Cheers to The Happy Hour!!

Cheers to The Happy Hour!!


It’s plenty of things to toast to on Friday: surviving the work week, kicking off the weekend & now cheers to my new show!!

Tune in each & every Friday on from 4-5PM EST for The Happy Hour hosted by yours truly and Ty Jevon!!



The Happy Hour is a fun, upbeat show with hosts Blondie Lockhart and Ty Jevon. Friday’s from 4-5PM EST they cover everything that’s trending from current events to pop culture, new music and more!

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Who Stole What Now?!

Who Stole What Now?!


This generation is doomed.

Not the babies just being born but the ones in grade school right now, these 90’s babies. They got the game, the players, & life in general all effed up!

I was doing my usual peruse through the Shade Room & came across this:

MiMi put it nicer than I EVER could have! My response would’ve been along the lines of “Oh you poor, sad, ignant, misguided child! You should use the same phone you used to type that bulls**t to google ‘braids’ or ‘cornrows’, see who’s pictures pop up, learn something & then #sitdownandshutup”
So child -lawd I hope that’s a child & not somebody grown- you mean to tell me that you grew up with the Internet, have it at your fingertips, but you REFUSE to use it!! Google is not your enemy! & she’s always free .99!!

From Kendall Jenners “bold braids” to Kim & Khloe’s trendsetting boxer braids









*insert the most dramatic eye roll ever seen*

Just because your “fave” wears or does something doesn’t mean they’re the originators. Hell just looking at the Kardashian-Jenner clan from the first years of the show to now you can see there isn’t much original period!

& no, I’m not hating. From time to time I too find myself keeping up with the Kardashian’s. The problem is when we (African Americans) do something it’s less than but when a white woman does it it’s now “trendsetting, unique and bold”!

Chile Bye

If you walk up to a random black woman on the street 9.99 times outta 10 she wore braids as a child, has some right now (under her weave counts) or plans on getting some for the summer.

Amandla Stenberg said it best but the main thing I want y’all to do is your research before you try to come for somebody -keyboard killers & thumb thugs especially!

Oh, also I need you to know & recognize that #BlackGirlMagic is real. We are beautiful, our hair defies gravity, our melanin is popping and you’re mad.  We don’t need your permission to do or be anything & whether have agree or choose to be bitter this movement ain’t goin nowhere.

Cause We Slay

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What He Really Deserves

What He Really Deserves


Saw this on IG & figured I’d share my thoughts

Aside from the typos I think the post is valid. I agree with being your partner’s source of solace not stress. I sing every lyric of Destiny’s Child’s “Cater To You”. I’m the girl that knows she’s gonna spoil her husband & he is gonna thank sweet baby Jesus everyday & night to have found a catch like me!

However, there’s always that sneaking thought that what you do is will never be good enough:

Yeah… lol! I’m not to the extreme mindset of @Only1_Ms_Stylisk but sometimes, yeah! You can believe you’re in this great relationship & things are picture perfect but in reality he’s out here slanging his wang to every Jill, Dawn & Nancy on the street!

So how do you determine if your man is good enough that deserves to be treated like a king?

The answer is simple: he will show you!

Of course that’s easier said than done. When you first get in a relationship people show you what they want you to see, so he’s gonna be prince charming -and you’ll put on your best act as well. You haven’t seen the real him so why would you spoil him with your best sex (or any sex for that matter), breakfast in bed, massages, home cooked meals, etc? Not saying you can’t do any of that for him but damn, you don’t hafta put all your cards on the table so soon! And I know it’s hard, especially when he’s showing you everything you’ve been wanting! Trust me I’ve been there, I’ve been that girl! I was all about playing wifey thinking if I show him what I all I can be for him upfront he’s gonna want to hold on to me even more! Nah! Majority of the time they just enjoyed the cow & the milk that they got for free & moved on to the next girl. Smh.

There are benefits to that though. As time went on those same guys ended up wanting that ol thing back but by then I had come to my senses and moved on! You snooze you lose! I’ve since learned  that while having an ex come crawling back feels pretty nice, not wasting my time on f**k boys in the first place would have saved me so much head & heart aches. I didn’t let those relationships ruin me as a “good woman”, I’ve been screwed over plenty of times (& put up with the bs that eventually got me screwed over) but I’m not gonna take that out on the next man.

So how do you determine what he deserves? Let him earn that spot in your life! Every person in any type of relationship you have will show you what position they deserve in your life. Pay attention to that & react accordingly.

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Where Ya At?!

Where Ya At?!


Those of you who frequent the site regularly may be thinking “Dang Blondie! I thought you were gonna do better in 2016 & post more!”

*Tamar voice* Way-minute!

