Bring on the COOL!!


by The Blonde One
It’s that time of year ladiesand gents!!- Time to put away the sandals, shorts, sundresses and t-shirts andbring out the boots, long sleeves, scarves. But before you stow away yoursummer goodies, here’s some ways to get a couple more weeks out of that summergear.
Not ready to put away thetank and summer shorts?
Remember, the smart way todress during the unpredictable cold months is always in layers, that way you’realways comfortable. Add a pair of tights underneath your shorts to update youroutfit for fall.

For a more eye-catching effect use a bright hue opposite ofyour tank [color blocking] to boost your mood on a dreary fall day. Finally completethe look with a blazer and chunky jewelry. (this look also works with yourshort skirts)

Men typically don’t get coldas fast as women so they can hang on to the shorts a little bit longer, but atthe same time you don’t want your outfit to say “middle of June” when it’s the firstday of November! Instead of your flip flops with your shorts, opt for a unique pair of high topsneakers. 
If your shorts are cargo, scrap the tank top and add a lightweight long sleeve t; 

if your shorts are flat front, choose high top converse and a long sleeve henley.
Still hangin on to thatfavorite short sleeve t?
Ladies and Fellas:
You don’t have to box up thet’s as soon as the first leaf of Fall drifts to the ground. Hell, even when thefirst snowflake falls! Short sleeve t’s are actually all weather shirts of youknow how to transition them. For Fall grab a light cardigan or blazer to go ontop, then as the days get cooler add a solid long sleeve shirt to your ensembleor choose thicker outerwear. 


REMEMBER: Fashion is in the eye of the beholder and style is unique to each individual! Now raid your closet and have fun with it!!

Black Heart Accessories **Designer of the Month**

Unique, eye catching jewelry, guaranteed one of a kind. It’s designed to not only fit the designer but also the customer. We caught up with Ashlei Shannon, creator of Black Heart Accessories and our **Designer of the Month**, to give us a little insight on her life and her increasingly popular line of jewelry.
Blondie’s Lipstick What was the inspiration behind the name of your line/ jewelry?
**Black Heart Accessories** The name Black Heart is quite literal. It was inspired by the death of a relationship that had recently ended around the time of Black Heart’s creation. Black is often associated with death, mourning, darkness, and gloom and all of these things were exactly what my heart was feeling at the time. I was so eager to get my mind off of my ex that I began to search for new hobbies– new ways to keep from crying. I tried shopping for a while. Then I realized that hobby was too expensive. Then, I began to express myself artistically. I began to mix fashion and art as a form of expression. The ex was my muse. In fact, the very first pair of earrings I made for myself read “I HATE LOVE”. [laughs]
My accessories are inspired by so many things. (fashion, art, music, historic events, current events, cartoons, greek life, quotes, feelings, emotions, ect.) I could go on and on. I can draw inspiration from virtually anywhere. Hell, I made some earrings out of crayons before. [laughs]
Marilyn Monroe quote
My President is Black
AKA earrings
DST stud earrings
Shoe/shade earrings
BL How did you get started making jewelry?
**BHA** Since I was a little girl, I have been addicted to fashion and in love with art. As I stated previously, making accessories started as a hobby. I’d gone shopping for some jewelry one day and was so disappointed in the selection that I decided to make my own jewelry. (This was back in 2008 when flashy jewelry hadn’t quite made it’s comeback and being the flashy, BOOM, POW girl I am, I wasn’t at all impressed with the dull selection I was given.) So, I took a few supplies I had lying around the house including a vogue magazine, some cardboard, glue, and the backs off some old earrings I had, & created my own earrings. The next day, I wore them and had like 5 people ask me where I got my earrings from. That day was the day my business emerged.
I try to better my craft with every new line I put out. I study fashion magazines to see what’s HOT and I usually do the opposite. [laughs]. I try to stay away from trends at all costs. As far as actual design execution is concerned, I attend jewelry making workshops and I’ve even taught myself a few techniques.
BL Is making jewelry just a hobby for you or are you trying to turn it into a career?
**BHA** Making accessories started as a hobby, and will always be a hobby as it is something I love to do. I think when you start viewing your hobby as a “job”, you start to hate it. However, being a business major and lover of all things fashion, I plan on opening a fashion boutique, where I can sell my accessories, as well as other custom pieces upon graduation.
BL Would you ever consider a partnering with another up & coming designer (clothing or other accessories)?
**BHA**Simply put, if it makes money or gives me some positive exposure, it makes sense. I would love to work with an up and coming clothing designer on a fashion show or photo shoot. Working with the competition (another accessory designer)…not so much.
BL Tell us something readers should know about you or Black Heart Accessories.
**BHA**Black Heart can be considered “avant-garde” because I’m not afraid to step out of the box when designing and creating. I challenge boundaries, and create jewelry that is very “different”, yet wearable. I’m all about originality. I VOW never create the same item twice. SO DON’T ASK!!! [laughs]. I put a lot of LOVE into my work and I wouldn’t put anything out that I wouldn’t wear myself. Although jewelry is my main business, I sell all kinds of accessories (i.e. pins, hair accessories, home décor, and car tags). Items range from $5-$25
Fashion collage
Over-sized pin
If you’re interested in more of Black Heart Accessories jewelry you’ve seen or want to purchase items, contact Shannon
TWITTER: @BHAccessories
BHA Email:

The Hottest Handbags!! **Designer of the Month**

Looking for something unique to add some flair to your wardrobe? Well look no further than BellaDonna Handbags!! Designed and handmade by its owner, Sonique O’Neal, these bags come with the motto “No jewelry, No makeup, No accessories needed… IT’S ALL IN THE BAG”.
                Always a trendsetter, O’Neal’s brand came as a natural talent. She says “BellaDonna Handbags came about from me doing something I have always enjoyed doing. I am a very artistic and creative person. So, one day I decided to actually use the talent as opposed to wasting it. I started designing the bags, and they started selling.” After viewing a few of her bags it’s plain to see that she specializes in making the ordinary Extraordinary! When asked about her inspiration for her one-of-a-kind accessories she replies “My inspiration all falls around one term, FASHION. I am extremely fashion savvy and want to put that to use. The word “BellaDonna” actually refers to a type of flower. The flower is extremely dangerous but very beautiful. So, in that sense, I want my bags to be looked at as being dangerously beautiful.”
 Want to check out her bags for yourself? Visit her website where all the bags are posted with a name and description of each. Also you can email her via or message her on twitter about any other inquiries. Look forward to big things from O’Neal, because this diva is going places! I personally love BellaDonna Handbags and she has definitely earned the title of **Designer of the Month**.