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‘YO…Can you tell me have seen her? Well it was about 5 minutes ago’…Well Chris Brown finally found her last Wednesday, and she was naked in his bed. Only problem is that Chris had no idea she was there. Brown returned to his Agoura Hills, California home with his security team around 9pm to find a woman’s clothing in the foyer and ‘I LOVE YOU” spray painted on the kitchen counter. After further investigation, they found a 21 year old mystery woman unclothed in his bed! Brown’s security called the police who handcuffed and promptly escorted the young lady to jail.
The woman is 21 year old Amira Ayeb, a college student from Texas. Ayeb’s friends on campus reported that the young lady boarded a bus telling them that she was going to California to see her husband (Brown). Police believe that the woman was there for sometime. They found dirty dishes in the sink from her preparing a meal. Ayeb also spray painted ‘Mrs. Brown’ on two of Chris’ cars. The self appointed ‘Mrs. Brown’ had the book thrown at her, and is being charged with three felonies by the city including vandalism, burglary, and stalking. Chris says that he would like the charges dropped, but Agoura Hills police have different plans. Brown tweeted a statement saying, “I pray that she gets the help she needs.” And who says these hoes ain’t ‘LOYAL’?
While the hit show ‘Empire’ is on break, it’s head of household Terrance Howard and his penis are being called out by his ex wife. Michelle Howard, Terrance’s estranged wife, reportedly took several jabs at her ex after the divorce was filed and she found just what her Academy Award nominated husband was offering in the settlement.
Michelle lashed out saying, ‘I know you got money b***h, with yo little ass d**k!’ Whoa! Cookie doesn’t even get on him that hard on a bad day. Terrance has returned the favor by filing legal documents against his ex for extortion. Terrance claims that Michelle threatened to release naked photos and video of him unless he gives her what she wants. The amount in undisclosed. While bickering about the amount of the settlement, Terrance says he recorded her saying, ‘I can make a good $2 million right now…you want to see your little d**k out there in front of the TV?’ Terrance originally agreed to pay Michelle for 5 years before this scandal. Man, she sure did put a hurting on him. Did you have to say it was little twice Michelle? Keep those teeny weenies to yaself these days fellas cause these girls will blow you up on social media. #DEADonarrival
So things seem to be twirling together for Kenya Moore’s biopic sitcom ‘Life Twirls On’. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star is rivaling co-star and nemesis Nene ‘Teeth’ Leakes as a quadruple threat.
She is writing, producing, directing, and staring in the show all while being ‘Gone with the Wind Fabulous’. Kenya announced the sitcom pilot back in the fall. She is a tall more masculine Kevin Hart! I don’t mean that to be smart (this time). Moore is super entertaining and Bravo should thank her for the ratings increase and wake up call since the Atlanta wives were becoming #BORING before her arrival. There is no word that the show has been picked up as of yet. Kenya has been taking to twitter lately though commenting on the sitcom. Go ahead Kenya and pull a Vanessa Williams by proving that not all beautiful former beauty queens with fake bodies are dummies.
Patti LaBelle tried to upstage the Jamie Foxx debacle during her performance last week on ‘The View’. The 70 years young diva did a snoozing rendition of her classic ‘Lady Marmalade’ with the ‘View’ hosts as her background singers.
In true Labelle fashion, Patti was sure to throw a little tint before the song by telling co-host Rosie Perez, ‘Rosie you be a back up dancer since you can’t sing.’ God doesn’t like ugly because half way through the song LaBelle forgot the lyrics. I totally understand seeing how she has only been singing this song for 40 years. Either way, Ms. Patti tried to save the day with one of her signature long screams and the ‘pen’ was out of ink. Patti you go stand behind Gladys (Knight) since you can’t sing (anymore).
Oops…did I write that? Black People: don’t throw rocks at me when you see me out in public please!
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