Life isn’t always sunshine & gumdrops -& neither is blogging reviews

With the start of Blondie’s 3rd year (whoo hoo!!) I decided to not only give you guys the good reviews but also the bad & the ugly too. What better company to start with than one that burned me this time last year known as Bunnyz Creationz.

this is a current screenshot of her page -which I no longer follow or support


These aren’t all of our messages, but you can see the time span of our conversations (mostly one-sided conversations because she wouldn’t respond to me). Also in the video I said I ordered a flask -my mistake, it was a lighter.

Screenshot_2013-01-19-22-32-17-1Screenshot_2013-01-19-22-32-30 Screenshot_2013-01-19-22-32-36Screenshot_2013-01-19-22-33-21 Screenshot_2013-01-19-22-33-26Screenshot_2013-01-19-22-33-33 Screenshot_2013-01-19-22-33-37

Some might say why am I bringing up old stuff. Well unfortunately my website’s anniversary is also the anniversary of when I got screwed over by this girl. Late or not, I just wanted to inform you guys about her so you wouldn’t end up the same way I did.

If by chance you were also cheated by her leave a comment below, share this post on social media & spread the word so she wont continue to get away with it!


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