World Wide Wylie: Focusing on Fashion & Fun

by Wylie J. Stokeshart
Checkout the following sites for fast fabulous fashion & fun:
DailyCandy – This website has up-to-the-minute news on what’s hot. They manage to “bring it” from all over the country in the most refreshing way…while it’s NEW! Sign up for their newsletter. It won’t disappoint! Daily Candy…How sweet! 
LateBoots – If you want to enjoy fashion, culture, and style on a level like you never seen, then check out Lateboots. Babyyyyy! When I tell youuuuu Marquis Phifer & Sham Shirley keep IT coming like water from a faucet. And when I say IT, I mean INCREDIBLE TENACITY! The vim & vigor with which this dynamic duo presents fashion, culture, nightlife, and the GRIND are relentless. From Atlanta to New York and points in-between they do brand public relations with fresh style and class! Don’t get it twisted…these folk are global as they are well-known across the pond, too. Something akin to an arousingly-rambunctious reality show, LateBoots is the Legion of Lovely and I can’t wait to see what pretty pleasantries they will post next. Don’t forget to checkout the supporting cast: Lo, Brooke, countless celebs, & luxuriously-exotic locales. They provide an amazing frame for the beautiful picture that is LateBoots. Phifer! Sham! … sips of Veuve and LateBoots Lego pins to you both! Follow them on Twitter @LateBoots.
Simon Pink Ribbon – I don’t know about you, but some of the most fun I’ve ever had has been in a Simon Mall. Some days a Simon Mall (the shops, merchandise, & shoppers within) seem to be my raison d’être. This website not only lets you find a Simon Mall wherever you travel. It also informs you of mall goings-on like fashion shows & charity events. Click on the right link and the tracking of your spending on those wonderful Simon Mall Gift cards is at your fingertips. Perfect for holidays, birthdays, or just because, the cards can be ordered, customized and shipped all on-line. I love Simon Malls because they have the stores we need: Louis, Gucci, Neimans, Yurman, and then sprinkle in a little Saks, Bloomies, & Nordstrom. In addition to these, a wide variety of shops are available in these diverse epicenters of fashion. You can still find vendors, cosmetic services, and sales! Don’t trip though…Valet is always available! J The food courts inside the malls are good and there is great variety. However, there are always fabulous eateries surrounding these Utopias. Everyone knows… Simon Malls give you More Choices!