6 Halloween Essentials Everyone Needs

6 Halloween Essentials Everyone Needs


It’s coming to one of my favourite times of the year… Halloween. It’s an excuse to dress up and play your favourite character. There’s food, parties that are usually held on 31st October which falls on a Saturday this year so great! All weekend to party! If you’re hosting a party then this article will give you a few ideas.


Make sure you include these 6 essentials for your Halloween:

  1. A costume

If you want to have a full costume and full face of makeup, then go for it but if you want to save money, then why not dress as a ghost (white sheet with eye holes), or all in black and work wonders with your makeup. You could even go as a burglar… all you need is a stripy top and black trousers leggings!


  1. Drink

This time of year, people experiment with different flavours and ingredients. Why not try one? Blood-Orange Cocktails? Creepy Cocktails?


  1. Food

If you’re hosting your own Halloween party, why not make a few scary treats? Frozen Banana Ghosts, Spooky Eyeball Tacos, Day of The Dead Biscuits, Spooky Spider Devilled Eggs

There are so many Halloween recipes online.


  1. Decorations

Of course! A Halloween party wouldn’t be a Halloween party without decorations!


  1. Music

Have a play list of ghostly music playing in the background.


6. Pumpkins!

Make sure you have pumpkins! If you can’t carve, glue some crazy eyes and mouth onto the pumpkin!


Whatever you decide to do this Halloween, have fun!




Trust Me, You Need A Compact Mirror in your Life!

Trust Me, You Need A Compact Mirror in your Life!


I overheard a conversation the other day about a girl who doesn’t have a compact mirror. She said she’s always borrowing someone else’s. I thought I was hearing things. To me, this is hard to take in and to digest. I couldn’t possibly live without a compact mirror in my handbag! This is like saying Anna Wintour cannot wear sunglasses again! Shocking I know.


I’m not saying that I’m so vain and that I need to check myself out every 30 seconds… But it’s for peace of mind too. Not only are they for the self-loving people out there (you know who you are) but for people who have food in their teeth, something in their eye etc. Hmmmm… OK, are my reasons good enough?! I give in… of course us girlies and guys like to check ourselves out occasionally and when we touch up our makeup, it’s good to have a mirror whenever we are. We could be on a train, a bus, in a coffee shop, waiting for someone, waiting for a plane at the airport but still have a mirror handy!

There are lots of compact mirrors on the market, ranging from cheap to high-end.  I know what people are thinking right now, “but a mirror’s a mirror”… wrong (in a way). Of course a mirror is a mirror but there are complementary mirrors and there are some bad mirrors that make you look awful! I hope people understand when I say that?!

Pop to your local shop and try out their mirror and you’ll see the difference.


Look After Your Hands This Winter

Look After Your Hands This Winter


With everyone working and having busy hectic schedules, we tend to forget about our hands! This is definitely not intentional. We wash our hands so many times a day but majority of people don’t use hand cream after doing so.

We need to treat our hands like Royalty! They are our best friends and are doing what we need to do, every day without complaining! Not that they can speak but imagine if they could! Help me… I need some cream please or she’s forgotten to use the hand cream again!

Nowadays you can buy a travel size hand cream so there are no excuses of not being able to carry it, it’s too big and heavy, I’m afraid it might leak in my bag or my bag is too small. The caps on the tubs/sachets/bottle can be fastened on quite tight so they won’t leak. If you have a mobile phone holder inside your bag, you can always keep it up straight and it will ease your mind.

I like to buy the small size and keep the bigger size by my bed so every night; it reminds me to put my hand cream on. Also when you wake up in the morning, it’s usually staring me in the face! I do like to buy a few so I have them dotted all around the house… it’s great! My Fiancé has not gotten in the routine of applying hand cream… I knew he would copy me eventually!

Hand Creams

I have tried so many hand creams you wouldn’t believe it. Now I’m confident in the brands I know and would definitely recommend to you guys.

I have come up with 3 gorgeous hand creams.

L'Occitane Hand Cream

L’Occitane Shea Butter Dry Skin Hand Cream

La Prairie Hand Cream

La Prairie Cellular Hand Cream

Dermactin - TS Restorative Hand Treatment

Dermactin – TS Restorative Hand Treatment

Enjoy and take care of your hands!


Shelley x

Nude Lip Liners Are Trending

Nude Lip Liners Are Trending


Lately I’ve noticed that nude lip liners are trending so I thought I would recommend a few to try.

Of course we all know the reason why nude and natural lip liners are in fashion… Kylie Jenner! Yes her incredible pout has driven us all crazy with envy.

The trick of using a natural or nude colour lip liner is to deliberately draw over your lips. Many people are afraid to do this to begin with but trust me; once you’ve done it… you will always do it.

