My kind of spring cleaning!


It’s that time again lovelies! Well kinda, if the weather would stop this bipolar foolishness!! Regardless winter is on it’s way out with its heavy sweaters and boots & the tanks, sundresses & sandals are eager to take precedence in our wardrobe. Whenever I switch out my closet I always have a couple items that don’t fit, that I don’t wear anymore or that I’ve never worn, so what do you do with em? Straight to Goodwill or Salvation Army right? WRONG!!

Instead of jus giving away your clothes for free, why not get clothes in return FOR FREE!! Yes, you read that right!
Introducing the amazing 99 Dresses app! It’s frugal fashionistas dream!

20140416-002529.jpg It’s a FREE app where you list your new, never worn or gently used items and for each item you receive Buttons. Buttons are credits to help you win items you’re interested in getting -cause you’re not the only chic chick that wants that cute top! Once you win the item you pay the shipping price which is 7% of the items original price, the Giver is notified the item is won & is sent a shipping label or if they’re local you can pick it up in person.


**If any of that was confusing there’s a tutorial in the app under “How it works”. Just click the question mark in the upper left corner of your screen**


So how can you get in on this awesomeness? Download the app here & begin listing items today! Nothing to list? No problem! You can still search through the stylish inventory by size, designer or scroll through the home page. It’s jus that simple!
So what are you waiting for? Get shopping!


Shoe Lounge Anniversary Party!!!


Shoe Lounge Anniversary

This Saturday join Shoe Lounge ATL for their 2 year anniversary party!
Indulge in complimentary Massages, Facials, Nail design, Make up, Lashes, and Hookah.
There will be a raffle every hour, for a chance to win free prizes!
Celebrate with Shoe Lounge ATL from 3 to 8pm.
Also shop their exclusive shoe collection featuring Chloe Rich Shoes.
You don’t want to miss this luxurious event. 



I’ve been in a mood lately. It didn’t show much in my attitude but it showed in my wardrobe. I stopped caring what was on my body, just as long as I matched & followed dress code at work. I knew something was when I realized I hadn’t worn high heels in almost 3 weeks!!!! Now half of that is from hitting legs so hard in the gym but the other half idk. Lol!So unlike me! Wednesday I got my act together, & while staring at my closet I thought “I’m gonna dress up for me today!”

Dress up, Show Up & Leave your mark!!!

Nothing like getting cute “just because” to lift your spirits!!

Lipstick: Maybelline’s Colorsensational in “Mocha Latte”

Blazer, Tank, Jeans: American Eagle

Shoes: Target

Necklace & Ring: Forever 21






I’m not 100% out of my funk but shifting focus to my wardrobe helps take my mind off of it. Plus when you dress cute you get compliments & who doesn’t love those!?!!


Consumer Report


Life isn’t always sunshine & gumdrops -& neither is blogging reviews

With the start of Blondie’s 3rd year (whoo hoo!!) I decided to not only give you guys the good reviews but also the bad & the ugly too. What better company to start with than one that burned me this time last year known as Bunnyz Creationz.

this is a current screenshot of her page -which I no longer follow or support


These aren’t all of our messages, but you can see the time span of our conversations (mostly one-sided conversations because she wouldn’t respond to me). Also in the video I said I ordered a flask -my mistake, it was a lighter.

Screenshot_2013-01-19-22-32-17-1Screenshot_2013-01-19-22-32-30 Screenshot_2013-01-19-22-32-36Screenshot_2013-01-19-22-33-21 Screenshot_2013-01-19-22-33-26Screenshot_2013-01-19-22-33-33 Screenshot_2013-01-19-22-33-37

Some might say why am I bringing up old stuff. Well unfortunately my website’s anniversary is also the anniversary of when I got screwed over by this girl. Late or not, I just wanted to inform you guys about her so you wouldn’t end up the same way I did.

If by chance you were also cheated by her leave a comment below, share this post on social media & spread the word so she wont continue to get away with it!




#LikeTheLook started out as an on air segment (which I am still doing, I’m jus on a short hiatus), but I wanted to expand it to showcase my personal style which I never noticed was missing. I mean, how can I have a fashion/style blog & barely showcase my own style?! *shrugs* Well now I’m fixing that!

I like brand names but I’m not a label whore, in fact I shop any & everywhere! I believe you don’t hafta spend a lot to look fabulous!

Can you tell I have a Passion for Polkadot?!


My outfit Sunday, enjoying a warm country afternoon *Muah!*

Top: Ross

Skirt: H&M

Sunglasses, bracelet & earrings: American Eagle








Blondie’s Fashion Finds


Now normally these posts are filled with fabulous street styles -but since it’s my site I decided I’ll occasionally slip you guys some fab sales, deals & steals that I find as well! Enjoy!

Designers discount gifts

Boutique Promotion code Expires Visit boutique
El Kelly 10% elkelly10 20th of July el kelly
Dress Passion 20% discount2013 19th July 2013 Dress Passion
Andra Cora 15% SummerFever 20th July 2013 Andra cora
Greenline by K 10% HELLOJULY 31st July greenlline by k
Get Go Retro 5% 5forJuly 30th July get fo retro
Amantes Love 10% Fell free 1st September 2012 Amantes love

Sale Sale Sale!!!!


Net-A-Porter’s Annual Sale Is ON! 40% Off Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs, More.

Net-A-Porter Sale

Designers must HATE this!

Net-A-Porter doesn’t have sales often–but when they do, they majorly mark down designers–even ones that rarely go on sale. Their Semi-Annual Sale just went live, and includes 40% off Tory BurchMillyRag & BoneAlexander McQueenJimmy ChooMarc by Marc JacobsCharlotte OlympiaMichael Kors and more.

Editors’ picks: these Pierre Hardy colorblock sandals ($477, down from $795), this Mulberry yellow bag ($1,155, down from $1,650), these TOM BINNS pastel crystal earrings ($273, down from $390), this Thakoon Addition Brushed-chambray playsuit ($294, down from $490) and this MAJE jersey dress ($224, down from $320). Click below to get shopping!


Oh, and have you seen Nordstrom’s Half Yearly Sale? It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

**courtesy of SHEfinds