Your fave TV families just got a Major addition


70’s, 80’s & early 90’s babies remember the times of good tv. Come home & watch The Cosby Show, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Family Matters, In The House, Moesha, My Wife & Kids, I could go on & on! Shows that were centered around a family & their comedic antics that kept us entertained, taught us kids about life, love & friendships & didn’t require drink throwing & cat fights.

I miss those shows!! & yes we have Blackish, TI’s Family Hustle & The Carmichael Show but only one of those aren’t kid appropriate. Leonard McCrary must’ve felt the same way because he gave us hilarious view into his life with The Major Family Show!

The family consists of Dad Leonard, Mom Sharmeka, kids Jayla, Trent, Trinity & baby Aarian. And this isn’t a group of actors that practiced for months to get their chemistry together -they’re an actual family!

Leonard has been acting for years & released his first independent film last year, Kold Kurriculum.

While he’s the OG thespian of the family the kids are giving dad a run for his money!! They each have so much personality and steal the show every time they’re in screen!

Don’t just take my word for it, check it out for yourself! The Major Family Show just debuted their first two episodes on YouTube. Subscribe so you don’t miss future episodes!

A Black And Sexy Valentine!!!


Need plans for Valentine’s Day?Black and Sexy Valentine

Be Our Valentine!

We are having a Hello Cupid & Roomieloverfriends Double Feature Screening on Valentines Day!
This event will be hosted by the Men of Black&SexyTV!  
Andra Fuller, Austen Jaye, Desmond Faison, Jeremy Mcbryde & Will Catlett! 
We will serve dinner and screen:

Season 2 Premiere of Hello Cupid

& the Season 2 Finale of Roomieloverfriends!
Also enjoy photos with your favorite stars and flowers for the ladies!

$15 for Single & Sexy and $20 for couples in any configuration arriving together.

It’s going to be a great night.  Join us in Los Angeles.
See you there on Valentines Day 7pm SHARP.
Purchase Advance Tickets NOW as seating is VERY limited. 
Last Day to Purchase 2/12
Not in LA?  Don’t fret.
The Hello Cupid Valentines Day episode will be available to stream and download for $3 online. Roomieloverfriends Season Finale will air on Saturday Feb 15.
If you are an IndieGogo Backer  for the “I Love Hello Cupid”  perk – you will see the Valentines Special for no charge.  We will send you a coupon ahead of the release so you can watch when you are ready.
Purchase tickets for the Hello Cupid Party

The Couple Heads to HBO!!!


I was prowling through my email & noticed this jewel!

The Couple to HBO


Our vision for Black&Sexy TV has always been to nurture the audience that loved our work as filmmakers and create a full slate of original programming that spoke to their sensibilities and our standards.  That is why it is so fitting that Jet Magazine reported the exciting announcement that we have entered a development deal at HBO for The Couple to cross to the TV platform.  We can also confirm that Spike Lee has come on board as an executive producer. This type of partnership grants a greater recognizability for the network and opens up other creative collaborations that keep us moving towards becoming a household name.
While we were in discussions with HBO, we have also been slowly figuring out how to keep Black&Sexy TV self sustainable.  We are excited to announce our first step into a pay model for the network.  We are not yet moving into the monthly subscription, but we are going to start instead with a pay per view event- The Valentines Day Special Episode of Hello Cupid.
We know there’s a large group out there waiting to know what exactly will happen with Whitney, Robyn, and Proud Dad.  We will hold a special screening in Los Angeles on Valentines Day (double feature of Hello Cupid and Roomieloverfriends) and the episode of Hello Cupid will be available to stream and download for $3 online.
Again we are excited to see how this first step to a pay model works for the network. The success of this will lead to more content, more often of your favorite shows.
SCHEDULE….In the meantime we are back this
Saturday Feb 1 with Roomieloverfriends
Sunday Feb 2 with That Guy
Sunday February 9 with Yellow and
Friday February 14 VALENTINES DAY with Hello Cupid and
Saturday Feb 15 with Roomieloverfriends (Season Finale)

Congrats to the Black & Sexy Crew!!! & I can’t wait to see the new episodes!

