Should I Waist Cinch/Trim/Train? Pt.1

Should I Waist Cinch/Trim/Train? Pt.1


My friend April posted this on Facebook. Had to share it because it inspired this post:IMG_6694.PNG

I laughed so hard when I saw this but she’s right. Shortcuts are never the move but many women are using them to get the ideal body type. These days it’s a literal hour glass: big breasts, teeny tiny waist and big hips and butt.


I have no clue if the above pic was photoshopped, I just found it on Instagram. I say that because some women are actually built like this -but more often than not they had some help. For example there’s camera filters, specific posing angles and photoshop apps for the internet and IG, but what about when you want that look in person? Do you know there’s such a thing a selfie surgery? Smh. Regardless, no one batts an eye if you’ve had breast implants or liposuction or man boobs job, but the new new is butt fillers or injections, and waist cinching… or is it waist trimming? …waist training? Confused? It’s okay, I’ll explain, because there is a difference.

Waist Training is the process of reducing or shaping a woman’s waist through gradual body modification using a corset, cincher or trimmer belt (my personal definition)

A Waist Cincher is a type of short corset that cinches, or pulls in, at the waistline. Functional waist cinchers make a woman’s waist appear smaller than it actually is. (via

Waist Trimmer belts are used to help remove excess water weight from your abdomen region. The belt is placed around your waist and worn when you work out and do your typical daily choirs. As the belt contains the heat from your abdomen, you will sweat off excessive water. (via

Every time you turn around a celeb with a banging body is endorsing their own or somebody else’s cincher or trimmer

It’s hard not to buy in when you see what you believe are their results. & it doesn’t make you weak in the least bit to want to change something about yourself or to admire someone who has the body you wouldn’t mind strutting around in. I personally feel I have a healthy body image but I love how gorgeous Amber Rose’s body is! I mean, how could you not?!

But back to the subject at hand, waist training. I spoke earlier of celebs and other curvy women on IG showcasing their results, but does it really work? Is what April said on Facebook true? What are the pros and cons? I’ve tried both methods and will share my experience next week in part 2!

Overcoming Holiday Stress


Christmas is just days away!! Hopefully all the holiday cheer doesn’t have you stressed beyond belief! So if you’re “handling it”…


here are some tips from Georgia’s Juice to get you through the week & the new year.

“The holidays are upon us and for many it can be joyous and exciting. For others, however, this can be an emotional time when the winter blues set in and dampen the joy in our hearts,” says marriage and family therapist Terry Barnett-Martin, author of Tending Fences. “The hustle and bustle of the holiday season and many of us can feel overwhelmed and stretched to the limit.”

Barnett-Martin stresses the importance of giving yourself extra time, space and nurturing, especially during this time of the year. If you feel like the holiday blues are settling in, or you’re simply feeling stressed, here are some easy ways to lighten your heart and lift your spirits:

1) Get into the light whenever possible. Light is essential to your mood. Every sliver of daylight you can take in will do you so much good. Even the holiday lights and decorations can make you feel better. Take in the light and use the good energy to lift your spirits.

2) Play! Take time on a regular basis to goof around like kids do. Most often the blues take hold when you take things too seriously. No matter what age you are, find something fun to do with your friends or your kids. Whatever your choice, play for a few minutes every day. It will do wonders for you!

3) Exercise, not for any reason except that it changes the chemistry of your brain and lifts your mood. For 10 or more minutes a day dance around your home to your favorite music, take a walk around the block, work out at a gym, jump on a mini trampoline while watching a show that makes you laugh, if you liked that, spend 1 hour every 2 weeks on the best trampoline at Trampoline Boss and you will see results. If intense workouts are too dangerous for you right now, swim, or do chair aerobics.

4) Go gently into the holidays and honor your physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Say YES to things you really want to do, and NO to anything that drains your energy. Take extra special care of yourself by choosing how and when you want to celebrate the holidays.

5) Pet therapy. Pets like dogs or cats can have a calming effect and a therapeutic love value in your life. Animal shelters are always looking for caring people to adopt dogs and cats, so if you have room for a pet in your home and life, consider visiting a local shelter.

