Ever been asked that question & not know the answer? Or you knew the answer but it was gonna take you about 15mins to explain it?

Well ergo my dilemma- what is Blondie’s Lipstick? Well I’ve even thinking about & I got a lot going on over here. You got fashion, street style, personal style, editorial writing, relationship advice, contributed writing, interviews, beauty reviews, up & coming artists music & videos, entertainment news, networking events, poetry, comedy videos, health & fitness . . . . got damn!!! Imagine breaking all that down in about 45 seconds at an event jus to get a picture of someone!! Smh. I know I have the gift of gab but even I know when I’m talking too much! Lol!

I said all that to say there’s gonna be some changes ’round here. If you’ve been on the site at all lately you’ll have noticed there’s already been quite a few. Nothing drastic & all the old content will remain but from now on I’m not posting for the sake of having an article for the day, or throwing something up there cause I think it’ll fit in somewhere. Blondie’s Lipstick now has its focus: Style (personal style, street style, product reviews, DIY), Entertainment (features from new talent, interviews, events) & every once in a while I’ll have some editorial articles.

So what does all this mean for you the reader? It means no more confusion!! Lol! To clarify: I’m not a hip hop head, I don’t keep up with celeb gossip (I mean I do, but not on here), I’m not a clothing designer, I’m not a fitness expert. I’m just a writer turned director/journalist that loves high heels & lipstick, I choose to express my individuality with my style, I know some cool people that do some cool things & a few are gonna be famous soon, I run my mouth for a living, & could spend all day snapping & sharing pics of people’s personal style. I wrapped all that up, sealed it with a big red smooch & viola!: Blondie’s Lipstick!!

I felt this was the perfect time to tell you guys being that BLONDIE’S 3YR ANNIVERSARY is right around the corner!! Yay! I’m so excited but the best is yet to come so stay tuned!!


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