Bring on the COOL!!


by The Blonde One
It’s that time of year ladiesand gents!!- Time to put away the sandals, shorts, sundresses and t-shirts andbring out the boots, long sleeves, scarves. But before you stow away yoursummer goodies, here’s some ways to get a couple more weeks out of that summergear.
Not ready to put away thetank and summer shorts?
Remember, the smart way todress during the unpredictable cold months is always in layers, that way you’realways comfortable. Add a pair of tights underneath your shorts to update youroutfit for fall.

For a more eye-catching effect use a bright hue opposite ofyour tank [color blocking] to boost your mood on a dreary fall day. Finally completethe look with a blazer and chunky jewelry. (this look also works with yourshort skirts)

Men typically don’t get coldas fast as women so they can hang on to the shorts a little bit longer, but atthe same time you don’t want your outfit to say “middle of June” when it’s the firstday of November! Instead of your flip flops with your shorts, opt for a unique pair of high topsneakers. 
If your shorts are cargo, scrap the tank top and add a lightweight long sleeve t; 

if your shorts are flat front, choose high top converse and a long sleeve henley.
Still hangin on to thatfavorite short sleeve t?
Ladies and Fellas:
You don’t have to box up thet’s as soon as the first leaf of Fall drifts to the ground. Hell, even when thefirst snowflake falls! Short sleeve t’s are actually all weather shirts of youknow how to transition them. For Fall grab a light cardigan or blazer to go ontop, then as the days get cooler add a solid long sleeve shirt to your ensembleor choose thicker outerwear. 


REMEMBER: Fashion is in the eye of the beholder and style is unique to each individual! Now raid your closet and have fun with it!!

Class is now in Session!!

Be the envy of your class with these back to school staples!
Denim denim denim! 
Everybody has that favorite pair of jeans, well why not shake things up with a new cut? Back to school is when most companies release the most new merchandise and denim is tops! My favorite new cuts are American Eagle Jeggings and Hipster Flare for women and Old Navy Skinny and Slim-Fit Jeans for men. 
AE Hipster
AE Jegging

Mix and match denim hues with a denim jacket or denim shirt . . .
Womens Vintage Jean Jacket
Mens Jean shirt
 and remember denim (regular denim without appliqués and excessive designs) is a neutral slate so mix it up with colors and patterns! 
Saddle up cowboys & girls!
Whether picnic gingham, wide lumberjack or versatile western, plaids staying power is evident! Well this back to school season let out a loud “Yee-haw!!” for western plaids because they’re everywhere AND are awesome for transitioning from summer to fall and on into winter. 
Mens Western shirt
Womens Western shirt
The difference that sets western apart is the pearled buttons and they typically have a pocket on the right or both breasts. Ladies button it down and tuck, pair with short shorts, metallic accessories and wedges for a casual afternoon to evening look.
Fellas roll up the sleeves, pair with solid khaki shorts, canvas sneakers and a straw fedora for an effortless chill look.


The color representing purity is popping up everywhere this summer! Check these tips and try your hand at a “White Out”!
The sophisticated and classy Lisa Raye is infamous for her all white ensembles. If anyone can rock all white FLAWLESSLY its her! Here she pairs a crisp blazer with slacks. Never a dull one, she even a pop of color with a flirty accessory.

The beautiful Rihanna pairs her all white with a nude shoe. Her vibrant red hair only accentuates the ensemble -but because it stains her clothes its also why she she doesn’t sport all white often!
This trend is far from new -we all know fashion repeats itself. Here’s the legend and trailblazer Lena Horne in her all white.
 Think this look is expensive to achieve? NOT EVEN!!! Purchase separates and use whats already in your closet. Your desired look can also be achieved with a bright hue (remember our lesson on color blocking? -> Vintage, Menswear, Blocking, Oh My!)

Forever 21
American Eagle

American Apparel
Regardless of how you chose to try this look make sure to always add your own personal flair!!

Summer Must- Haves


We rounded up the hottest looks for summer to have you ready for those sunny days in style!!

Sunglasses- Keep the sun out of your eyes in style!


Straw hats- nothing says summer like a straw hat! There are various styles to choose from so you can’t go wrong with this summer staple!

Neons- Add the perfect pop to any summer outfit with neon lips or a signature piece.

Crop tops- Time to show off that tummy! Whether its tanks, tees, off the shoulder or whatever! We’re in love!
 High waist bottoms- Not confident with showing off your midriff? Perhaps you just don’t want to show off that much skin? No problem! High waist jeans, shorts and skirts are a great way to wear to rock those styles without being too revealing.

“Rain Rain Go Away”


Everyone knows that springs arrival brings sunny days, budding blossoms and preps us for those warm summer days. They also know it brings pollen, bugs come out of hiding and those dreaded rain showers!! Well fret no more! Blondie’s is going to help you be “Rain Ready” From head to toe, to the point that you look forward to the next rainy day!