Everyone seems to always wear either clear gloss or bright colour lipstick but with no lip liner. Then I decided to try it… it’s opened up a different world!

When you wear lip liners, you instantly feel that your lips are fuller and a lot bigger. People will comment on how good you look and it’s true so be prepared for attention!

Who would have thought such a light coloured lip liner could make all the different to your outfit, style and mood. When you look good, you feel great. Your confidence is sky high and beyond.

Are you ready to take on the world with these sexy lip liners?  I’m sure you are!

Here’s a few nude lip liners that I would suggest you try out.

Lancome lip liner

Lancôme ‘Le Lipstique’ LipColoring Stick with Brush $25

Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury ‘Lip Cheat’ Re-Size & Re-Shape Lip Liner $22

Mac Lip Liner

M·A·C ‘Haute Dogs’ Lip Pencil $16.50

Cargo Lip Liner

CARGO Swimmables™ Lip Liner $18 – This is waterproof.

Jane Iredale Lip Definer

jane iredale Lip Definer $11


Shelley x

Make Sure You Keep Your Skin Smooth and Healthy Looking By Exfoliating!


Now the season is changing, be sure to exfoliate your body. Your body has probably been on show for most of the Summer and now it’s going to be covered up in the colder weather. Don’t think that because it’s now covered up, you don’t have to exfoliate! Exfoliation isn’t just about summertime. Your skin needs pampering all year round!

Exfoliate Gloves 1

Exfoliating your body is very beneficial to you and your skin. Here are the main benefits:

  • It relieves dry /rough skin
  • You can get a closer shave
  • Your skin looks healthier
  • It unclogs your pores
  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Prevents your skin from breaking out into spots
  • Make your skin extra smooth and soft
  • Evens out our skin tone
  • Helps you apply your lotion evenly and therefore the lotion will be more effective
  • Also helps if you apply fake tan and prevents streaks

Try to exfoliate in the shower/bath at least once a week but don’t overdo it… this can cause irritation and dry skin.

Exfoliating is easier with the right products. Get yourself a lovely body scrub and some gloves.

With the benefits in mind, ensure that you stay exfoliated!

Autumn Is Coming! Autumn Tips!


Sadly Summer is drawing to end and Autumn is fast approaching. Before you can even think about what to wear for Autumn, it’s already here! All your Summer wardrobe is thrown to the back of the closet to make way for your Autumn outfits.

Don’t panic that you need to go out and buy new clothes. Everyone always panics and thinks that all their wardrobe is just full of Summer outfits and that’s where you’re wrong! You can always recycle your clothes into next season!

16.09.15 Recycle Your Clothes

My main tips are:

  • Double up! Wear a vest or a cropped Summer top over or under your layers! This will keep you warm too.
  • Chunky jumpers and socks. You finally get to wear your cozy chunky jumpers and socks!!! Yay!
  • Wear tights. Shorts, skirts and dresses aren’t just for the Summer, wear  your cozy tights with them to keep your legs warm! You can even jazz up your dull outfit with colourful tights!
  • Wear knee-high socks over tights for contrast!
  • When it comes to makeup, you can keep your Summer colours for a night out in Autumn or even when you want to feel fab in the day… just wear it!
  • Wear your sandals with socks or tights. This is trending right now from the High Street stores to the Catwalk! You go girl!
  • Wear a hat – you don’t have to think about your hair as much!

So guys, like I said, don’t panic and recycle if need be!


Shelley x

Are you looking for Mr or Miss Right?

Are you looking for Mr or Miss Right?


Are you still looking for the one? Bored of being single and are ready to mingle???


It’s claimed nowadays that women tend to focus more on their career then settling down and having a family. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with being driven and motivated by your job but people are forgetting about what matters the most… family! If you’re in a job you love and you’re successful, fair game to you but I think you still need to think about your personal life and not just your job.

I claim myself to be one of the lucky ones to have found my Mr Right a few years ago but I do have a few single friends that are desperately trying to find their Mr or Miss Right.

I’m not writing this to poke at any strong, career minded women; I have the upmost respect for them… I just want everyone to take a deep breath and really think about what makes you happy. As I always say, life is far too short so you must do whatever makes you smile and share the wonderful moments with another. Go out and party, mingle with crowds you would never dream of doing… who knows… you might find yours prefect partner there!

I’ll Be There for You, Cause You’re There for Me Too!

I’ll Be There for You, Cause You’re There for Me Too!


Yes, you guessed it… the title is from the Friends theme song. Today’s theme is friends but not the programme but before I talk about friends, can you believe it’s been over 10 years since the programme ended?!


They say you can’t choose your family but you can choose your friends!

I don’t have a huge amount of close friends but the ones I do have, are so special to me. Every one of them has their own uniqueness and I wouldn’t swap them for the World!

