Fall Beauty Trends

Fall Beauty Trends


Fall is always an exciting time of year for beauty lovers. With Christmas on the horizon, you can expect many stunning beauty trends to follow. If you want to stay up to date with everything that’s happening on the beauty scene, then you might be interested in the trends for Fall 2015.


Oh so flush!

This fall, you can expect to see less contouring and barer faced looks, as you are going to see flushed skin, instead of highlighting. If you love the typical English Rose look, or just a hint of blush then this is the perfect trend for you.

How to do it – keep your base natural and apply just a small amount of blush on to the apples of your cheeks. You could use a cheek tint, if it’s easier for you to apply.

What to useBenefit Benetint Lip & cheek Stain, Clinique Cheek Pop, Ben Nye Powder

Go gothic!

Gothic trends were all over the runway earlier this year, and it’s an easy trend to try out. Opt for dark lips and matte skin, or go for thick black liner.

How to do it – go for either lips or eyes as applying both dark lipstick and black liner will appear too heavy.

What to useClinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey, Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick in Blackmail, Kevyn Aucoin Liner

Back to the eighties!

An ode to the 80’s was a key trend at fall fashion week. Super bright eyeshadow is something that you might not want to try out, so opt for dark nude lips or shimmery eyes instead.

How to do it – wear a nude lip, or go for glittery, slightly metallic eye shades.

What to useUrban Decay Revolution Lipgloss in Kinky, Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Bahama, Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow in Cosmic

Smokey eyes with a twist!

Smokey eyes are always a popular trend at this time of year, especially for wearing in the evening. This fall, opt for dark grey or navy shades instead of brown and blacks.

How to do it – keep your lips simple and wear a dark, smokey eye with lots of mascara.

What to useMAC Eyeshadow in Deep Truth, Nars Dual Intensity Eyeshadow in Giove, Make Up Geek Eyeshadow in Stealth

Simple shadow!

If you lead a busy lifestyle then this is one trend you can get on board with. Eyes are kept really basic, with just a simple wash of color. Opt for a light or dark nude and swipe all over the lid of the eye.

How to do it – apply just one layer of color on the eyes. Keep mascara looking natural, and opt for a light pink or nude lip.

What to useMAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Vintage Selection, Stila Eyeshadow in Kitten, Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

Hollywood red!

Red lips make a striking makeup look. Anyone can wear a red lip, you just need to find perfect shade and texture for you.

How to do it – scrub your lips beforehand and moisturize, especially if you’re wearing a matte red lip. Keep the rest of your makeup basic and focus your attention on the lip area.

What to useMAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo, Smashbox Lipstick in Legendary, Clinique Chubby Stick Lip Color in Mightiest Maraschino

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Get That Summer Glow – No Filter

Get That Summer Glow – No Filter



Being just a few days away from Labor Day, it’s safe to say the Summer is coming to an end.
That’s right ladies prepare to say goodbye to your bikinis and booty shorts and hello to sexy sweaters and leggings.
As we head into fall our skimpy wardrobes and beautiful beach days won’t be the only things we miss.
It doesn’t matter what your skin tone is like there’s just something about the summertime that brings out the glowing Goddess is in ALL of us.
If you’re interested in keeping your Summer glow all year around -without the help of a few Instagram filters- read the advice below!
Beautiful Skin Comes From Within 
The best way to make sure you get that perfect Summer glow all year round is by eating a diet rich in the vitamins and minerals proven to promote healthy skin and one of those vitamins is none other than Vitamin E.
Vitamin E is one of the most, if not the most, important vitamins for skincare. When taken internally it can reduce wrinkles and fine lines, fight free radicals and much more.
This precious vitamin can be found in green leafy vegetables, nuts and avocados, just to name a few. If you can’t be bothered with all of that, you can pick up a bottle of vitamin E capsules from your local drugstore or supermarket.
Sweat It Out
Everyone knows regular exercise can provide a slew of health benefits including improved mood and increased energy levels, but did you know that it can also help your skin get that coveted Summer glow?
Exercise both increases circulation and reduces inflammation meaning that the improved blood flow will help carry waste products away from healthy cells and your skin cells will stay nourished and beautiful.
Exercise doesn’t even have to be hard! All you need to see results is 45 minutes a day of moderate cardio, such as running or dancing, five days a week. Within a few weeks you’ll be able to see the amazing changes to your skin.
Don’t Hate, Exfoliate
Another great way to get that glow is through exfoliation. Exfoliation is a process that removes dead skin cells  from the surface of your skin to reveal the beautiful glowing skin underneath.
Our bodies shed millions and millions of skin cells each day and naturally because we don’t see large sheets of dead skin all around us, it’s easy to assume that not all of the dead skin comes off.
To get rid of this buildup you can use anything from exfoliating scrubs to body brushes and chemical peels. It’s not “one-size-fits-all” so do a bit of research and find out which exfoliation method is best for you.
If You Can’t Join Them, Beat Them 
Surprise surprise I’m talking about make up.
Now I’m not saying to go and “beat” your face, but instead you should use a product that gives you sheer coverage such as a BB cream or tinted moisturizer, both of which cover skin imperfections and leave you with a natural, dewey look.
If you find it’s not enough glow or you, just add a little bronzer and you’ll be ready to go no matter what time of year it is!
If you follow these tips you’ll definitely have that summer glow all year round.
Do you have any tips for getting glowing skin that you’d like to share? Comment below!

