Fantasy Dinner

                Thumbing through an old Neiman Marcus Wishbook, I came across an old fantasy gift I wanted. It was a dinner with some of the most prolific scholars, writers, and thinkers of our time. Needless to say that gift didn’t materialize So, I started thinking about who I’d invite if I could host a dinner and invite anyone I wanted to.  First, I decided to narrow my list down to living people. Of course, all of the famous folk popped in my head like: Oprah, Diddy, Barack & Michelle, Jay Z & Beyonce, Will & Jayda, etc. But then, I thought…Why not make a list of people who are major but not as well known? So, I’ve decided to do more than one party. The first will be ten of my favorite people from a variety of places. They will come from all walks of life and different parts of the country. This will be a night to remember.
                The invitations go out and everyone is coming. This first dinner, I will keep simple. We will all meet in Atlanta at the Colonnade on Cheshirebridge where a good old southern feast has been prepared. The menu consists of: fried chicken, baked chicken, baked fish, collards, yams, macaroni & cheese, barbecued ribs, fried corn, peas, squash, corn bread, yeast rolls, tossed salad, peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream, sour cream pound cake, & banana pudding. It will be set up buffet-style so people are free to eat whatever they like. The drinks will flow from an expert bartender’s hand. The bar is fully-stocked with top-shelf liquors. We also have wine, punch, lemonade, sweet tea, and soft drinks.
                We fix our plates after downing several drinks then head to the table. Of course I have my own Algonquin Round Table going and we eat and talk about a myriad of subjects. The conversation flows and flows and we are all full and floating. I check to be certain the stenographer is on point. We then take one grand group photo in the dining room. It’s a marvelous night! Everyone returns to the Ritz-Carlton or the St. Regis afterwards happy, satisfied, and glad they came.
                I received several gifts and thank you notes that following week. I look forward to my next dinner and start planning. Get a load of my guest list:
Each person is worthy of the time it takes to read about them. Do it now!
Wylie J. Stokeshart

T.I. Denied Clemency in the Courtroom

“I want drugs out of my life. If I can get the treatment and counseling I need … I can beat this,”. “I need help. For me, my mother, my kids, I need the court to give me mercy.” This plea didn’t rub the judge the right way as he granted 11 months of prison time to the famed rapper for violating conditions of his probation. This comes as a surprise to the rapper as he just got out of prison serving a 10 month felony weapon charge sentence. So is it just bad luck for T.I.?

The story is T.I. was out with his new bride, Tiny , in Los Angeles when he was pulled over after officers suspected the use of ecstacy. They found Marijuana instead.  The newlyweds were immediately arrested.

The punishment is unfortunate as fans were preparing for the release of the Grammy award winner’s 7th studio album. Its entitled “The King Uncaged.” So when will the fans get their hands on the next album? That has yet to be determined.

What has people talking is the fact that his sentence may be a little to harsh. 11 months may not seem like a long time. But after just getting out of prison its really dreadful knowing you’re going back. Looking at the rapper’s career and investment in the community is it necessary to remove him from society?
I don’t believe it is.

Upon his release earlier this year he was spotted at an Alzheimer’s research findraiser. Last week he talked a 24 year old man from jumping off a 22 story building in Atlanta after hearing about it on the radio. Its clear the T.I. is a positive factor in the community.

But can you really call him a role model for the community if he engages in the usage of recreational drugs? That’s a whole different story. Ultimately, I believe its what you do outside your own life that makes the difference. We are all human and no one is perfect. We all have flaws. Some better than others. He wasn’t inflicting harm on anyone or causing an uproar. A little clemency could have been granted.

I don’t condone the fact that he wasn’t wrong. Because the law is what it is, extra precautions should have been taken. It was kind of careless. I agree that since he was caught he shouldn’t just get a slap on the wrist. Maybe more community service or even lesser months would have sufficed. Only considering he is a influential mogul to millions of kids and young adults.


Fantasia’s Back Again!


Singing, fighting, crying, laughing, tearful reunions- no this is not a soap opera, its last year’s “Fantasia For Real”. If you were like me you tuned in every Sunday just to see who was going to argue with Teeny, who Aunt Bunny was going to curse out and who was going to make Fantasia cry this time! Now what could top that? Well opening up about her relationship with a married man and actual footage of what occurred during her recent overdose was enough to make me tune in again! The first episode catches us up to where her home life is now, lets us know what’s going on with her much anticipated new album and what lil’ brother Teeny has been up too. Tune in for more insanity and see “Fantasia For Real” Sunday nights at 10 on VH1.

La La’s Trip down the Alter


You’re invited to one of the most glamorous, over the top weddings of the year! If you’ve ever watched MTV then you know one of the popular VJ’s La La Vasquez and you know of her long time engagement to Denver Nuggets #15, Carmelo Anthony. Well they finally took that trip down the aisle this July, but what did it take to get there? Follow La La’s journey from the dress, to the cake, invitations, all the other bells and whistles that come with planning a high profile wedding; then add to the mix an active three year-old, opinionated family members and celebrity friends and you’ve got the makings of an interesting show! Catch “La La’s Full Court Wedding” Sunday nights at 10:30 on VH1.

Trey Songz serenades in “Passion Pain and Pleasure”


Looking for an album that combines club hits, sexy female praising lyrics and heart wrenching ballads? Well look no further than the Prince of Petersburg’s newest album Passion Pain and Pleasure. If you’re like me and thoroughly enjoyed his sophomore album Ready then you’re in for a treat with this one! This album flows so effortlessly as if to tell a story and the songs adapt to fit or change your mood. Getting ready to go out? Listen to the radio hit “Bottoms Up” featuring Nicki Minaj or “Red Lipstick”. Feeling sexy? Listen to “Love Faces” or “Alone”. Missing the special someone? Listen to “Please Return my Call” or “Made to be Together” (My favorite song on the album). The deluxe edition offers the extra goodies of bonus live tracks and a DVD of live performances. This album is a definite must have and gets the *PLUM* kiss of approval! **Muah!!**