It’s the weekend of love & #Classof1987 has a treat for all the music lovers to enjoy!

Love Song Premiere

“I am humbled and yet very proud to present to you… YES YOU!  Step 1 in the pursuit of my lifelong dream. This is my first video based on my first single as a solo artist and I want to showcase this milestone in a big way!

Thanks to the mastermind behind Artificial Intelligents, Mizzery Jones (Shaun Green), and creativity captain of capturing real life on camera, Darius Peterson of 3 Digital Rock Studios, I have a complete body of work that I can display anywhere with confidence that it can compete in any arena!

“Love Song” is special to me; and because of the content of the song and nature of the video, I felt that Valentine’s Day weekend would be a great way to introduce a positive vibe into the air for all who a little love. Feel free to bring a significant other! Please arrive promptly as seating is limited. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT IN ADVANCE!”

Click here to RSVP for this can’t miss event!

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