I needed that!!


Okay, so this week . . . no, THIS MONTH has been stressing me out beyond belief!! It seems like everyday there’s some new BS that I have to deal with at work or at home and as much as I’d like to go on a cursing spree (I’m such a lady, except when I curse. I curse like a sailor! Sorry Mommy!) & tell every single person about themselves I swallow my tongue, put on a professional face, continue to excel at what I do & watch the clock til it’s leave that place & move to the next stressful one!!! Ugh!!! Needless to say I need a vacation, medication, intoxication . . . . but I digress. lol!

So I’m on my break (if you can call it that) doing my usual combing of the internet & I happen upon one of my favorite funny men Billy Sorrells!!! His video gave me LIFE!! & now I can finish this shift without killing anybody! lol!

Sleezy Moment Other Guy (Fixed) @SleezyDee

[youtube http://youtu.be/Eca6h2-aXJM]

Billy Sorrells & Deric Evans Man Code 7

[youtube http://youtu.be/2gMwIyN85rw]

@BillySorrells Stuntman Billy Beneval Episode 2

[youtube http://youtu.be/3brv-SVpFhE]

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“He said WHAT?!!!”


As many of you know and should be able to tell by the site I promote positivity, and one guaranteed way to boost someone’s mood is to make them laugh! With that being said, two of my favorite internet funny men are at it again and I had to share it with you! ENJOY!!

Emanuel & Phillip Hudson- Questions Pt II “The Gossip”

To watch the first Questions video click HERE 

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Prank Kall Kings: I’m Dating Your Daughter ft. Spoken Reasons

This piece of hilarity introduced me to another rising comic Billy Sorrells. Once again, I’m hooked!

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lol!!! Naw, more like ROTFLMMFAOTIC!!!


Oh my goodness y’all! I have been having a crazy week full of sorry coworkers, new tasks, diva attitudes minus a diva performance, friends acting crazy, lack of sleep and on top of all that I’m working on new endeavors in EVERY aspect of my life!! Whoo! Talk about stressed!
Anyways, I was doing my normal Youtube combing when I came across a HILARIOUS young comic known as Spoken Reasons. I watched 1 of his videos & was addicted!! Plus while I was watching the last thing on my mind was my crazy ass week! I was dying laughing at this man to the point of tears!! -it’s in the title “Rolling OThe Floor Laughin MM***** F*****’Ass Off Til I‘m Cryin’!!!” Yes, I made it up, that’s how funny he is! You guys HAVE GOT to check  him out!! Laugh. Subscribe. FanFollow. SHARE!!!




These are 3 of my favorites!

Spoken Reasons- Facebook Issues

This one features a fellow Ram, ASU’s own “E-Man” @_kosherSubscribe to him too!!

Spoken Reasons- Questions

Spoken Reasons- Disrespectful Girlfriend