Love/ Inspiration Poetry


Heart, Mind, Soul and Spirit
He has my heart,
He has my mind,
He speaks to my soul,
He tantalizes my spirit.
I dream about laying in his arms
    on a clear, starry night
    laying on a towel
    the crisp ocean air blowing in our faces
My head is resting on his chest
and I listen closely as our hearts beat as one.
. . . . .
I snap back to reality only to find that he is real,
my dream come true and so much more.
That’s how he captured my heart,
after he won my mind,
when he whispered to my soul,
about how he loves my free spirit.
-The Blonde One
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Trey Songz serenades in “Passion Pain and Pleasure”


Looking for an album that combines club hits, sexy female praising lyrics and heart wrenching ballads? Well look no further than the Prince of Petersburg’s newest album Passion Pain and Pleasure. If you’re like me and thoroughly enjoyed his sophomore album Ready then you’re in for a treat with this one! This album flows so effortlessly as if to tell a story and the songs adapt to fit or change your mood. Getting ready to go out? Listen to the radio hit “Bottoms Up” featuring Nicki Minaj or “Red Lipstick”. Feeling sexy? Listen to “Love Faces” or “Alone”. Missing the special someone? Listen to “Please Return my Call” or “Made to be Together” (My favorite song on the album). The deluxe edition offers the extra goodies of bonus live tracks and a DVD of live performances. This album is a definite must have and gets the *PLUM* kiss of approval! **Muah!!**

La La’s Trip down the Alter


You’re invited to one of the most glamorous, over the top weddings of the year! If you’ve ever watched MTV then you know one of the popular VJ’s La La Vasquez and you know of her long time engagement to Denver Nuggets #15, Carmelo Anthony. Well they finally took that trip down the aisle this July, but what did it take to get there? Follow La La’s journey from the dress, to the cake, invitations, all the other bells and whistles that come with planning a high profile wedding; then add to the mix an active three year-old, opinionated family members and celebrity friends and you’ve got the makings of an interesting show! Catch “La La’s Full Court Wedding” Sunday nights at 10:30 on VH1.

Fantasia’s Back Again!


Singing, fighting, crying, laughing, tearful reunions- no this is not a soap opera, its last year’s “Fantasia For Real”. If you were like me you tuned in every Sunday just to see who was going to argue with Teeny, who Aunt Bunny was going to curse out and who was going to make Fantasia cry this time! Now what could top that? Well opening up about her relationship with a married man and actual footage of what occurred during her recent overdose was enough to make me tune in again! The first episode catches us up to where her home life is now, lets us know what’s going on with her much anticipated new album and what lil’ brother Teeny has been up too. Tune in for more insanity and see “Fantasia For Real” Sunday nights at 10 on VH1.

Look Fab in Fall!!

Even though it’s not fully Fall, these tips can help you transition your wardrobe to prepare for the change in temperature. Fall’s fashion is all about layering, touches of bright color and accessories! Want to continue wearing that sundress or shorts into Fall? Try layering the dress with a tank, cardigan and boots and adding a blazer, colorful patterned tights and round toe flats or pumps with the shorts.
 Denim jackets and shirts have made a comeback but instead of matching the pants and top, mix light, dark, grey or colored denim for a change of pace. The lumberjack look of plaid button downs is still in, but remix it this season with a denim vest, shorts and cowboy boots. (I love this seasons looks at American Apparel!! Girls-, Guys- On a budget? Try one of my favorite stores, American Eagle Outfitters! Girls-, Guys-
Add a splash of color to any outfit with a bright belt, shoes or an eye catching bag [like the **Designer of the Month** BellaDonna Handbags]. Long necklaces transition from season to season, day to night and can also double as a belt. Also colorful bracelets and rings are an excellent way to draw attention to the nails which are featuring soft turquoise and blue’s, various shades of pink and shimmering metallic’s. Makeup can still include those bronzy summer colors but add color to either the eyes (like lining lids with green or orange) or lips (like a berry or wine lip stain) and pairing it with a skin complementing blush. Try these tips, added to your own personal flair, and you’ll be looking fabulous all throughout Fall!!

