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Those who have never experienced life in a lower economic status won’t be able to relate nor will they be able to tell you what it truly takes to make it out of poverty. Initially I thought money was the cure for poverty, but I quickly realized through my own experiences that poverty wasn’t just about finances. People who remain in poverty are typically there because of their mentality, the choices they make and the lifestyle they choose to live.

Granted some may have an illness or disability which prevents them from obtaining financial stability, but in cases where people are fully capable of being financially independent, I think it’s safe to say, their financial mentality is keeping them in poverty.

Again, my first thought was that you need to make a lot of money to get out of poverty. Win the lottery. Go to college to be a lawyer or a doctor. The reality is that, that doesn’t guarantee you to be free from poverty. Maybe temporarily, but the true financial advancement will only come once your mentality and lifestyle changes.

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