It’s almost a new year and for many it’s the time to make resolutions you won’t keep and fill up social media with the “New Year, New Me” posts. In the words of a typical 80’s teen “UGH!!! Gag me with a spoon!” lol!

Look I get that a new year is a great time to restart your life but before you have the gaul to let those fingers type those words or your lips utter that phrase, look around you- if you made that same status last year but ain’t a damn thing changed & you have yet to make any moves to do so, SPARE US!!! Yes, speaking it into existence is important but if no ACTION follows you’re just wasting your breathe!

Some of you may be thinking “Who is she to tell me about my Facebook post/tweet/IG post?!” Honi, I’m saying what everyone is thinking but hasn’t told you to your face.

I’m also the one who made a HUGE change! New job, new city, new body, new attitude -yeah, I stopped talking & start doing! But please believe Blondie’s isn’t going anywhere! I hafta get used to the new life & I’m taking you guys along for the journey! Keep up with it all via social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Youtube.

Of course like any other advice someone gives you you don’t hafta listen to me about your new years habits but remember this: It’s easier to believe your words when your actions follow suit.


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