6) Build good relationship fences that both connect you to the people in your life with whom you feel safe to be yourself, and protect you from people who drain your energy or habitually cause hurt and pain. Imagine that every relationship in your life has its own unique fence that defines the connection you have or want to have with them.



Cheers to that! lol! There many more stress relieving tips & much more of Georgia’s Juice here


In the Kitchen


I’ve been cooking a lot this year & I really enjoy it! I’m always trying new things, experimenting with flavors & trying to make eating healthy fun -cause I mean, baked chicken & rice get old quick! Lol!
Now keep in mind I’m no top chef, just a chick that LOVES to eat & tries to keep it healthy & who prefers her food with flavor!

I want to share with y’all some of the things I whip up when I’m In the Kitchen. Here’s the dish I made this week:

Chicken Stir Fry


Continue reading “In the Kitchen”



A few weeks ago on IG I said that I’d be posting a review of a new fitness product I’m using called Sweet Sweat. It’s a product designed to help you sweat more during a workout, improve circulation & essentially shed body fat quicker.

As some of you may know I’m an avid wearer of waist cinchers but earlier in the summer I transitioned to a smaller size & being that it makes me short of breath (not asthmatic, but I can’t be falling out at the gym!). It’s also not suggested to wear them all the time & sleeping in it 6-8hrs a couple times a week is enough for me.


I noticed a waist trimmer getting buzz on the internet, did a little research & found out they’re safer to wear & most come “one size fits all” -which is great cause who wants to buy a new $50+ waist cincher every few months?! Not I! In my search I came across Sweet SweatIMG_3958.JPG

My only focus was the trimmer belt & at first that’s all I used. With the belt alone I noticed an instant difference. Unlike my latex waist cincher, I couldn’t get it squeeze-the-breath-out-of-you tight which took some getting used to but welcomed. Also it was like a tiny sauna around my waist, trapping the heat & melting the fat.

I also got my hands on a sample of Sweet Sweat‘s workout enhancing cream. I had had it for about 2 weeks before I even opened it because I’d be in a rush trying to make it to the gym or it was out of sight/out of mind. I finally tried it & DAMN!! LOL! I use it on my tummy but you can put it on any of your problem areas. I’m gonna spare y’all the pics of my sweaty torso but the sweat was REAL!! lol! I am not a fan of cardio, I’m all weights these days but from the looks of my waist you would’ve thought I had just finished a P90X session!


Unfortunately for me my results fluctuate because I’m not as consistent with my eating habits as I used to be and & haven’t worked abs in over a month. (I think I was depressed summer was ending & I didn’t get to go swimming in the ocean. Like, I was swimsuit ready this summer, bought new swimsuits… and they all still have their tags on them -__-)

But either way I LOVE this product!! Even with me not working abs as much stomach still looks tighter after than before. Now just imagine if I actually focused on core & ate right?!! Man you wouldn’t be able to tell me nothing!! Too bad I’m more like…


Smh #thestruggle lol! Cheat meal or not, I’m a fan or this product & definitely recommend it for anyone looking to get more out of their workout!! After all, sweat means you did something right! Lol! Not to mention their prices are very reasonable & they have quick, professional, friendly service!

If you’re interested in trying Sweet Sweat click the link & shop around!

You can also follow them on:

Twitter @SweetSweatUSA

Instagram @sweetsweatusa

Bout that Life!!!


As you guys know I’ve been trying to live a healthier lifestyle all while trying to achieve the body of my dreams. Well since the move I haven’t been to nobody’s gym & working out at home isn’t getting me the results I want. I’ve plateaued 🙁 But y’all should know by now if I have a problem I’m not staying down for long! I’m gonna dust myself off & get started on a solution!

Lose 10lbs or gain 10lbs of lean muscle in 90 days. Are you up for the challenge?! Do you wanna be bout that #ViLife?! If so click here!


Of course I’m gonna track my progress, make sure you’re following me on IG to check those pics -it’s not all fitness stuff, I promise!! I’m so excited to get started, get back on track & show off my improved body on the beach this summer!