We can go partying, shopping or just chilling and relaxing but I know they will be happy and comfortable.

You really do know who your friends when it comes down to it. I keep in touch with old school friends but we’ve all moved on and are different people now. I guess this happens a lot in life but some people do stay best of friends with their old school friends and that’s great but I’ve found that sometimes work and life gets in the way or people move away. Nevertheless, try to keep in touch!

Life is too short not to have fun so wherever you are in the World, make sure you choose great friends and enjoy all the good times!

by Shelley

I’m In Love With Nike Leggings

I’m In Love With Nike Leggings


Right now, I’m hooked on wearing Nike leggings. I really think they complement your body and feel great.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but these are trending big time and a lot of celebrities are helping this trend by wearing them while doing their shopping and daily routines (not just going to the gym)

Nike Leggings

If you’re like me and do a lot of exercising, on your “rest days” I like my legs to recover by wearing leggings. My legs sometimes ache from running, yoga and squats etc. so I tend to wear my Nike’s (if I can) after my workout too.

I’ve got so many pairs of leggings in my wardrobe; I think I’m obsessed. I get really excited when I go shopping and see them… sounds sad and pathetic but it’s true! I love looking after my body after a workout and I feel by wearing these leggings, it helps me.

Here are some of the funky pairs available right now for you to buy!


These are called Nike ForeverGradient and are quite think so these are for the cooler days. Retail price $150, a bit prices but are worth it and are available in 2 colourways – black and Persian violet.


These are the Nike Legendary Jacquard training leggings. They are $100 and are available in 2 colourways – Black/black (even though they look like grey) and radiant emerald/black.


If you’re looking for a bright colour then go for these. These are the Nike Pro Hyperwarm Mezzo’s and are priced at $60. Be aware that these are base layering and are see-through! Don’t wear printed underwear unless you want everyone to see.


The 90’s Dungarees Are Back!


The 90’s dungarees are back and trending. They’ve been around for a few months now and don’t seem to be going away any time soon! Come rain or shine you can wear your trending dungarees and feel good.

Topshop Dungaree

For hot days, you can always team your short dungarees with a simple vest or tee underneath and wear some sexy wedges or sandals. If you want to jazz it up a little, why not wear a statement necklace in case you want to feel more glam.

For the cooler days, you can either choose to wear your long dungarees with some slouchy boots and a long sleeve jumper or sweater over the top or you could wear your short dungarees. If you decide on the shorts, you can always wear thicker tights and the same top that you would wear with the long dungarees.

The best thing about dungarees is that they go with anything! Sneakers, boots, sandals, flip-flops or even bare-feet!

You could even add your character and style to the outfit by not doing one of the buckles up and let it hang loose or wear the long dungarees and wear one leg higher than the other. Whatever your style is, your dungarees will fit right in!

Topshop have a great pair of denim long dungarees $90.00


Even a short overall dungarees in washed our black colourway $70.00





Luscious Lipsticks in Red & Pink

Luscious Lipsticks in Red & Pink


Many people are afraid of trying out a new colour on their lips. I don’t understand this but each to their own. I guess it’s out of their comfort zone or maybe they know what suits their face and what doesn’t.

For whatever reason, I would still try and mix it up a little and wear something bright and bold every so often. Nobody wants to become predictable you know!

Red & Pink Lips


Red and pink lipsticks are trending at the moment so now is the time to have some fun with your lips!

If you like red, go for a bold sexy matte or glossy finish. If you fancy pink to make the boys wink, then choose a gorgeous girly pink that flatters your skin tone.

I love to have a few red and pink lipsticks in my bag and when I have my glam days, I like to wear either one of them. In fact, I’ve even tried to mix them and it looks so good with a pink outline with the red colour in the centre. Everyone always comments on how good my lips look!

I would recommend spending more on lipsticks if you can. You can really tell the difference between a cheap and a more expensive lipstick.

Here are a few red lipsticks that I would recommend:

Mac Prolong Wear Lipcreme in True Red $20.00 Do you want a long lasting lipstick? Go for this sexy number.

Mac Lipstick in Lady Danger $17.00 Do you want a coral/red tone? Then this is perfect for you.

L’Oreal Colour Riche Collection Exclusive Red Lipcolor Julianne’s Red $8.99 Matt colour with a soft velvet finish.

And here’s a few gorgeous pink lipsticks I would recommend:

Mac Lipmix in Matte Magenta $15.00 Matt creamy formula that adds a touch of colour to your lips.

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor $7.49 To be honest they have so many shades of pink; you’re bound to find one that you like.

Laura Mercier Paint Wash Liquid Lip Colour $29.00 I’m in love with Laura Mercier products at the moment and this is brand new! This looks a lovely colour… Orchid Pink.