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The Best Products for Healthy Hair

The Best Products for Healthy Hair


Our hair is just one part of our body that gets pretty damaged. There are several reasons why our hair can become damaged so quickly, however, there are also a few solutions that can help us achieve glossy, healthy locks.

Whether you have short or long hair, finding the right products can be a real challenge. So, how do you know which products to use? Here’s our essential guide for discovering the best products for healthy hair.


Our hair can become damaged by environmental factors, heat appliances, and a poor diet. So, to find the best products, we need to look for those that will address these factors.

Redken Extreme Anti-Snap

Redken’s miracle in a bottle product addresses all signs of hair damage. From weak hair to split ends, this leave in treatment helps to strengthen damaged hair while providing heat protection. Ceramide and proteins work to repair damaged strands while 18-MEA enhances shine. You can use this treatment on dry or damp hair, though it’s recommended to be used before styling. Simply, dispense a small amount from the pump bottle and apply evenly all over the hair.

Kerastase Resistance Ciment Thermique Resurfacing Reinforcing Milk

A heat protection must have, this creamy treatment is a heat activated milk that protects damaged hair. This hair product is best applied to damp hair before styling and instantly smooths to make styling easier. Helping to strengthen split ends, your locks will look shinier and healthier after use.

Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream

This anti-frizz cream is formulated without silicones or oils to condition the hair while aiding styling. As silicones and oils can weigh the hair down, this cream is super lightweight and avoids build up to give your hair a smooth, shiny, and healthy look (although personally I use organic oils for face sometimes too). You can use this cream before styling to ensure that your locks look tame and conditioned.

Macadamia Deep Repair Hair Masque

If you need intense hydration then this is the perfect product for you. Formulated to rebuild damaged hair, this rich hair treatment is used after shampooing. You can leave it to work its magic for up to half an hour to nourish and repair. After rinsing, style your hair as normal and you’ll have silky, shiny and bouncy locks.

Orofluido Elixir

While some oils can leave your hair feeling greasy, this incredible hair oil strengthens and adds shine. If you have dull, damaged hair, use this oil after styling to leave your hair looking glossy. With a vanilla scent, not only does this product smell dreamy, it also works to protect the hair from sun damage. Enriched with argan, linseed and cyperus oils, it’s lightweight and hydrating. It’s won many awards in the beauty sector which proves how popular this elixir is. Use in place of your normal shine or finishing spray.

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I’m In Love With Nike Leggings

I’m In Love With Nike Leggings


Right now, I’m hooked on wearing Nike leggings. I really think they complement your body and feel great.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but these are trending big time and a lot of celebrities are helping this trend by wearing them while doing their shopping and daily routines (not just going to the gym)

Nike Leggings

If you’re like me and do a lot of exercising, on your “rest days” I like my legs to recover by wearing leggings. My legs sometimes ache from running, yoga and squats etc. so I tend to wear my Nike’s (if I can) after my workout too.

I’ve got so many pairs of leggings in my wardrobe; I think I’m obsessed. I get really excited when I go shopping and see them… sounds sad and pathetic but it’s true! I love looking after my body after a workout and I feel by wearing these leggings, it helps me.