Want to know more? Don’t worry, I’ll be having informational events soon in the ATL area, Middle Georgia & Savannah so be on the look out for those! Not in those areas? Feel free to leave a comment below or message me at!


“Hey let’s get away…”


*le sigh*

I know I haven’t updated the site in a min but y’all I haven’t had time. I’ve been working 7 days a week, outside of that I’ve jus been tryna live!
Needless to say I need a vacay like you wouldn’t believe!! Or at least


But knowing my single struggle 2 of those aren’t currently an option. Lol! Also I’m one of the millions of adults that don’t work in education so no spring/summer break on the horizon for me. 🙁
But all is not lost!! Here’s some activities you can do while you’re solo dolo to relax, unwind & won’t break the bank!

Meditate an hour before bed

My sleep pattern is all over the place: one night I’m going to bed at 2am (normal cause I work nights) then another night I’m crawling in the sheets at with the sun peaking in my window. I realized if I shut off all distractions (tv, laptop, silence phone) & sit in a quiet place about an hour before bed it gives my body a chance to truly unwind from the day. By the time I do get in bed I’m out in less than 10mins & I’m able to get my full 7-8hrs

Exercise several times a week


Life in general is stressful. Add on work with annoying coworkers, inadequate superiors, idiotic boyfriends, drama filled friends, kids, pets, traffic- I could go on & on but you get it. Well as Elle said in Legally Blonde “Exercising releases endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t kill their boyfriends.” lol!

20140408-170702.jpg 20140408-170853.jpg

I told y’all a while ago how happy I was with my booty. lol! Squat it out chile, squat it out! lol!

Take a walk outside

You can go around your neighborhood, in a park or the school track, jus be in some fresh air & walk. You’re getting exercise & me time to clear your head all at the same time! And if you want to add music to the mix, why not?! Personally, I walk with my pandora 90’s R&B the first lap then the second without the music

Treat yourself to a spa pedicure

Sure you can paint your own tootsies but with summertime & sandal season on the horizon why not take yourself down to the nail shop, sit in a massage chair & let somebody else pamper you? Go head girl, you deserve it!

Take a candlelit bubble bath

Perhaps you don’t like people touching your feet (I’m right there with ya!) or a pedi just isn’t in your budget. Well instead treat yourself to a spa experience at home! Have some soothing music playing, grab the loofah to exfoliate, even try out that facial mask that you bought but haven’t had time to use. Calgon, take me away!


Have a girls night in

If you’ve never had an adult sleepover with your girls you are depriving yourself of some good times! lol! Have everyone that comes bring some unhealthy but so delicious goodies (brownies & wine are a must!), & come ready to have a good time talking about guy problems, that bitch of a boss or whatever! It’ll be therapeutic to get it off your chest & have a good laugh with your friends!


All Deez Squats…



I don’t always workout when I’m supposed to (more like hardly ever these days!) but one thing I don’t miss is my squats!!


Thanks Idris! lol!

I follow a lot of fitness pages & one thing that irks me is the disbelief that hard work & dedication can give you the body that you want. More specifically get you the booty you want! That’s how you get everything else you want in life, why wouldn’t your body be the same?!
I’ve never been a big booty chick (or even a medium! I’m more of a super smedium) but being a black female, I can honestly say I’ve been body conscious about it since at least high school. When I started getting in to fitness it was purely to get healthy & accentuate what God have me. Then I learned the butt is one of those muscles you can grow with exercise O_O SIGN ME UP!!!! Lol!
One of my homeboys didn’t believe me I’m here to set the record straight WITH PROOF!!

My starting measurements in July 2013 were 39-29-36. Today I’m a fabulous 38-25 1/2-39 & have gained 6lbs of muscle!


Just saying it makes we want to head to the gym right now!!

& I’m very realistic about things. My goal is still to be the best me I can be, not become the next Ciera Rogers. (She’s gorgeous but my body wasn’t built for that & my genetics don’t support it either! lol!) But if I can make my body fit & add some of the curves I’ve always wanted in the process WHY NOT?!!

Have y’all been keeping your fitness goals? What’s your fave body part to work on? If you could have anybody in the world’s figure, who would you choose? Leave a comment below or tweet me @BlondiesLipstk!

