I don’t always workout when I’m supposed to (more like hardly ever these days!) but one thing I don’t miss is my squats!!


Thanks Idris! lol!

I follow a lot of fitness pages & one thing that irks me is the disbelief that hard work & dedication can give you the body that you want. More specifically get you the booty you want! That’s how you get everything else you want in life, why wouldn’t your body be the same?!
I’ve never been a big booty chick (or even a medium! I’m more of a super smedium) but being a black female, I can honestly say I’ve been body conscious about it since at least high school. When I started getting in to fitness it was purely to get healthy & accentuate what God have me. Then I learned the butt is one of those muscles you can grow with exercise O_O SIGN ME UP!!!! Lol!
One of my homeboys didn’t believe me I’m here to set the record straight WITH PROOF!!

My starting measurements in July 2013 were 39-29-36. Today I’m a fabulous 38-25 1/2-39 & have gained 6lbs of muscle!


Just saying it makes we want to head to the gym right now!!

& I’m very realistic about things. My goal is still to be the best me I can be, not become the next Ciera Rogers. (She’s gorgeous but my body wasn’t built for that & my genetics don’t support it either! lol!) But if I can make my body fit & add some of the curves I’ve always wanted in the process WHY NOT?!!

Have y’all been keeping your fitness goals? What’s your fave body part to work on? If you could have anybody in the world’s figure, who would you choose? Leave a comment below or tweet me @BlondiesLipstk!

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