Today is a bittersweet day for this blogger & many others inspired by a sassy, big haired, gorgeous gal with the bitchie-est blog on the web! Today Necole Bitchie announced she will no longer run and is pursuing her true passion.

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For 7 years has kept us informed on all the hottest celeb news & gossip. For me there was no Media Take Out, if Necole didn’t post it I didn’t care. I loved that her posts were opinionated & would read celebs for days for their poor choices, but still had a level of class. She had boundaries, not a whole lot, but enough to clearly separate from a trash gossip site.

A part from being a successful blogger, Necole inspired many with her life story of losing her parents, being homeless hoping from couch to couch of family members all trying to pursue her dream of growing her blog into a huge following and making a name for herself. I followed her site for years but I recalled first reading her story online & that same day I realized I had no excuses! I had told people for months I wanted to start an online magazine but had yet to put anything together. Then in 2011 I read her interview with Black Enterprise magazine & it motivated me to not just have a website but build brand and not be afraid to be the face of that brand. I haven’t had the chance to meet her (yet!) but she was my biggest & most constant inspiration for what you see here!!

Necole has inspired countless women through public speaking, live panels and always seeming like your homegirl that always has the tea. So to my blogger bestie (in my head), I wish you all the best on your future endeavors!! You’re a force to be reconned with & I can’t wait to see what you do next!

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Read Necole’s touching goodbye here

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