanta to New York and points in-between they do brand public relations with fresh style and class! Don’t get it twisted…these folk are global as they are well-known across the pond, too. Something akin to an arousingly-rambunctious reality show, LateBoots is the Legion of Lovely and I can’t wait to see what pretty pleasantries they will post next. Don’t forget to checkout the supporting cast: Lo, Brooke, countless celebs, & luxuriously-exotic locales. They provide an amazing frame for the beautiful picture that is LateBoots. Phifer! Sham! … sips of Veuve and LateBoots Lego pins to you both! Follow them on Twitter @LateBoots.
Simon Pink Ribbon – I don’t know about you, but some of the most fun I’ve ever had has been in a Simon Mall. Some days a Simon Mall (the shops, merchandise, & shoppers within) seem to be my raison d’être. This website not only lets you find a Simon Mall wherever you travel. It also informs you of mall goings-on like fashion shows & charity events. Click on the right link and the tracking of your spending on those wonderful Simon Mall Gift cards is at your fingertips. Perfect for holidays, birthdays, or just because, the cards can be ordered, customized and shipped all on-line. I love Simon Malls because they have the stores we need: Louis, Gucci, Neimans, Yurman, and then sprinkle in a little Saks, Bloomies, & Nordstrom. In addition to these, a wide variety of shops are available in these diverse epicenters of fashion. You can still find vendors, cosmetic services, and sales! Don’t trip though…Valet is always available! J The food courts inside the malls are good and there is great variety. However, there are always fabulous eateries surrounding these Utopias. Everyone knows… Simon Malls give you More Choices!

The Hottest Handbags!! **Designer of the Month**

Looking for something unique to add some flair to your wardrobe? Well look no further than BellaDonna Handbags!! Designed and handmade by its owner, Sonique O’Neal, these bags come with the motto “No jewelry, No makeup, No accessories needed… IT’S ALL IN THE BAG”.
                Always a trendsetter, O’Neal’s brand came as a natural talent. She says “BellaDonna Handbags came about from me doing something I have always enjoyed doing. I am a very artistic and creative person. So, one day I decided to actually use the talent as opposed to wasting it. I started designing the bags, and they started selling.” After viewing a few of her bags it’s plain to see that she specializes in making the ordinary Extraordinary! When asked about her inspiration for her one-of-a-kind accessories she replies “My inspiration all falls around one term, FASHION. I am extremely fashion savvy and want to put that to use. The word “BellaDonna” actually refers to a type of flower. The flower is extremely dangerous but very beautiful. So, in that sense, I want my bags to be looked at as being dangerously beautiful.”
 Want to check out her bags for yourself? Visit her website where all the bags are posted with a name and description of each. Also you can email her via or message her on twitter about any other inquiries. Look forward to big things from O’Neal, because this diva is going places! I personally love BellaDonna Handbags and she has definitely earned the title of **Designer of the Month**.

Look Fab in Fall!!

Even though it’s not fully Fall, these tips can help you transition your wardrobe to prepare for the change in temperature. Fall’s fashion is all about layering, touches of bright color and accessories! Want to continue wearing that sundress or shorts into Fall? Try layering the dress with a tank, cardigan and boots and adding a blazer, colorful patterned tights and round toe flats or pumps with the shorts.
 Denim jackets and shirts have made a comeback but instead of matching the pants and top, mix light, dark, grey or colored denim for a change of pace. The lumberjack look of plaid button downs is still in, but remix it this season with a denim vest, shorts and cowboy boots. (I love this seasons looks at American Apparel!! Girls-, Guys- On a budget? Try one of my favorite stores, American Eagle Outfitters! Girls-, Guys-
Add a splash of color to any outfit with a bright belt, shoes or an eye catching bag [like the **Designer of the Month** BellaDonna Handbags]. Long necklaces transition from season to season, day to night and can also double as a belt. Also colorful bracelets and rings are an excellent way to draw attention to the nails which are featuring soft turquoise and blue’s, various shades of pink and shimmering metallic’s. Makeup can still include those bronzy summer colors but add color to either the eyes (like lining lids with green or orange) or lips (like a berry or wine lip stain) and pairing it with a skin complementing blush. Try these tips, added to your own personal flair, and you’ll be looking fabulous all throughout Fall!!