Put Some Spring Into Your Wardrobe With These Bright, Colorful Jeans For $75 Or Less

colored denim

From scarves and nail polish to cute workout gear and handbags, there’s just something about spring that makes us crave all-bright everything. A few of us dipped our toe into colorful denim last year, but this season it’s time to fully embrace it. And we mean, like, really embrace it.

So because we know just how life changing a little color can be, we rounded up 25 pairs of our favorite bright,colorful skinny jeans and not one is over $75. For real! With this many affordable options, you can totally get your Roy G. Biv on every day of the week and keep your bank account (more or less) in tact. You are sowelcome.

Shop our favorite bodaciously bright pairs of jeans in the slideshow below.

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