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Finger Coils

Day 3 & still very defined!!


If you try this style tag me in your pics @BlondiesLipstk!


LOVE this style!! & while it can be tedious the style can last you over a week! I wore it 6 days straight!

I could’ve stretched it at least 2 more days but the night before day 6 I twisted my hair into Bantu knots & got those adorable curly coils! Only problem is my coarse texture will lock if left in coils too long & the Bantu knots accelerated that! I basically had tiny dreadlocks!!


If your hair happens to do this also, don’t panic & grab the scissors!! Instead reach for your spray bottle & some conditioner (or detangler), let it sit on your hair for 5-7mins, separate your hair into sections & unravel/detangle the coils starting from the ends and work your way up. -I don’t recommend using a comb to detangle because you’ll be able to separate more knots with your fingers.

Hope this helps!!

Also if you have any suggestions of styles I should try next leave them in the comments below or tweet me!


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