Hats don’t necessarily mean your having a bad hair day, they are accessories people!! We found this cute rain hat at and its both fashionable and functional!
Not a  hat person because you love your ‘do too much to mess it up? No problem! Try a clear, dome umbrella, this way you can see and be seen! You can find one at for $16!
What about your outfit? You got dressed all cute and now because of the rain no one will be able to see it! Not anymore!! Try a clear raincoat. Feeling creative?: Customize your raincoat for a guaranteed original!
Last but most definitely not least you want your feet protected. How many times have your favorite shoes been ruined by a rainy day? Well this neat little invention just saved you some money! Meet Shuella, the shoe umbrella! Pick yourself out a pair here->
-The Blonde One
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Hot Looks for Spring

Whether its warm or rainy, turn heads all spring with these hot looks & makeup tips! Don’t forget to add your own personal flair!


white & usually navy or black striped horizontally; pair with dark denim, gold jewelry, try soft makeup, dark eyeliner & a red lip
Bubble gum stripes 

bright colors striped in all directions; be careful to match colors with skin tone, make that item the focus of the outfit, try rosy cheeks to complete the “candy” look
Pop Art 
large graphic print n various clothing items; be careful when buying these pieces to not look to childish or a bad novelty vacation tee, try bright eyeshadows and a neutral lip
Floral Print 

from a handful to an explosion of flowers; pair with a solid NOT another pattern or more flowers, try soft eyes and a complimentary lip stain for a fresh spring look
70’s chic 

disco chic; off the shoulder tops, floppy hats, wide flair leg pants, try soft natural makeup with a bright lip

Spice up the dull days of Winter!!

The temp is steadily dropping, the wind is whipping outside and layers are no longer just for looks. That can only mean one thing: WINTER! Now personally I’m not a fan of the winter months (I’m a summer baby!), but I love fashion too much to not be able to appreciate a nice pea coat or a pair of hot suede boots or any other cold weather attire. But just because its dull outside doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to be! I don’t know who thought it was a rule to wear bright colors in the warm moths and restrict yourself to winter white, grey, black and brown for cold months, but we all know some rules were meant to be broken J
Now with every broken rule there are right and wrong ways to execute it. Prime example of how you don’t want to look- stroll down memory lane back to the 80’s & early 90’s. BIG no no!! lol! Instead of thinking “I want to be as decorated as the Christmas tree”, try signature pieces that are eye catching but not over powering.

 Hats- Beanies and beret’s are always cute and stylish but if you want to step it up a little try a felt flapper hat

Scarves- These are all weather accessories but just remember to pick a thicker fabric to be more functional in winter
Shoes- Your shoe game should always be fabulous regardless of the weather, but in winter make sure they have a sole with a grip or you could hurt yourself (casts are never in style!)
Gloves- Step outside of the norm and check out some gloves at Hot Topic and other alternative clothing retailers. Their fingerless gloves are really cute
Coat- Don’t just get a coat for warmth! Experiment with patterns and cut to better flatter your silhouette

Must Have Winter Accessories

These are the top Must Have accessories for winter. Pick one or try them all, either way your guaranteed to look as crisp as air outside!
Love to text but don’t want your fingers getting cold? Try a cozy pair of Fingerless Gloves. Almost every phone is touch screen these days and trust me, there’s nothing more irritating than having to take off your entire glove because you can’t txt as well with one thumb as you thought! Lol!
Want to carry over those short skirts and cute shorts but the tights and pumps or booties trick not keeping you warm enough? Get yourself a pair of Knee/Thigh Boots. Wear that cute mini over those tights or leggings, slip on a pair of these along with your coat and now your body is protected from being slammed by the direct cold.
Need a way to keep your head warm but hoods and beanies not your thing? Try a Beret. Now your head is cozy and you look beyond cute! You can also add a cute jeweled or feather pin to add a little flair.
Now Faux Fur has always been a warm and animal friendly alternative to shake up your winter wardrobe and this season is no different. Whether its trimming your boots, a furry accent on your hat or covering your coat, faux fur is alive and well in exciting colors, patterns and always oh so soft.

Show Some Leg


Last month we told you how to stretch those Summer pieces through Fall but we can’t just leave you hanging without a proper guide on how! My favorite of all the tips was adding tights to a skirt or pair of shorts.

If you think flesh colored stockings are only for business or church, you’re wrong!
When it gets chilly outside but you still want to wear that glam mini dress to the club, throw on those and they won’t clash with your outfit. 

Want to add a little spice? You can’t go wrong with seamed stockings.

Fishnets have come a long way from the stripper pole to main stream. The smaller the “netting” and the darker the color, the easier they’ll blend with your outfit. 

Solid tights were cute when you were little and have made their way back into the spot light. You can find them everywhere in various shades and whether they’re sheer or opaque they add a little oomph to any drab or dull fall outfit.

Now there are always the tricky ones- patterned tights. A solid pattern is as versatile as solid tights but with multicolored tights be careful not to clash or you could end up looking clownish.

Look Fab in Fall!!

Even though it’s not fully Fall, these tips can help you transition your wardrobe to prepare for the change in temperature. Fall’s fashion is all about layering, touches of bright color and accessories! Want to continue wearing that sundress or shorts into Fall? Try layering the dress with a tank, cardigan and boots and adding a blazer, colorful patterned tights and round toe flats or pumps with the shorts.
 Denim jackets and shirts have made a comeback but instead of matching the pants and top, mix light, dark, grey or colored denim for a change of pace. The lumberjack look of plaid button downs is still in, but remix it this season with a denim vest, shorts and cowboy boots. (I love this seasons looks at American Apparel!! Girls-, Guys- On a budget? Try one of my favorite stores, American Eagle Outfitters! Girls-, Guys-
Add a splash of color to any outfit with a bright belt, shoes or an eye catching bag [like the **Designer of the Month** BellaDonna Handbags]. Long necklaces transition from season to season, day to night and can also double as a belt. Also colorful bracelets and rings are an excellent way to draw attention to the nails which are featuring soft turquoise and blue’s, various shades of pink and shimmering metallic’s. Makeup can still include those bronzy summer colors but add color to either the eyes (like lining lids with green or orange) or lips (like a berry or wine lip stain) and pairing it with a skin complementing blush. Try these tips, added to your own personal flair, and you’ll be looking fabulous all throughout Fall!!