Can you feel the burn?!!

Alright guys, it’s week 3 and by now you should be good in your routine & noticing some changes. You might not have the rock hard abs or the flat tummy you want, but perhaps you’ve noticed a slimmer silhouette or a stronger core. No victory is too small!!

I’m having a SUPER busy week -one of those weeks when you hafta schedule everything (including sleep!) in order to get it all done. But that’s still no excuse for missing a workout! As my new gym pal Jesmon told me “Being in the gym all day doesn’t mean anything. You can be in the gym for hours & not do anything, or come in for about 30mins everyday & get in a quick, but effective workout”

This week I can barely scrape up time for that but I still have goals to achieve that won’t happen with a full week off from working out. So for all my fellow busy bees & overall workaholics, this weeks workout is for you!

Week 3

Y’all know I love me some GetBodiedBy_J!


Got more time on your hands? Or perhaps your more advanced than this? Complete GetBodiedBy_J’s 10 minute ab workout below


I’ve actually seen faster tummy tightening results with the waist cincher added to my routine (which is what it’s supposed to do). For me, I found I get the best use when I’m sleeping. I know it sounds crazy & yes, at first I was terrified I’d suffocate in my sleep but once you put it on, wear it for about 15 mins & its starts to feel like a second skin you forget its there. But THE FIRST thing I do when I wake up is take it off. Lol!
Wearing the waist cincher 6-8hrs while I sleep plus working out at least an hour everyday I’ve lost 1 inch off my waist!! I’m so excited & motivated to keep going!!
No, I’m not sucking it in on the last pic!! I know better eating habits have helped as well. Here’s some healthy foods from @dev1fit

How much progress have you made this #NoWaistNovember? I’d love to see!! Tweet me or use #NoWaistNovember in your pics on instagram.
Keep up the good work!!


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