All eyes on You!

Want to grab attention without doing a wardrobe overhaul? Well a new look is blink away! Instead of safe neutrals, use some bright eye popping shadow day or night to take your outfits to the next level. My favorites are Cover Girl Eye Enhancer Eye Shadow 4Kit in Tropical Fusion ($4.84, Target) and JK Jemma Kidd I-Design Eye Color Collection ($16, Target). Not a makeup connoisseur and unsure what to buy? Try Almay intense i-color ($5.99, Target) or Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Eye Enhancing Shadow ($9.34, Target) with perfect shades to bring out your eye color and instructions on the back lessening the chance of “clown face” [a person wearing too much makeup or colors that clash with their complexion].
Now no eye is complete without lashes that turn heads! My favorites for daytime are Rimmel Extra Super Lash -add length by applying more mascara- and Maybelline Falsies Volum’ Express –the curved brush catches even the smallest lashes; and for a glamorous night look try L’Oreal Colossal Lash in blackest black –the large brush and air whipped formula add volume and length to lashes- and L’Oreal Telescopic Explosion in carbon black –the “explosion” brush allows you to get lashes from every angle & the “carbon black” adds a patent finish. Combine these looks and you’re guaranteed to grab extra attention. 

**Send me pics of your All Eyes on You look and I’ll post them here!

The Hottest Handbags!! **Designer of the Month**

Looking for something unique to add some flair to your wardrobe? Well look no further than BellaDonna Handbags!! Designed and handmade by its owner, Sonique O’Neal, these bags come with the motto “No jewelry, No makeup, No accessories needed… IT’S ALL IN THE BAG”.
                Always a trendsetter, O’Neal’s brand came as a natural talent. She says “BellaDonna Handbags came about from me doing something I have always enjoyed doing. I am a very artistic and creative person. So, one day I decided to actually use the talent as opposed to wasting it. I started designing the bags, and they started selling.” After viewing a few of her bags it’s plain to see that she specializes in making the ordinary Extraordinary! When asked about her inspiration for her one-of-a-kind accessories she replies “My inspiration all falls around one term, FASHION. I am extremely fashion savvy and want to put that to use. The word “BellaDonna” actually refers to a type of flower. The flower is extremely dangerous but very beautiful. So, in that sense, I want my bags to be looked at as being dangerously beautiful.”
 Want to check out her bags for yourself? Visit her website where all the bags are posted with a name and description of each. Also you can email her via or message her on twitter about any other inquiries. Look forward to big things from O’Neal, because this diva is going places! I personally love BellaDonna Handbags and she has definitely earned the title of **Designer of the Month**.

Beeatuiful Honey!!- Beauty Benefits of Golden Nectar

For centuries people have known the healing benefits of honey and now you will too! Here are a few interesting ways to use the sweet stuff:

·         Got a blemish? Put a dab of honey on it & cover it with a band-aid. Honey kills the bacteria, speeds healing and works overnight.
·         Dry skin? Use honey to retain moisture or replenish where it is needed
·         Skin inflammation? Honey can take the sting out of sunburn and kill the bacteria in a cold sore
·         Want smooth lips? Smear some honey on your smackers a couple nights before bed and you’ll have kiss ably smooth lips in no time
·         Nail fungus? Best used before bed- smother your hands and nails with honey and cover them with cotton gloves. This is also a good treatment for smooth nails and soft hands.

Not interested in smothering yourself with honey or creating your own beauty remedies? No worries! There are plenty of cosmetics that use honey and offer the same results. One the most known for using honey and other natural ingredients is Burt’s Bees . Also search for products containing the ingredients Manuka Honey- a pure form of honey; and Propolis- a mixture made from different resins collected by honey bees. Either route you choose you’ll be smooth and smelling sweet!