“I wish you would!!”


I bet you thought that Dukk’s NAPS series was over & done with. That since Atlanta Greek Picnic had passed that he was done messing with the D9 for the rest of the year . . .


lol! Today he released the 3rd episode of his #NAPS greek reality show, and from watching it I can tell you the Redz don’t want it with the Zetas & the Kappas can wash my car ANY day (jus not like that. lol!). Take a look!

These wigs & makeup! SMH. lol! I got a sneak peek last night & have been rolling ever since!!

For more hilariousness follow Dukk on twitter & IG @Dukk2 & on vine

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Also you can catch Dukk & BranKnu at the Carolina Greek Explosion next month!


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& incase you missed the last 2 episodes

#NAPS is back!!


If you thought #NAPS was the end to Dukk’s AGP videos, you were sadly mistaken!

Checkout episode 2

PSA- if the last one offended you, you don’t even click on this one. lol!

Remember D9 Fam, Atlanta Greek Picnic is coming soon! Check out for all the details on the “Biggest and Best Greek Picnic weekend in the country”! #AGP2013

Follow @Dukk2 and check out our interview here

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Blondie’s Spotlight




Deandre “DUKK” Corder

First of all, his name is Dukk -pronounced “Duck”, not Duke. Now that we got that out the way . . . lol!

Whether it’s a parody of your favorite song, relationship advice or making you lmao at black greek letter organizations, his job is to make you laugh & he’s on the clock 24/7!  I caught up with the Flint, MI native to find out how he got his start & what makes him one to look out for.

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Check out

Check out them #NAPS!!!


Dukk is at it again!!!

The ATL based comedian is back with another greek parody to get everyone fired up about Atlanta Greek Picnic!! And as usual, this one does not disappoint!!!

*Warning* If you are in a D9 organization and have not yet learned to laugh at yourself & your organizations stereotypes, this video ain’t for you. lol!

Follow him @Dukk2

& the other guys as well @BranknuMusic @TheRealQu3pid & @JayDukes1911

Atlanta Greek Picnic 2013 is June 5 – 9th!! Will you be there?!

I went last year & had a blast!! I even ran into Dukk!


Do the Harlem Shake!!


I noticed the buzz around the 30sec Harlem Shake dance is starting to fade but before it becomes old & completely lame I compiled my faves for your viewing pleasure!

-it’s the beginning of the work week & you know you could use a laugh!

My own coworkers even got into it!!

I’m sure there are tons more hilarious Harlem Shake videos & I’d love to see em! Leave the title of link in the comments or tweet em to me @BlondiesLipstk

What makes a “Bad B****”?


I have no idea where it started but for some reason we’ve become fascinated with being a “bad bitch”. I mean we could blame Trina for calling herself “The baddest b****” but she’s been saying that since the late 90’s & this is a more recent phenomenon.

Now I’m not gonna lie, I have tossed it around with my friends in a “Ooh b****!!! You better work!!” meant entirely as a compliment but even with the most excitement I feel a sting from the b**** part when it’s said back to me. I think when I hear it, in the back of my mind I’m picturing a Shenehneh like character that uses her physical appearance to get what she wants & doesn’t complete her night without acting a fool in public.

Shenehneh Jenkins

Before you judge I’m far from stuck up but my friends can tell you I’m not one for unnecessary attention in public. I do not hesitate to leave a “ratchet” situation in a heartbeat! lol!

But this ain’t about me! The original question is “What makes a bad bitch?” I’m thinking Shenehneh is isn’t far off  . . . I believe the guys at Dormtainment have the right idea.

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Like any other phrase “bad b****” is open to interpretation, but how bad do yo want to be one? Ponder on that & think about this:


I Love me some Lupe!!