Ugh–This Weather Sucks For Hair: 10 Fool-Proof Products For Fighting Frizz

Frizzy Hair

Sure, it’s easy to maintain perfectly styled hair in nice, cool weather. But as soon as the heat starts rising, and with it the humidity levels, our hair does too. If you’re getting bigger and bigger hair these days (and not in the intended “Texas” way), then you’re probably in need of a good anti-frizz styling product. The sweltering heat and humidity can turn even perfectly blown out hair to fro status within seconds, and then it’s virtually impossible to go backwards from there. Luckily, there are tons of hair products that will defrizz, detangle and smooth your locks instantly—there are even special frizz-fighting brushes and blow dryers too. If you’re looking for manageable summer hair, check out the slideshow above for our favorite picks now.

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