Oh but honi I am!! I’ve been bustin my ass putting out new videos every week on Facebook & YouTube! I’ve also been getting my entire life here in Atlanta -follow my adventures on Snapchat-> BlondiesLipstk & IG! Where you been at girl?! Lol!

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There are more videos to come so make sure to stay tuned! If you have ideas for videos, hair styles you want me to try, beauty products to test, etc, leave a comment below!

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Seven Signs You Should Sign Off Social Media

Seven Signs You Should Sign Off Social Media


For as long as most of us can remember, social media has played a huge role in the way we interact with each other. Ever since the late 90’s, we’ve used networks like Friendster, hi5 and later on Myspace, to connect with old friends, make new ones and much more. Looking back however, it’s safe to say we never anticipated just how big of a role social media would play in our day to day lives.


Nowadays, everyone from the youngest elementary school students to the oldest senior citizen home residents uses social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to do everything from playing video games to sharing bits and pieces of their personal lives and accessing new and exciting information.

Social media has completely taken over modern day life and it seems like we never got the chance to really sit down and think about whether or not we actually wanted or even needed this technology and more importantly, whether or not it was actually good for us.

Although some people think it may be a little too late to ask these questions, considering the widespread usage of social media in all aspects of society, others like 18-year-old Australian model Essena O’Neil, think there’s no time greater than the present. Recently, the model who had more than 500,000 Instagram followers and 200,000 YouTube subscribers, uploaded a video to YouTube announcing that she was quitting social media because she “had never been more miserable”.

Despite having a seemingly perfect life online, Essena found that social media was negatively affecting not only her general happiness, but also her mental health and wellbeing and she’s not the only one.

In September 2015, beauty, fashion and lifestyle vlogger, Raven Elyse, uploaded her own video to YouTube explaining to her subscribers that her recent absence from social media was a result of her own mental illness which required her to log off and take a break.

If you’re starting to wonder if social media is negatively affecting your life, read below and learn the seven signs telling you it’s time to sign off.

Sign #1 – You’ve been feeling depressed and anxious

Everyone gets sad from time to time, but if you notice that your depression and anxiety increases with your social media usage, then you may have a bigger problem on your hands. Research shows that Facebook has the ability to make us view our lives negatively. Studies have even concluded that “those who have used Facebook longer agreed more that others were happier, and agreed less that life is fair, and those spending more time on Facebook each week agreed more that others were happier and had better lives,” interesting right?

Sign #2 – You’ve become more self centered. No one wants to hear all about you all the time 

Can you remember the last time you had a conversation with someone that wasn’t all about you, your life, your dreams, your goals, etc.? If not, then social media may be the culprit. ASAP Science reports that social media has increased the amount the average person spends speaking about themselves and although it’s good to share your life with your friends, family and even strangers, no one

Sign #3 – You socialize less

Social media allows you to constantly keep in touch with people all over the world, but unfortunately it’s in a way that minimizes the importance of face-to-face interaction. Because of the lack of body signals and other nonverbal cues people who spend a lot of time on social media networks are less able to effectively communicate in person. So If you can’t remember the last time you did something on a Friday night other than participate in Twitter After Dark or lurk around on Youtube I seriously suggest you log off and call up a few of your friends to have fun.

Sign #4 – You have a short attention span

For years now scientists have reported that attention spans are getting smaller and smaller. Research indicates that our brains aren’t able to fully focus on two things at once, and instead multitasking causes our brain to quickly switch from one task to another. If you’re constantly getting distracted away from more important things, such as school and work, by social media then that’s a definite sign to turn of your screen.

Sign #5 -You’re broke/spend all your money on games or shopping

Studies have shown that there may be a relationship between heavy social media use and lower self-control which lends to impulse buying. If you’ve notice that all of your money is going to games popularized on social media, like Candy Crush, or to buying all of the clothes, accessories and makeup you see others flaunting online then maybe social media isn’t for you.

Sign #6 – You feel physically ill

I’ll be willing to bet money on the fact that the majority of you reading this blog post right now most likely checked one of your social media profiles within the last thirty minutes. Heck, I’ll even be willing to bet that a lot of you took at look at either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram within the last fifteen minutes. Research shows that we spend entirely too much of our free time on social networks and by constantly being glued to the computer and phone screens we also become inactive and thus unhealthy. If you feel like social media is contributing to any physically illness that you have you should definitely sign off and see a doctor.

Sign #7 – You have low self esteem

Most of the time then people post on social media they’re presenting an idealized, unrealistic version of their life. Unfortunately, a lot of social media users don’t realize this and instead of interpreting it as entertainment, they compare themselves to others and think less of their own lives. If social media likes, comments and follows have become a large part of how you view yourself and your life, then it’s time to sign off.

There are many positive and negative effects to consider when discussing social media. Networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can be used for good or bad, but its entirely up to the user. If you notice any of these signs that you should sign off social media, don’t take them for granted. Speak with your doctor or a trusted family member or friend if you can’t handle it on your own.