Here are some of the funky pairs available right now for you to buy!


These are called Nike ForeverGradient and are quite think so these are for the cooler days. Retail price $150, a bit prices but are worth it and are available in 2 colourways – black and Persian violet.


These are the Nike Legendary Jacquard training leggings. They are $100 and are available in 2 colourways – Black/black (even though they look like grey) and radiant emerald/black.


If you’re looking for a bright colour then go for these. These are the Nike Pro Hyperwarm Mezzo’s and are priced at $60. Be aware that these are base layering and are see-through! Don’t wear printed underwear unless you want everyone to see.


A Guide to MAC Cosmetics Pt.2

A Guide to MAC Cosmetics Pt.2


Following on from our recent MAC guide, we thought you would might like to delve into the brand a little deeper. MAC cosmetics are a popular beauty brand and they have hundreds of products to choose from, so how do you know what are the best products to purchase? Here are the beauty products you need in your collection.


The Neutrals

MAC have a vast range of eyeshadows. You can purchase these in pan size and put them straight into a palette (which you’ll need to purchase separately) or you can buy them in regular casing – these are slightly more expensive than pans but you can depot them manually into a palette. As with many MAC products, shadows have different finishes. The main ones to look out for are matte, veluxe pearl (metallic shimmer), frost (slightly shimmery), lustre (slightly glittery), satin (slight sheen) and velvet (demi matte).

From the original line up, our recommendations for starting a MAC shadow collection are;

*Satin taupe (frost) – a taupe brown with subtle silver shimmer. This shadow is buttery smooth and soft with high pigmentation. It’s truly one of the brands best shadows and will fit into any shadow collection.

*Era (satin) – a gold beige with subtle shimmer. One of MAC’s underrated shades, this shadow is perfect for the majority of skin tones and is super soft without any fallout.

*Malt (matte) – a pinky beige. This shadow is highly recommended for those who love a matte finish. The texture is soft and longwearing without feeling dry or chalky.

*All that glitters (veluxe pearl) – beige with gold pearl. This shadow is a popular choice for many and is a truly stunning shade that will complement any palette.

These neutral shades make a good basic line-up for any palette and can be paired with many other shades for a range of looks.

If you prefer a different texture of shadow then opt for a cream formula.

Paint Pots

Paint pots are a cream shadow that can be used as a primer, wash of color or paired with other shades. These are very longwearing and are ideal for those with oily skin.

Our pick of shades includes:

*Bare study – a light beige with gold pearl.

*Indianwood – metallic bronze.

*Vintage selection – peach beige with a frost finish.

The Liner

If you wear liner then try MAC Fluidlines. These are a gel liner that have a creamy and blendable formula for longwearing color. The liner needs to be applied with a brush – a pointed or flat brush is ideal. Here are our picks:

*Blacktrack – classic black that is a staple in many makeup collections.

*Macroviolet – a deep purple with subtle red pearl. An ideal choice if you want a hint of color on your eyes.

*Dipdown – a dark brown shade that provides a nice alternative to black.

The Cult Classics

Though MAC is well known for their color cosmetics, their skincare line packs a similar punch. There are two standouts here that have both become favorites with MAC fans.

*Strobe Cream – a hydrating moisturizer that highlights in a subtle way. Wear under foundation, mix with your base or apply over the top. You can highlight specific areas of the face or add luminosity all over your complexion. This magic cream brightens and reflects for beautiful glowing skin.

*Prep and Prime Fix + – a light, refreshing and hydrating water that helps to provide an airbrushed finish as well as ensuring that you base makeup doesn’t appear caked on. You can also use this water to dampen your makeup brushes before application, freshen you makeup during the day or use it as a base.


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The 90’s Dungarees Are Back!


The 90’s dungarees are back and trending. They’ve been around for a few months now and don’t seem to be going away any time soon! Come rain or shine you can wear your trending dungarees and feel good.

Topshop Dungaree

For hot days, you can always team your short dungarees with a simple vest or tee underneath and wear some sexy wedges or sandals. If you want to jazz it up a little, why not wear a statement necklace in case you want to feel more glam.

