contributed by Kaydee

Sometimes in life you have to be a vessel for yourself. Gone are the days of crying into your pillow at night because you don’t know how the countless bills will get paid. Gone are the days of putting yourself down thinking you are not worthy to receive God’s blessings. The days of looking in the mirror disappointed with what you see are over. The pity parties you’ve been throwing, hosting, and attending every year are gone.

Let God into your life. Let the blessings of God consume you and lift you up. If you don’t have a job; speak employment into your life. When you struggle to make ends meet; speak a blessing into your life. Kneel down on your knees and pray to God. Give him your struggles, give him your restless mind, & give your heartache to God. Watch God take ahold of your life and spill blessings all around you. For all the bad days know that God has the good days and nights just right around the corner.

It’s not enough to seek him when you are in need. Seek God when you’re having one of your best days; and even then pray for someone you know is not having as good as day as you are. God knows what makes us cry, what keeps us awake at night, what causes us stress, and what causes that annoying headache we get way too often. All he is waiting for is his one-on-one time and complete and full submission. Yes it’s scary to know that you WILL leave some behind. But we cannot hold the hands of those who decided to walk a different path. Simply put it just doesn’t work that way.

Cut those ties and move on with life. Either those people will catch up one day or wander aimlessly on the path they decided to take. It’s not as if you are writing them off, but you must take care of your life and soul before you can take on the struggles of others. In baseball don’t the players start at the home base? Well that is exactly what you must take care of first: home. Only you can decide when enough is enough. Only you can make changes in your life that you will benefit from. As young adults we will make many mistakes but with God on your side those mistakes can become life lessons. Without God those mistakes will just become another bad day, bad dream, bad reality, and just flat out a bad headache.

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