Do you think social media is bad for society? Comment below!

Blonde Moment Episode 10

Blonde Moment Episode 10


A lot went down this week but don’t worry!! You know your favorite blonde bombshell has you covered!

Blonde Moment Ep.10 “50 Shades of these Hands”

A stripper’s tale of a crazy trip to Florida (#Zolastory) and my thoughts on the Spring Valley High School incident where an officer man handled a female student who was disrupting class.

What’s been on everyone’s Lips

Simone Biles & Gabby Douglas flip & tumble their way to the2016 Olympics in Rio, is Halle Berry actually crazy & that’s why she keeps getting divorced? Oh & ABC said that petition was cute but Raven-Symone will continue to keep the lights on at The View!


What are your favorite shows to watch right now? And would you date someone that made you wait 90days before they spent any money on you?

Blonde Moment Episode 9

Blonde Moment Episode 9


Sorry for the delay you guys! I got so caught up in celebrating Halloween I didn’t get around to posting this weeks episode. Smh! Check out the videos below

Blonde Moment Ep. 9 “Oh SNAP!”

Terry Crews lets us into his bedroom -uh, who asked for that? And who know a tongue could snap if you bit down hard enough!

What’s been on everyone’s Lips

Drake makes our lip lines ring, Meek Mill is in his feeling AGAIN and ready or not Adele is back & already snatching wigs & getting you all in your feelings


Is it really that hard to be consistent? And if you’re no longer interested why don’t you just say so?

6 Halloween Essentials Everyone Needs

6 Halloween Essentials Everyone Needs


It’s coming to one of my favourite times of the year… Halloween. It’s an excuse to dress up and play your favourite character. There’s food, parties that are usually held on 31st October which falls on a Saturday this year so great! All weekend to party! If you’re hosting a party then this article will give you a few ideas.


Make sure you include these 6 essentials for your Halloween:

  1. A costume

If you want to have a full costume and full face of makeup, then go for it but if you want to save money, then why not dress as a ghost (white sheet with eye holes), or all in black and work wonders with your makeup. You could even go as a burglar… all you need is a stripy top and black trousers leggings!


  1. Drink

This time of year, people experiment with different flavours and ingredients. Why not try one? Blood-Orange Cocktails? Creepy Cocktails?


  1. Food

If you’re hosting your own Halloween party, why not make a few scary treats? Frozen Banana Ghosts, Spooky Eyeball Tacos, Day of The Dead Biscuits, Spooky Spider Devilled Eggs

There are so many Halloween recipes online.


  1. Decorations

Of course! A Halloween party wouldn’t be a Halloween party without decorations!


  1. Music

Have a play list of ghostly music playing in the background.


6. Pumpkins!

Make sure you have pumpkins! If you can’t carve, glue some crazy eyes and mouth onto the pumpkin!


Whatever you decide to do this Halloween, have fun!




Blonde Moment Episode 8

Blonde Moment Episode 8


Check out all the videos from Blonde Moment Ep. 8 “There’s nothing in that closet but clothes!”

This episode I was a little under the weather & got the help from my silly family! Follow Ms Tori and M. Tiant

Blonde Moment

Did you catch Love & Hip Hop Hollywood this week? Miles aka Sir Brock came out this week to his family & ex girlfriend. Is Hip Hop ready the LGBT?

What’s on everyone’s Lips?

The latest on Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian’s relationship, Chrissy Teigan’s bump & lack of rump, Glory Johnson’s womb news and  King Bach’s big announcement.


Would you give it up after the first date/meeting?

Blonde Moment Episode 7

Blonde Moment Episode 7


So first Raven wasn’t a Black American, then she was from every continent in Europe & Africa, now she’s racist discriminates against “ethnic” names. Really Raven Hyphen Symone with a decorative accent over the “E”.

Yo, Ben Carson, you ain’t got the answers bruh, dumb privileged white boy cake, and Matt Barnes has a case of the Ex.

Is dating a former friends old flame breaking girl code/ guy code? Or are they fair game?

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Blonde Moment Episode 6

Blonde Moment Episode 6


In case you missed any part of this weeks episode of Blonde Moment come here every Friday to catch each segment in one place!

Episode 6: What slavery?

So… nobody at McGraw-Hill saw an issue with saying Africans were brought to America as immigrants? Cute….but that ain’t what happen & y’all know it!

Blonde Moment Ep. 6 Slate

What’s on everyone’s Lips this week?

Two Hip Hop couples are expecting, a hero’s sacrifice, plus Amber Rose’s Slut Walk -btw, F**k your 30 showers!!


Can women do the same thing as men when it comes to dating?

To see this week’s full outfit click here 

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