This single life…

Boy I tell ya! Can you say roller coaster ride?! That’s why I titled this post as such because sometimes being single is a badge of honor, other times it feels like an undetermined sentence to solitary confinement!



Is being single easy? HELL NO!! I’ll be the FIRST to tell you that! lol! Especially those solitary moments… & a sista’s celibate at the same time!! Whoo!! From K.Michelle’s latest mixtape making me hate every man except my daddy, to the old school love songs on repeat on the radio (as I’m typing this Boys II Men is crooning “End Of The Road” in my earbuds), to muscly rippling physiques on IG… & steamy tv romance like MJ & Andre [Being Mary Jane]… yeah, the struggle is super real! lol!

Why would I “torture” myself like this? Because I want to be happy, in love & in a meaningful relationship that leads to marriage. Is this the guaranteed way to get a man? I doubt it. My thought process has been “To get something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never did.” I’ve never been madly in love with a boyfriend or married so time to try something different.




Speaking of, what about that question mark that pops in your head when you’re on Facebook & see the quote en quote jump off married/drunk in love while your cream of the crop ass is curled up in your snuggy watching trash tv, eating Hagen Daas & wondering WTF?! Is the green eyed monster rearing his ugly lil head? I’d say jus a little. & it’s not cause you don’t want her to be happy, you just want some happiness for yourself. I mean who doesn’t want to be so happy you’re screaming it from the mountaintops (or from your social media posts)?

*sigh* Patience young grasshopper. There’s a reason why that special someone hasn’t arrived in your life just yet. Perhaps they’re not ready to receive all you have to give or vice versa. Or perhaps it’s one of the reasons @StephenSpeaks listed here.


Watch this & Tweet @TopRopeZeus #HumpDayRomance. You’re welcome!

I have MUCH more on this topic (of course I do, I’m living it!) Comment below or tweet me if you think I should post a part 2!


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