I jumped out the shower to share this with y’all. Hey, sometimes when something hits you you jus gotta write it down!


I just moved & I was already in a rut 3 weeks in -one that didn’t include Blondie’s. Not my happiest of times either. But in my lack of entertainment (hadn’t hooked up the cable & my neighbor’s wifi wasn’t that reliable) I took the time to write. The passion that sparked what’s now Blondie’s Lipstick, the motive behind my broadcast journalism career, my original love that I always planned to return to. Had another moment like this one: fresh out the shower, idea/thought turning backflips in my head, headed straight to the MacBook or my spiral notebook to jot it down. I’m noticing a pattern…. Lol!

Anywho, the point of all this is whenever you get caught in a rut, feel lost, aren’t sure if you’re on the right path for your destiny, dig deep & tap into your passion. Like the pic says “Without passion life is nothing”!

One of my favorite spotlights Dukk made a video on this recently.

Forget a new year’s resolution, hell forget Monday! Start working towards the best you RIGHT NOW!!! No more excuses! You were meant for something great so why not do it?!! Idk about you but I have every intention to leave my mark, not just on GA, or even the US, but the world. Who’s with me?




Dukk is campaigning for a Shorty Award in the #Instagrammer category. Get to know him better HERE then vote for him HERE!! He’s the only young black male in the top 10, let’s get him to #1!!

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