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Results Are In!!


Well my dears, #NoWaistNovember has come to an end!

I’m happy & sad to see it go! Not to mention the year is slipping away. Before you know it it’ll be swimsuit season & we’ll be showing off all the hard work we’ve been doing!
Speaking of showing off, I told you guys I’d share my results from #NoWaistNovember & here they are:

I ordered & received my waist cincher on week 2 & I can tell the difference. You can also tell the difference between week 3 & week 4- yeah, I fell prey to the “Thanksgiving & slack on the gym” bug. Lol! Regardless of that my waist did shrink from 29″ to 27 1/2″ over the month!! I wish it would have shrunk more but there’s only one person I can blame for that. But that’s okay, I’m human! It’s even better that I’m more motivated now that I’ve gotten a taste of what could be!


I don’t have a challenge for this month but I’m sure I’ll find something on all the fitness IG pages I follow 🙂 I love the gym & he’s missed me. Lol!


Guys don’t let this be the end of your fitness journey or even a “strong pause”, lol! Instead make it the push you needed to keep going through the rest of the winter months. Remember nobody can give you the body you want, the work for it starts NOW!!!

Good luck & keep me posted on your fitness progress:   Tweet me or @ me in your Instagram pics! 




It’s the last week of November!!! -you know what that means, we’ve made it to the home stretch!! Don’t give up now!!

Idk about you but it’s a slim (& I mean SUPER slim) chance I’ll reach my goals by the 30th & I’m okay with that!! My body has changed for the better these past few weeks & I know my fitness journey is far from over!


This week we’re gonna go out in a blaze of glory! I mean, we’re practically ab experts at this point PLUS the biggest cheat day on the planet (aka Thanksgiving) is this week & we should prepare for all the damage we’re possibly going to do. #thestruggle lol!

Week 4

Time to sweat it out for mouth-dropping midriff like @followthelita!!

Let’s start off with 50 crunches & 2 sets of 25 for the other exercises. If you can do more be my guest!!

Here are some fit tips from @blackwomenshealthfitness


I’ll be posting my progress pics at the end of the month & I’m excited to see how much of a difference #NoWaistNovember has made!! I can’t wait to see you guys’ progress as well!! Remember to use #NoWaistNovember when you post em so I can share them on here!




Can you feel the burn?!!

Alright guys, it’s week 3 and by now you should be good in your routine & noticing some changes. You might not have the rock hard abs or the flat tummy you want, but perhaps you’ve noticed a slimmer silhouette or a stronger core. No victory is too small!!

I’m having a SUPER busy week -one of those weeks when you hafta schedule everything (including sleep!) in order to get it all done. But that’s still no excuse for missing a workout! As my new gym pal Jesmon told me “Being in the gym all day doesn’t mean anything. You can be in the gym for hours & not do anything, or come in for about 30mins everyday & get in a quick, but effective workout”

This week I can barely scrape up time for that but I still have goals to achieve that won’t happen with a full week off from working out. So for all my fellow busy bees & overall workaholics, this weeks workout is for you!

Week 3

Y’all know I love me some GetBodiedBy_J!


Got more time on your hands? Or perhaps your more advanced than this? Complete GetBodiedBy_J’s 10 minute ab workout below


I’ve actually seen faster tummy tightening results with the waist cincher added to my routine (which is what it’s supposed to do). For me, I found I get the best use when I’m sleeping. I know it sounds crazy & yes, at first I was terrified I’d suffocate in my sleep but once you put it on, wear it for about 15 mins & its starts to feel like a second skin you forget its there. But THE FIRST thing I do when I wake up is take it off. Lol!
Wearing the waist cincher 6-8hrs while I sleep plus working out at least an hour everyday I’ve lost 1 inch off my waist!! I’m so excited & motivated to keep going!!
No, I’m not sucking it in on the last pic!! I know better eating habits have helped as well. Here’s some healthy foods from @dev1fit

How much progress have you made this #NoWaistNovember? I’d love to see!! Tweet me or use #NoWaistNovember in your pics on instagram.
Keep up the good work!!