I bet you thought that Dukk’s NAPS series was over & done with. That since Atlanta Greek Picnic had passed that he was done messing with the D9 for the rest of the year . . .


lol! Today he released the 3rd episode of his #NAPS greek reality show, and from watching it I can tell you the Redz don’t want it with the Zetas & the Kappas can wash my car ANY day (jus not like that. lol!). Take a look!

These wigs & makeup! SMH. lol! I got a sneak peek last night & have been rolling ever since!!

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Follow the other guys from the video @BranKnuMusic @JayDukes1911 @TheRealQu3pid

Also you can catch Dukk & BranKnu at the Carolina Greek Explosion next month!


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& incase you missed the last 2 episodes

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