For the cooler days, you can either choose to wear your long dungarees with some slouchy boots and a long sleeve jumper or sweater over the top or you could wear your short dungarees. If you decide on the shorts, you can always wear thicker tights and the same top that you would wear with the long dungarees.

The best thing about dungarees is that they go with anything! Sneakers, boots, sandals, flip-flops or even bare-feet!

You could even add your character and style to the outfit by not doing one of the buckles up and let it hang loose or wear the long dungarees and wear one leg higher than the other. Whatever your style is, your dungarees will fit right in!

Topshop have a great pair of denim long dungarees $90.00


Even a short overall dungarees in washed our black colourway $70.00





A Guide to MAC Cosmetics

A Guide to MAC Cosmetics


MAC Cosmetics need no introduction in the beauty world and it’s easy to see why many people are huge fans of the brand. With a wide range of professional products that can be used by the everyday beauty lover, there is a product to suit everyone. Whether its foundations or lipsticks, here is a guide to some of the products and finishes you’ll find at your local MAC counter.



Foundations can be difficult to find but knowing what type of coverage and finish you prefer will help you to discover the perfect base for you. MAC offer several types of foundation with the standouts including;

Studio Fix SPF15 – Full coverage foundation that has a matte finish. Best suited for combination and oily skin types with blemishes or imperfections.

Studio Sculpt SPF15 – Medium coverage with a hydrating finish. Best for dry to combination skin types with slight imperfections.

MAC Face and Body – Sheer coverage with a hydrating finish. Best for normal to dry skin types that prefer a light coverage. This can be used on both the face and body to minimalize imperfections.

Matchmaster SPF15 – Medium coverage foundation with a demi matte finish. Best for combination to oily skin types.

Mineralize Moisture SPF15 – Sheer coverage foundation with a natural finish. Best for normal to dry skin types that prefer a weightless finish.


MAC also offer a range of powders from highlighting your best features to setting your makeup. The popular products include;

Mineralize Skinfinish Natural – A mineral based powder with a natural, light finish. Best for normal to dry skin types.

Mineralize Skinfinish – A mineral based highlighter powder that comes in a range of shades. Some shades are limited edition and you’ll find them in various special collections.

Blot Powder – Available in both pressed and loose form, this powder offers oil control and is best suited for oily to combination skin types.

Prep and Prime Finishing Powder – A sheer powder that blurs imperfections, controls oil and sets makeup. Can be used on all skin types.


MAC blushes are hugely popular and choosing the right type of blush will depend on your personal preference.

Powder Blush – The standard type of blush that’s available in a matte (flat matte) finish, satin (light sheen), sheertone (sheer powder), sheertone shimmer (light shimmer and color) or frost (shimmery) finish.

Cremeblend Blush – a creamy but buildable finish.

Mineralize Blush – Mineral based and lightweight color.

Cream Color Base – Creamy with buildable coverage. Can be used as a blush and highlighter, depending on the shade you choose.


It’s impossible to mention MAC without referring to their lipsticks. They’ve become a cult classic and every makeup bag should have one. Here is a guide to the lipstick finishes available.

Frost – Shimmer finish.

Cremesheen – Lightweight color with a glossy finish.

Matte – Longwearing, complete matte finish.

Retro Matte – Creamy with a matte finish, high pigmentation and longwearing.

Amplified – Longwearing, pigmented color with a smooth finish.

Satin – Matte finish with a sheen. The most standard type of finish.

Lustre – Glossy finish.

Luscious Lipsticks in Red & Pink

Luscious Lipsticks in Red & Pink


Many people are afraid of trying out a new colour on their lips. I don’t understand this but each to their own. I guess it’s out of their comfort zone or maybe they know what suits their face and what doesn’t.

For whatever reason, I would still try and mix it up a little and wear something bright and bold every so often. Nobody wants to become predictable you know!

Red & Pink Lips


Red and pink lipsticks are trending at the moment so now is the time to have some fun with your lips!

If you like red, go for a bold sexy matte or glossy finish. If you fancy pink to make the boys wink, then choose a gorgeous girly pink that flatters your skin tone.

I love to have a few red and pink lipsticks in my bag and when I have my glam days, I like to wear either one of them. In fact, I’ve even tried to mix them and it looks so good with a pink outline with the red colour in the centre. Everyone always comments on how good my lips look!

