Make Sure You Have Gorgeous Paws For Summer!

Make Sure You Have Gorgeous Paws For Summer!


We all want gorgeous paws. Especially now it’s Summer time and we’re out and about more showing off our bodies and nails! There’s nothing worse than seeing horrid nails on someone.

First impressions count and even if you haven’t thought about it, people do check out your nails so be aware!

The first things I check out is hair, nails and sometimes clothes… and to be honest I think everyone else does… even if they don’t admit it.

Anyway, why would someone want to go around with awful nails? Sometimes we don’t have time to re-do them and I understand that. Everyone’s busy in their hectic schedules so fair enough. Not everyone has the time to pop to their local beautician. I tend to do my own nails; this saves money and a lot of time. This way I get to chop and change as frequent as I like.

Don’t you just hate it when you take your nail polish off and it’s stained your nails! This looks so ugly! I know you can get base coats that prevent the staining but sometimes it still does. The best thing to do when this happens is do let your nails breathe and not to paint over them because this makes it worse. You just have to grin and bear it!

I once tried false nails and I didn’t have a good experience. I somehow managed to glue my fingers together… hehe looking back it was funny but at the time, it wasn’t. I’ve never tried them since. I love my natural nails and I look after them so they are looking great.


As a Writer/Blogger, I feel shorter nails are best for me because it suits my lifestyle. I don’t mean short, short just long enough so that when I’m typing, the nails don’t catch the keys on the keyboard. Shorter nails are trending at the moment due to Kim Kardashian West favouring them. Don’t get me wrong, I love long nails too but for daily use, shorter nails are preferred.

As I mentioned, it’s Summer in the UK now, so you’re nails are on show and this includes your precious toenails! Don’t forget to have a pedicure. You want your gorgeous nails to peep out of your peep toes or sandals.