Fashion lovers are always looking for an excuse to play dress up & Halloween is definitely at the top of the list of fashionable holidays! You can be whatever & whoever you want, push the envelope & set your stylish & creative juices free with no (or hardly any) repercussions because it’s a costume. Now of course with anything there are always people who take it too far and make distasteful & disrespectful costumes. They should be held accountable for those actions but we can’t let them spoil the day for us!

There’s a seasonal store that pops up in various locations call Spirit Halloween & I LOVE IT!!!! If you think Party City is awesome then this store will blow your mind!! It’s ALL Halloween stuff & nothing but! Costumes for days, decorations, party favors -if you can think it, the probably have it! If they don’t have it in store they could probably order it!

In honor of one of my favorite holidays I did a #LikeTheLook solely on fun, last minute costume ideas that you can find at Spirit Halloween, some $20or less!


Click here to find a Spirit Halloween near you!

Comment below what you’re gonna be for Halloween. I can’t wait to see those costumes! Remember to @ me on Twitter or IG & I might post my favs on the site!


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