I would recommend spending more on lipsticks if you can. You can really tell the difference between a cheap and a more expensive lipstick.

Here are a few red lipsticks that I would recommend:

Mac Prolong Wear Lipcreme in True Red $20.00 Do you want a long lasting lipstick? Go for this sexy number.

Mac Lipstick in Lady Danger $17.00 Do you want a coral/red tone? Then this is perfect for you.

L’Oreal Colour Riche Collection Exclusive Red Lipcolor Julianne’s Red $8.99 Matt colour with a soft velvet finish.

And here’s a few gorgeous pink lipsticks I would recommend:

Mac Lipmix in Matte Magenta $15.00 Matt creamy formula that adds a touch of colour to your lips.

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor $7.49 To be honest they have so many shades of pink; you’re bound to find one that you like.

Laura Mercier Paint Wash Liquid Lip Colour $29.00 I’m in love with Laura Mercier products at the moment and this is brand new! This looks a lovely colour… Orchid Pink.



5 Great Budget Beauty Buys

5 Great Budget Beauty Buys


We love using drugstore beauty products! When you’re on a budget, cheaper beauty products can still do the trick! There are so many health and beauty blog tips, as well as budget beauty products to choose from so knowing which ones do the best job will save you both money and time. From foundation to makeup brushes, here are the budget beauty buys we love!


Loreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation

The perfect foundation for normal to oily skin types, the Loreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation is a great choice of base for those on a budget. With a matte finish, this foundation stays in place throughout the day, even in the heat. The lightweight texture helps to smooth the skin, hide imperfections and minimize the look of pores. If you have any large blemishes, you’ll need to use concealer as this foundation is somewhere between a light to medium coverage but there’s several shades available for a range of skintones.

Real Techniques Sculpting Brush

Contouring is a huge trend right now and we are big fans! If you’re looking for a good contouring brush that isn’t going to cost you a great deal then check out the Real Techniques Sculpting Brush. This angled brush is super soft and is the perfect size to define your cheekbones. You can use this brush with both cream and powder products and it makes them easy to blend. You can also use this brush with blush too!

NYX Taupe Blush

If you’re searching for a product to pair with the Real Techniques Sculpting Brush then NYX Taupe Blush is the one. A soft, blendable powder, this light brown blush shade suits a variety of skintones from porcelain to olive. As this blush is fairly sheer, you can apply it without worrying about over application.

Wet N Wild Silent Treatment Palette

One of the best budget eyeshadow palettes you’ll find, the Wet N Wild Color Icon Trio in Silent Treatment costs just $2.99 and contains three eyeshadow shades. Silent Treatment has a pink shade for the brow bone, dark brown shade for the crease of the eye and taupe for the eyelid. Each shadow is highly pigmented, soft and long lasting. This palette is great for creating both daytime and evening looks, whether you want to wear all three shades together of wear one as a swipe of color.

Maybelline Color Elixir Lip Gloss

Color Elixir Lip Gloss by Maybelline has the color of a lipstick, feel of a balm and shine of a gloss. Those looking for a gloss that isn’t sticky will love these. They feel comfortable to wear, hydrating and deliver a pop of color. If you don’t like wearing lipstick then give these a try as they’re really wearable and don’t cost a fortune either.


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What is Strobing?

What is Strobing?


You may or may not have heard of strobing. Beauty trends come and go but the latest trend – strobing has been around for a while. Strobing is essentially highlighting. Like contouring, highlighting helps to define certain facial features. The key to good highlighting is using the right product and knowing exactly where to apply it.


When it comes to strobing or highlighting, it’s best to apply your product to areas that would naturally catch the sun. This includes the top of your cheekbones, under your eyebrows, tip of the nose, forehead and bottom of the chin. You should apply your highlighter as the last step in your beauty routine.

Using the right type of product


There are varying highlighters you can use. For instance, highlighters can be in powder, liquid or cream form. Choosing the perfect formulation for you depends on your skin type and personal preferences. A few good highlighters to consider include

Benefit Cosmetics Watts Up! – This cream to powder formulation is in a stick which makes it super easy to apply. This champagne shade will also suit a range of complexions to provide a soft glow wherever you apply it. You can simply apply it straight from the stick and blend with your finger.

Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder in Candlelight – this light champagne shade comes in a powder formulation and can be applied with a blush brush or small contouring brush to your face. This subtle powder is ideal for those that want to achieve an illuminated look without the product appearing too shimmery or glittery.

Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette – If you’re searching for a slightly more affordable or practical option then consider this palette. This trio contains a highlighter, blush and bronzer with a range of variations available to suit your skin tone. The powder highlighter in this palette is slightly more shimmery than the Kevyn Aucoin powder so a little goes a long way. You can apply this with a brush straight to your face and little blending is required as it’s really easy to use.

MAC Strobe Cream – If you prefer a liquid highlight then MAC’s strobe cream is perfect! This highlighter is extremely subtle and can be easily applied to the skin with either your fingers or a damp sponge. The result is a light, iridescent look for beautiful highlighting.

E.L.F Shimmer Palette – For an affordable option, try this shimmer palette. There are four cream highlighters to suit a variety of skin tones. Try using these with a sponge and blend gently onto your cheekbones, eyes and nose.

Using the right tools

If you want to use a brush for highlighting purposes then consider the Sephora Pro Contour Brush. As the name suggests, this brush is designed for contouring but due to its smaller, tapered shape, it’s ideal for highlighting too. If you’re using a cream or liquid product then try the Beautyblender Micro Mini; two mini sponges that double in size once wet. Providing value for money, these can be used for applying any kind of face makeup, such as contouring and highlighting. Simply dampen and use with your cream or liquid highlighter.

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Review: Lancôme Advanced Genifique

Review: Lancôme Advanced Genifique


Developed from 14 years of research, the Lancôme Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate is the brands newest serum designed to tackle anti-aging. Housed in a sleek, contemporary dropper bottle, this concentrate aims to add radiance to your complexion while smoothing fine lines.


So, why use a serum?

Unlike a cleanser or moisturiser, serums can penetrate deeper into the skin to actively solve a range of issues that your skin may have. A serum is lighter than many other skincare products and should be applied after cleansing and toning and before your moisturiser in order to work effectively.

This anti-aging serum would probably work best on those aged 30+ or those who have visible signs of aging.

The formulation

Lancôme Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate is packed with powerful ingredients to target ten aspects of skin, including firmness, elasticity, fine lines, wrinkles, sagginess, texture, resiliency, radiance, even skin tone and clarity. With anti-oxidants like vitamin C, the formulation boasts ‘Lancôme’s added biotechnology ingredient’ to create an innovative serum. It contains no parabens or sulfates.

What Lancôme’s research results demonstrated

This serum was tested on 32 women over the course of 8 weeks and results were

Texture +57%
Resiliency +49%
Elasticity +50%
Firmness +49%
Sagginess +46%
Fine lines +42%
Wrinkles +46%
Radiance +52%
Clarity +47%
Even skin tone +42%

So, what did I think?

On first impressions, the bottle is very modern looking with the dropper making it easy to dispense a small amount of serum. With this product, a little goes a long way and you really don’t need to go overboard with application.

The serum itself feels light and silky. Once applied to the skin, it’s absorbed fairly quickly to leave a velvety finish. I like that the product soaks in quickly as it means you can immediately apply your moisturiser. It also doesn’t leave any residue so it’s perfect for a range of skin types, including very oily skins. From the first use, my skin felt smoother and firmer. I usually follow up this serum with an anti-aging moisturiser in order to achieve the best results possible.

I’ve been using this product for several weeks and I have seen a difference in my skin tone. That’s not to say that this serum works miracles because it doesn’t. Despite seeing a difference in certain factors, there are also a few things I haven’t seen. I personally don’t find that my skin really looks a lot brighter than before. I actually find that the best thing for helping to brighten my skin is by eating healthy foods and drinking lots of water. However, when it comes to targeting fine lines, I really do feel that this serum does a great job as my skin feels firmer, smoother and more refined. If you’re going to try this, I would highly recommend using it in combination with other anti-aging products in order to get the maximum benefits. The Lancôme Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Serum isn’t super cheap but it provides results in terms of targeting fine lines and it has a beautiful, light texture that absorbs quickly and won’t make your skin break out. If you’re searching for a new anti-aging serum then this is definitely one to try.


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