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Looking for new talent I came across a clothing line created by a former classmate of mine. A-List Clothing is about to take ATL by storm! I love the catchy phrases and the fact that you can get any shirt customized to go with any outfit. A-List Clothing is for anyone tired of following the fashion trends and ready to be an individual. Luckily, I was able to chat with the man who started it all. Here’s the inside scoop on A-List Clothing:

Blondie’s Lipstick: What is A-List Clothing?

A-List Clothing: A-List stands for being the superior in any form. A-List Clothing is a brand that displays creativity, individuality, and style for any look.


BL: What inspired you to style your way into the fashion industry?

ALC: I always wanted to be different in style whether it was retro or a current trend. Never wanted clothing that was in everyone’s arm reach, therefore I would search for underground brands or items that couldn’t be purchased at your local mall. It appeased me for a brief amount of time until I decided that the only way I will be completely satisfied with my attire would be for me to create and design my own clothes, in which A-List Clothing was created.

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BL: Where are your quotes generated from?

ALC: They are sayings that come to mind when I’m traveling, reading, and paying close attention to fashion, and with daily life experiences.


BL: Is the clothing available for everyone or a specific target group?

ALC: The clothing is designed and available for everyone men, women, and kids.

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BL: Do you run the business on your own or is it run collectively by a group of individuals?

ALC: Currently I run the business myself from designing to marketing.


BL:  Where do you see your clothing line in 5 years?

ALC: I see my clothing line being accessible to everyone, not only in the United States but worldwide in the next 5 years.


BL: What uniqueness do you believe your fashion line embodies?

ALC: It shows how you can be daring and different at the same time. It presents urban but yet classy style as well for any individual.


BL: How does the Atlanta area influence A-List Clothing?

ALC: Atlanta brings people of all interest from models, shoe collectors, fashion enthusiast, urban stylist, and people in the music industry.

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BL: Can the shirts be customized?

ALC: Yes, the shirts can be customized from the design down to the color.


BL: What other areas of fashion are you into?

ALC: I’m into in to hairstyles, costume, and cosmetics that link to high end and urban fashion.

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BL: How can our readers contact you for more information about A-List Clothing and customization?

ALC: By e-mailing me at with any inquires and  for pictures of current and upcoming designs.


BL: What else would you like our readers to know you and/or your brand?   

ALC: That A-List Clothing is in business to have people with apparel that is unlike any other brand from colors combinations to match any shoe/heels to being able to have all the input and customize your own masterpiece. All this is in place by putting customers first and being knowledgeable about past and current events. 


Find out more about A-List Clothing here

Instagram: alist_clothing

Instagram: ironman_06

Facebook: Cliff A List

Twitter: Mr.GT

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